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Will my perm look better after I wash it – Embarking on a journey to bouncy curls or sleek waves with a fresh perm is an exciting venture, but the question lingers: Will my perm look better after I wash it? The answer lies in the delicate balance of care and technique.

Washing your newly permed locks is a crucial step that can either enhance or diminish the desired results. This introduction delves into the art of post-perm washing, exploring the nuances that contribute to a flawless outcome.

From understanding the right products to use to unraveling the mysteries of timing and maintenance, join us in unraveling the secrets behind ensuring that your perm not only lasts but emerges even more stunning after each wash. Get ready to unveil the true potential of your perm, as we guide you through the transformative process that promises to elevate your curls to new heights of beauty.

Will my perm look better after I wash it?

Washing your hair just after getting the perm is not right. This will not result in more curls. Instead, your curls will become more natural as a result. So the amount of time & money that you put into getting special curls will be wasted.

The ammonium thioglycolate, the chemical responsible for providing curls to your hair, will be deactivated if your hair is wet for at least 24 hours after getting a perm. Likewise, the curls will disintegrate in the hair washing process if the chemicals, primarily the neutralizer, do not have time to set. 

 It is advised to wait for at least 48 hours to wash hair after getting a perm. Moreover, washing after 48 hours will do not help get more curls; it will only be good to maintain the perm. 

What happens if I shower after a perm? 

If you shower just after perm, then the shape of your perm will change & it will become more natural curly. So it is not right for your just permed hair. Furthermore, the chemicals used in perms destroy certain keratin chains in a hair to change its shape. When the hair is permed, it becomes fragile and needs to be cared for properly in order to stay healthy.

In the next two days, all harmful impacts should be avoided, including hair washing. 

However, you can use dry shampoo instead of hair washing. It will do the magic of washing without even hair washing.

Another reason for not washing within a few days after getting a perm is that the neutralizer that is used to form curls must be completely soaked into the hair. It takes at least 48 hours to do the work & set the hair properly. 

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That’s why you should avoid showering after a perm.

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Should I wash my hair before a perm? 

Actually, No! You should not wash your hair two days before getting a perm. It is because dirty hair contains a high concentration of natural oils that protect your hair and scalp from the aggressive chemicals used in perming. 

You should only wash your hair with shampoo if you absolutely must, as conditioner will only weigh the hair down.

Moreover, if you want to wash your hair, do not do it a night before the perming process because your hair gets stripped of natural hair oil, so the hair will be more prone to damage. 

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How to wash newly permed hair? 

If you have waited for 48 hours to wash hair after getting them permed, then do not just wash them with any shampoo or any in any way. There is a proper procedure to wash hair after a perm. Here is the whole process:

  • Postpone washing your hair for at least 48 hours after the perm. It’s best to wait at least 72 hours.
  • Always use shampoo and conditioner that is meant for chemically treated hair. Using these shampoos can keep your permed hair healthy and well-nourished.
  • Foam the hair and use warm water to rinse it.
  • Definitely, apply conditioner after shampooing. A nickel-sized amount of conditioner is enough to give the best results.
  • To eliminate as much extra moisture as possible, gently dry your hair with a towel. Air drying is the best way to dry the newly permed hair.
  • Apply the untangling agent to your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb the hair & spread untangling agent carefully. You can use your fingers to go through it gently.

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Bottom Line

We hope now you know the right time to wash your hair after getting them, period. Moreover, follow the instructions for washing hair that is newly permed. 

Please let us know your thoughts & recommendations on this article in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!


What products should I use when washing my permed hair?

Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners designed for chemically treated hair. These products help maintain the integrity of your perm while providing essential moisture.

How soon can I wash my hair after getting a perm?

It’s generally recommended to wait 48 hours before the first wash. This allows the perm to set and ensures the longevity of your curls.

Should I use hot or cold water when washing permed hair?

Cold or lukewarm water is preferable, as hot water can strip the hair of natural oils and may affect the perm’s longevity.

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