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How long to keep braids in for hair to grow?

Braiding hair is an excellent way of styling hair as it is low-maintenance, protects hair & it also allows for better growth of hair. One should get their braided even when they are long, medium, or short. For short & medium-length hair, braiding is best as it can facilitate faster hair growth. But how long to keep braids in for hair to grow?

It usually takes around 6-8 weeks to grow hair with braids. The longest time to keep the braids in is three months. The longer time than that will also facilitate faster hair growth, but you will need to take extra care of hair during that time. Read ahead for more information!

How long do you keep braids in to make your hair grow? 

The minimum time to keep your hair in braids to make them grow is a minimum of six weeks & a maximum of three months. Maximum 3 months is because the hair starts to get dread, break & knot up after that. So, the only thing left is for you to check on your hair and see how it’s holding up. 

People with very thick hair can wear braids for a very long time, not affecting their hairline or edges. But those with thin hair cannot handle the braids, so they will need to take them out after six weeks. 

With proper conditioning & care, one can keep the braids on for more than three months & should check on the braids. This will help the hair to grow more & better. 

In addition, if your braids start growing out and exhibiting a lot of new growth, that is usually an indication that you need to take them out.

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How long to keep cornrows in for hair to grow? 

Cornrows can help your hair to grow faster & also protects them from environmental damage. You should keep cornrows for 5-6 weeks maximum for hair growth. Then you should make cornrows again to prevent the damage & enhance the growth again. 

However, with proper care & conditioning, cornrows can stay for around eight weeks. But if you can’t take their care, you should only have them for six weeks. 

So keeping cornrows with proper care & conditioning for around six weeks is enough & it will definitely help you to grow your hair. Moreover, do not use extensions if you can because your hair may get tangled up after growth. 

How long to keep box braids in for hair to grow?

Box braids are one of a kind of braids that are done like a box or square shapes from the roots. The appearance from the roots looks like roots. Box braids also help the hair to grow faster. 

The usual time to keep box braids for hair growth is around eight weeks. However, in these eight weeks, you need to take proper care of your braids & moisturize them to avoid breakage, dryness, or tangle. 

In these eight weeks, you will see good hair growth due to the hair being in one place & also safe from any damage from outside. 

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How long do box braids last on natural hair?

Box braids typically last on natural hair for approximately 6 to 8 weeks. The longevity of box braids can be influenced by various factors, including hair type, maintenance routine, and the quality of the braiding installation. During this period, it’s essential to practice good hair care habits. Regular moisturizing of the scalp and braids helps prevent dryness, and gentle cleansing removes any buildup. Avoiding excessive tension on the braids is crucial to prevent hair breakage and stress on the scalp.

Beyond 8 weeks, the risk of hair damage increases, as natural hair needs time to breathe and rejuvenate. It’s advisable to give your hair a break between styles, allowing it to recover and maintaining overall hair health. Consulting with a professional stylist can provide personalized advice on the optimal duration for keeping box braids based on your specific hair needs and characteristics.

How long should you keep braids in male?

The braids should be on for at least two weeks in men for better hair growth. After that, the hair can be kept for more than one month. During this time the har will grow faster & at a better speed. 

One needs to take proper care of the hair to avoid rough scalp or dry hair & needs to moisturize the hair from time to time. However, after 4-6 weeks, you can uninstall the braids & then again braid them after cleaning them. 

The braids on men look great & even contribute to the growth & care of hair. 

How long do you leave braids in your hair to make it wavy? 

Braiding hai can make your hair curly. Moreover, you don’t need to keep braids on for a long time. Leaving them overnight or even for 2 hours can help you to get instant curly braids. 

If you have just washed your hair, then braid them instantly & let them dry in braids. You will get curls after opening the braids & it will look very cool. 

Moreover, for longer curls, you can make box braids of your hair & leave them overnight. Then, the next morning you will achieve amazing curls. 

You can out the braids end on the curling rods & add setting gel on them. Put these braids on the dryer & after some time, you will get curls that will last for a longer time. 

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Bottom Line

The duration for optimal hair growth with braids varies, typically ranging from 4-8 weeks. Balancing style and hair health is crucial. Consistent care, including gentle detangling, moisturizing, and regular scalp massages, promotes a thriving environment for your hair. Remember, allowing your hair and scalp to breathe between styles is essential for overall well-being. Consult a stylist for personalized advice to achieve the perfect balance between flaunting beautiful braids and fostering healthy hair growth.


How long should I keep braids in for maximum hair growth?

Aim for 4-8 weeks, considering your hair type and growth rate. Regular care is essential to prevent breakage.

Can braids lead to hair damage?

Yes, if left in for too long without proper care. Moisturize, detangle, and avoid excessive tension for healthy results.

Are there specific products to enhance hair growth with braids?

Use lightweight oils and moisturizers. Incorporate products with ingredients like biotin or castor oil for added nourishment.

How often should I wash my hair with braids?

Aim for every 2-3 weeks, focusing on the scalp. Dilute shampoo and be gentle to avoid frizz and damage.

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