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How much does it cost to open a nail salon

Do you know the average income of a nail salon owner ranges from $40,000 to $75,000? It’s all due to the rapidly growing nail salon industry & increasing demand if getting nail treatments. A nail salon artist can open their own salon in a suitable location with good business skills, but all it takes is an investment. So how much does it cost to open a nail salon? 

The average cost of opening a full-fledged nail salon can be around $150,000 & it includes purchasing your own building, its construction, equipment, insurance & all other expenses. However, the cost can go up to even $750,000 to $1 Million, depending on the location & the luxurious experience you will provide. 

Let’s get to know this topic in detail!

How much does it cost to open a nail salon? 

Apart from all the equipment costs, the cost of opening a nail salon varies depending on the location, cost of building & how luxurious you will make your salon. So let’s have a look at the cost for all the factors for opening a nail salon: 

Building Cost – If you buy your own building, the cost will vary between $75k to $125k for a 1000 sq. ft. salon. However, if you are purchasing an existing salon, then you may need to pay between $40k to $250k depending on the location & business goodwill. You can even rent a salon shop if you want to. 

Salon Equipment: The cost of chairs, manicure station, other salon inventory & furniture will cost around $5k to $10k. However, it can go up, depending on the quantity. 

Initial Supplies – The initial supplies like nail polishes, shampoos, artificial nail extensions, etc., can cost around $1k to $2k. 

Staff Salaries – Staff salaries will take a considerable part of your salon budget. If you hire a nail technician, it will cost $22k to $43k monthly, a receptionist for $17k to $29k. However, if you will do this on your own, then you can save this cost too. 

Other miscellaneous expenses- Other expenses like insurance, licenses may cost around $1k to $2k. 

Generally, opening a full-fledged salon will cost you between $150,000 and $200,000, depending on the level of luxury you want. 

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How much does it cost to start a nail business at home? 

Opening a nail salon will be a lot more affordable as you will save the highest cost of renting or buying a salon. Moreover, you will need not hire a nail technician & or receptionist. You are the boss & you are the worker in the nail business at home. 

The average cost of opening a nail business at home will be $1400 to $1600. In addition, you need to purchase a manicure station costing between $300 to $400, a pedicure chair for around $300- $1000, drying lamps between $50-$100 & equipment sanitizers for $50-$100. 

For just starting salon artists, opening a nail salon at home will be great as it will make your client base & experience. 


What do you need to start your own nail business?

The main requirement of opening a nail business has a nail salon license. You should be certified & licensed according to US laws & then you can open a nail salon as per your budget. 

Also, you should definitely have some budget to open a salon along with a nail artist license. Moreover, you should complete all the legal requirements before opening a nail salon artist. However, these are not required in the case of opening a nail salon at home. 

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How much does a nail salon owner make? 

The nail salon industry is growing & it is currently valued at $8 Billion. So surely one can make a good amount of money from a nail salon. The average income of a nail salon owner is between $40,000 to $75,000 per year. 

If talking about earning per process, then the manicure typically costs between $15 to $50. Likewise, the pedicures cost between $15 to $75, acrylic set costs $30-$100 & gel nails vary between $45-$75. The price might even increase based on where the salon is located and how much experience the staff has. 

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So the nail salon business surely pays well. 


The Best Nail Salon Equipment Packages To Consider

In the world of nail salons, having the right equipment is essential to providing top-notch services and ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. Nail salon equipment packages are a convenient way to acquire everything you need to set up or upgrade your salon. This article explores the best nail salon equipment packages to consider, offering guidance to both new salon owners and those looking to refresh their existing setup.


Importance of Nail Salon Equipment

Nail salon equipment plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality manicures and pedicures. The right equipment not only enhances the overall customer experience but also helps nail technicians perform their tasks efficiently. When clients enter your salon, they expect a clean, well-equipped, and professional environment. Meeting these expectations can lead to customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Nail Salon Equipment Packages

Quality and Durability

Investing in durable equipment is vital for long-term success. Look for equipment made from high-quality materials that can withstand daily use. Durability ensures that you won’t have to replace your equipment frequently, saving you money in the long run.

Equipment Types

Consider the types of equipment you need based on the services you offer. Common equipment includes nail tables, chairs, UV lamps, nail polish racks, and tools. Make a list of essential items to help you choose the right package.


Your budget is a significant factor in the decision-making process. Compare the prices of different equipment packages to find one that fits your budget. Keep in mind that while cost is essential, it should not compromise the quality of the equipment.

Brand Reputation

Opt for reputable brands known for their quality and reliability. A well-established brand is more likely to provide excellent customer support and offer warranties on their products.

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Top Nail Salon Equipment Packages

Here are three top nail salon equipment packages to consider:

Package 1: Deluxe Nail Salon Starter Kit

  • Nail tables and chairs
  • UV lamps
  • Nail polish racks
  • Basic nail tools
  • Nail product storage

Package 2: Professional Nail Technician Set

  • Advanced nail tables and chairs
  • LED curing lamps
  • Extensive nail tools and accessories
  • Comfortable client chairs
  • Elegant salon decor items

Package 3: Premium Nail Salon Equipment Bundle

  • State-of-the-art nail tables with built-in ventilation
  • High-performance LED/UV lamps
  • A wide range of nail tools and equipment
  • Luxurious salon furniture
  • Top-quality nail products

Benefits of Buying Nail Salon Equipment Packages

Investing in equipment packages offers several benefits. These packages are curated to provide all the essential tools and furniture, saving you time and effort in selecting individual items. Additionally, buying in bulk often results in cost savings.


How to Set Up Your Nail Salon with the Equipment

Setting up your nail salon with the equipment involves careful planning. Arrange your furniture and equipment to create a comfortable and efficient workspace for your nail technicians. A well-organized salon not only enhances productivity but also improves the overall aesthetics of your space.


Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your equipment are crucial for its longevity and functionality. Create a routine cleaning schedule and use appropriate cleaning agents to keep your equipment in top condition.


The Role of Technology in Modern Nail Salons

Technology has revolutionized the nail salon industry, with innovations such as digital nail art printing, automated sterilizers, and online booking systems. Embracing these technologies can make your salon more efficient and appealing to tech-savvy customers.


Sustainability in Nail Salon Equipment

With environmental concerns on the rise, many salon owners are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable equipment options. Consider investing in equipment made from sustainable materials or those that have energy-saving features.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Before making a purchase, read customer reviews and testimonials about the equipment and packages you are considering. Hearing from other salon owners and nail technicians can provide valuable insights.


Nail Salon Equipment Trends

Stay updated on the latest equipment trends to ensure your salon remains competitive. Trends may include new nail polish colors, ergonomic furniture, or innovative nail care technology.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Nail Salon Equipment

Avoid common mistakes such as overspending, neglecting the importance of durability, or not considering the specific needs of your salon. Conduct thorough research before making any decisions.


In conclusion, opening a nail salon involves various costs, from location selection to staffing and ongoing operational expenses. It’s essential to create a detailed business plan, allocate funds wisely, and stay committed to providing top-quality services. With careful planning and a focus on customer satisfaction, your nail salon can be a thriving business.


How much does it typically cost to open a small nail salon?

The cost can vary greatly, but a small nail salon may require an initial investment of $30,000 to $50,000, depending on location and scale.

What are the ongoing expenses of running a nail salon?

Ongoing expenses include rent, utilities, staff salaries, supplies, and marketing, which can add up to several thousand dollars per month.

How long does it take to break even after opening a nail salon?

It typically takes six months to a year for a nail salon to break even, depending on various factors like location and marketing efforts.

What are some financing options for opening a nail salon?

  1. Financing options include personal savings, business loans, grants, and seeking investors.

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