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Timeless Vitamin C Serum- The All-in-One Skin Care Product!

Every person wants to have bright, young & clear skin, but due to pollution, age & many other factors, the skin loses all its shine, glow & clarity. So there is a need for something that can hold on to these skin features, make skin look better & even care for the skin—that specific thing/product is named Timeless Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Face & skin serum.

You may find many other Vitamin C & E serums, but this product is something different & shows true & fast results. Let’s get to know more about Timeless Vitamin C serum, its specifications, pros & cons. Moreover, we will provide Timeless Vitamin C Review.

Timeless Vitamin C 20% + Vitamin E Ferulic Acid Serum

Timeless Skin Care Vitamin C + E

  • Brand – Timeless Skin Care Store
  • Skin Type – All
  • Scent – Fragrance-Free
  • Volume – 30 ML
  • Ingredients – Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Best for – Hypoallergenic, Nourishing & Soothing, Brightening, Dark Spots, Wrinkles
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Customer Ratings – 4.3 Stars

The Timeless Skin Care vitamin C is really a great skin care product that can provide your skin with an all-in-one treatment. It can give your skin a glow, reduce inflammation, reduces wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots & can nourish the skin.

The Timeless 20 Vitamin C serum contains 20% L-Ascorbic Acid, which is the best type of Vitamin C & it does not affect the skin in any wrong way. Moreover, the 20% volume is also high & good, as you will see around 10-15% L-ascorbic acid in other good brand Vitamin C serums.

Moreover, this serum has the goodness of Vitamin E Ferulic Acid, which is considered excellent for skincare as it reduces the damage caused by UV rays to the skin & nourishes the skin.

This Vitamin C + E Serum is made without any harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulfate, synthetic fragrance & dye & even it is not tested on any animals.

This Vitamin C serum is also recommended by many dermatologists & is considered best in many skin-related treatments.

Another great thing about this product is it has about 7000+ ratings & most customers have reviewed it as good & suitable.

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Benefits of Vitamin C/L-Ascorbic Acid on Skin

  • Vitamin C protects skin against sun damage.
  • It helps in lightening dark spots.
  • It works on wrinkles & lightens them.
  • Vitamin C serum helps building collagen in the skin, which eventually improves the health of skin.
  • It works on scars & diminishes them.

Benefits of Vitamin E/Ferulic Acid on Skin

  • It protects skin against sun damage, sunburn & even skin cancers.
  • The vItamin E works on dehydration, dryness & roughness of skin.
  • It makes skin smooth & soft.
  • It reduces pigmentation & gives an even skin tone. Moreover, it works on tanning.
  • The Vitamin E can make skin wounds heal & reduces inflammation.
  • It can help in even hair growth.

How to Use Timeless skin care Vitamin C +E serum?

You can use this serum at any time of the day. But the best time to use it is when you have cleansed your face & you’re going out in the sun. Take few drops of Timeless Serum & then apply softly on your face. Let it absorb into the skin & then use sunscreen afterward to give extra protection from going out in the sun.

At night, just let it absorb in the skin & leave it for the whole night. It will work on the skin & make it better.

Precautions and Tips

Precautions and tips for using Timeless Vitamin C Serum effectively and safely:

  • Patch Test: A patch test is a method used to determine if a skincare product, such as Timeless Vitamin C Serum, is safe for your skin. To perform a patch test, apply a small amount of the product to a discreet area of your skin, like the inside of your wrist or behind your ear. Wait 24-48 hours to check for any adverse reactions, such as redness, itching, or irritation. This precautionary step helps you avoid potential allergies or sensitivities before applying the product to your face, ensuring that it won’t cause any unwanted skin issues and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the product with confidence.
  • Use Sunscreen: Using sunscreen is essential to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunscreen acts as a shield, preventing sunburn, premature aging, and reducing the risk of skin cancer. Even on cloudy or winter days, UV rays can harm your skin. It’s important to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every morning as the final step in your skincare routine. This practice not only safeguards your skin but also maintains its health and youthful appearance, making it a crucial step in any skincare regimen.
  • Store Properly: Storing skincare products like Timeless Vitamin C Serum properly is vital to maintain their effectiveness. To do this, keep the serum in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and temperature extremes. Exposure to light and heat can cause the product to degrade, reducing its potency. Additionally, ensure the bottle or container is tightly closed after each use to prevent air from entering, as contact with oxygen can also affect the serum’s quality. By storing the product correctly, you can maximize its lifespan and continue enjoying its full benefits for your skin.
  • Limit Exposure to Air: Limiting exposure to air is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of skincare products, such as Timeless Vitamin C Serum. Air contains oxygen, which can cause oxidation and degrade the product over time. To mitigate this, always ensure that the serum’s container is securely closed after use to minimize the amount of air that enters. Additionally, look for products with airtight packaging or pumps to further protect the contents. By minimizing air exposure, you can extend the shelf life of your skincare products, ensuring they continue to provide the best results for your skin.
  • Gradual Introduction: Gradual introduction is a wise approach when incorporating new skincare products like Timeless Vitamin C Serum into your routine. Starting with less frequent use and gradually increasing to daily application allows your skin to acclimate to the product. This minimizes the risk of irritation and helps you gauge how your skin reacts to the new addition. It’s particularly important if you’re new to Vitamin C or any active ingredient, as it ensures a smoother transition and a more comfortable experience while reaping the benefits of the product in the long run.
  • Combining Products: Combining skincare products, including Timeless Vitamin C Serum, can offer enhanced benefits, but it requires caution. Some ingredients, like retinoids and acids, can be powerful and may lead to skin sensitivity when used together. If you’re considering combining products, it’s advisable to introduce them gradually and consult with a dermatologist for guidance. They can help you create a safe and effective skincare regimen that addresses your specific concerns while minimizing the risk of irritation or adverse reactions. Careful product combinations can lead to better results and healthier, more radiant skin.

How to Store It?

Place the serum in a cold & dark place & preventing it from direct sunlight. It will slow down the oxidization process of the serum & will extend the life of serum.


  • Safe to Use in Pregnancy
    It is safe to use in pregnancy & one can apply it on any part of the skin.
  • All-Day Protection
    The Timeless serum provides you ana ll day of protection against the sun & other skin damages that can happen.
  • Best for Glowing Skin
    As already mentioned, it can benefit the skin in many ways & will make skin look young & bright,
  • Prevents Acne
    The serum prevents the skin from making sebum & it helps the skin prevent dark spots & acne.
  • Turns the Clock Back
    The serum turns back the clock as it can reduce wrinkles & it neutralizes stressors that accelerate skin aging.

Timeless Vitamin C Review

We used Timeless Vitamin C serum for four weeks to see where it stands off to its ground. And yes, we really found it working on the skin in many ways. It was really great on the skin; it does not make the skin oily. Moreover, it was effortless to apply. Here are the good & bad things that we found in this serum.


  • It has a high amount of Vitamin C @20%, which is impressive.
  • Benefits skin in many ways & make skin looks your & better.
  • It contains no harmful chemicals or dyes,
  • Suitable for use in pregnancy.
  • Shows results in just 2-4 weeks.
  • Skin does not burn in the sun when the serum is applied.


  • Some customer reviews complained of being oxidized.
  • Some customers complained of the old package.
  • No other significant issues related to performance were found.

Overall, we found this serum really great in terms of its wiring & we recommend you to buy it once for yourself & see the results on your skin.

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Timeless Vitamin C Serum proves to be an exceptional all-in-one skincare product, delivering a potent dose of antioxidants, brightening effects, and anti-aging benefits. Its affordable price and impressive results make it a must-have in your skincare arsenal. With consistent use, you can achieve a more radiant and youthful complexion while addressing various skin concerns. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a healthier, glowing you with Timeless Vitamin C Serum.


Is Timeless Vitamin C Serum suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it’s generally safe for most skin types, but patch testing is recommended for sensitive skin.

When should I apply this serum in my skincare routine?

It’s typically used in the morning after cleansing and before sunscreen.

What percentage of Vitamin C does Timeless Serum contain?

Timeless offers a 20% Vitamin C+E Ferulic Acid serum, a powerful antioxidant blend.

Can it be used with other skincare products?

Yes, it can be incorporated into your existing skincare routine.

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