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Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top?

Some of you may have noticed that your top hair is straighter, but the hair underneath them is curlier. And if you’re are worried about this, then don’t worry, you are not the only person who has this hair condition. Actually, many people have curly hair underneath but straight on the top. And if you are wondering why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top, then here is the answer!

Actually, there can be several reasons behind hair being curly underneath & straighter on top. This includes mainly genetics, the use of products on the top layer, more sun exposure, too long & heavy hair & even due to pillows. So let’s get to know these reasons in detail & something more about this issue:

Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top?

Here are the reasons behind the hair being straight on top & curly underneath:

1) Genetics – The double hair type can be due to genes. This gene is not entirely dominant for curly hair. It can remain dormant until activated, at which point it changes the shape of the hair follicle, changing the type of hair that grows from it.

2) Exposed Top Layer – The top layer is exposed to a lot of chemicals & the bottom layer receives less when you apply products. So these uneven applications of products & chemicals result in straight hair on the top & curly underneath. 

3) Hair being too long & Heavy – When hair grows longer & is heavy, it weighs down the top layer, making it appear straighter & the hair underneath remains curly. 

4) Too much sun exposure– If you expose your curly hair to too much sunlight, the top layer of your hair will become thin, resulting in the top layer being straight & curly underneath. 

5) Pillows – The top layer of hair come in contact with pillows, so the friction make the hair straighter & the hair underneath stay curly.

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How can your hair be curly and straight at the same time? 

Yes, it can happen & your hair can be curly & straight at the same time, and there is a legit reason behind it. This double hair type occurs due to mainly genetics; however, there can be other reasons too. 

Actually, if you have more straight hair & less curly hair, then it is because the curly is not completely dominant. They can remain dormant until activated, and when they are, they change the shape of the hair follicle, thus changing the shape of the hair that grows from it. 

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Apart from this the curly & straight hair at the same time can be due to uneven use of chemicals, too-long hair & too much sun exposure. 

Why is only the back of my hair curly? 

The curly hair only on the back is due to the combination of the hair type you have & also the genes. For example, you may have a combination of 2c, 3a, and 3b hair. This happens when your parents have different hair types & in heredity, you get a mix of hair. 

That’s why you have curly hair in the back & straighter on the front. 

Don’t worry, it can be treated; either try to make the front hair activated to the curly side or make them artificially curly. Another solution can be, getting the back hair straighter. 

Some people have straight hair at the top & curly hair underneath. So you can consider yourself lucky or cursed, as you like. 

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How to unify the hair curly underneath but straight at the top? 

There are two very easy solutions to unify or solve the problem of double hair texture. Here are both the long-lasting solutions:

1) Hair Straightening – If you have more straight hair or like straight hair, then getting the hir straightening treatment will be most suitable for double textured hair. Get a long-lasting hair straightening treatment from a professional & forget about your mixed hair types. 

2) Perm Treatment – If you have more curly hair type or love to have whole hair curly, then getting a perm treatment will be suitable. But get the perm only from a good salon & also it should be long lasting, so that you don’t have to deal with mix hair type in a long time. 

How to protect the top layer of your hair from getting straight? 

If you have naturally curly hair, but the top layer of your hair has become straighter in recent times, then there is surely something wrong that you are doing. Here are some solutions to protect the top layer of your hair from getting straight:

  • Wear a hat or a cap when going out to protect your hair from the sun. 
  • Massage coconut oil into your hair from root to tip to thicken the fibers and repair your hair.
  • Use clips instead of hairbands or rubber bands, as clips are less aggressive on the hair.
  • Comb your hair properly from roots to ends. Also, ensure to comb with a wide toothbrush. 
  • Use micellar water spray every 2-3 hours to keep hair moisturized & avoid them becoming thin & straight from curly. 
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Bottom Line

Understanding the intricacies of hair with mixed textures, curly underneath and straight on top, unveils a unique journey of beauty and diversity. Embrace your hair’s natural pattern, experiment with styling techniques, and celebrate the individuality of each layer. By acknowledging the combination of textures, you can tailor your hair care routine to enhance both curls and straight strands, fostering a harmonious and confident relationship with your distinct hair profile.


What causes the difference in hair texture on top and underneath?

Genetic factors, hormonal influences, and the natural growth pattern contribute to varying textures. Embrace the diversity and tailor your care routine accordingly.

Can I make the top layer of my hair more curly?

Yes, experiment with styling methods like diffusing or using curl-enhancing products. Embrace the natural texture and work with it to enhance curls.

Are there specific products for mixed-texture hair?

Yes, look for products designed for diverse textures, providing hydration and definition. Customized care can enhance the beauty of both curl patterns.

How does climate affect mixed-texture hair?

Humidity can impact curls, while dry conditions may affect the straighter sections. Adapt your routine based on climate changes to maintain balanced hydration.

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