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How long do Polygel nails last & Process of application!

How long do Polygel nails last – Artificial nails are great for people who can’t have long nails or people who can’t stop biting their nails. Moreover, fake nails for styling & getting the desired nail shape without the effort of growing nails. Artificial nails are of three types, i.e., Acrylic, gel & polygel. Nowadays, Polygel nails are in trend for their durability than gel nails & easiness to mold them than acrylic nails. However, in the choice of Polygel nails, one question arrives that ‘how long do polygel nails last?’

So this article will focus on Polygel nails, their composition, features, comparison with acrylic nails, polygel nails kit & most importantly, how long does polygel last? Let’s get started!

Polygel Nails

Polygel nails are known as a hybrid of gel & acrylic nails. It contains the qualities of both acrylic nails & gel nails as they are hard & durable like acrylic nails & easy to mold for a long time like gel nails. Moreover, like gel nails, polygel nails are soft & safe for your nails. They d not contains any chemicals like acrylic nails.

Polygel is sold in tubes & contains acrylic powder & clear gel. The paste has a putty-like consistency, which is easy to mold & shape accordingly. The polygel only gets hard when UV light/LED light is put on. So you or your professional has a lot of time to shape & style the nails.

Moreover, when gel nails are started to get off, they can’t be filled, but polygel nails can be filled like acrylic nails.

How long do Polygel nails last?

Polygel nails, as said, are a combination of features of Acrylic & gel nails, so they indeed have a long life. Polygel nails can last for 3-4 weeks easily & without any fill-ups. If properly;y cared, they can get lat for four weeks & more.

Moreover, if one gets them filled up on time or repaired, they can last even longer. So overall, Polygel nails are durable & great in terms of stay time.

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How much does these Nails Cost?

It depends on whether you get the polygel nails applied through a salon/professional or do it by yourself.

If you get the nail service done by a professional, then it can cost from $50 to $150. And the fill-ups can cost up to $75 if done from an average salon in the USA.

However, if one does polygel nails at home or by themselves, the cost is totally different, as polygel nails are available in any store. So the cost of polygel nails can be anything from $15 to $50.

Here are some best choices of Polygel Nails products:

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How to Apply Poly Nails?

In order to get the best & beautiful poly nail finishing, one should get them done by a professional. But one can do it by themselves also & moreover; it will save their cost. So here’s the process to apply Poly Nails!

  • Firstly, clean your nails with an acetone or nail polish remover, to clean the nails. Then, file & buff them for more cleaning.
  • Now do the further step on nail one-by-one.
  • Next, either apply an acid-free primer or gel base coat on the nail.
  • Now with, LED/UV light, dry the gel base coat on the nail.
  • Now, place a polygel frame & put the polygel paste on the nail area.
  • Let the frame & poly nail on for 30-60 seconds. Now slowly remove the frame.
  • Clean the nail shape, buff it & wipe it with a nail cleaner.
  • Now, again with the frame, apply the top coat & let it dry under UV light for 30-60 seconds.
  • Finally, the nail is ready. Now repeat the process on every nail.
  • Apply your desired nailpolish on your nails after the whole process.

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Do these Nails are Safe?

Yes, the Poly Nails are totally safe & in comparison to other artificial nails, they are safest. As they are easy to remove & do not contains any harmful chemicals. Like, acrylic nails, no chemicals substance is released into the hair.

So overall, these nails are safe & best to make your nails look better & beautiful.

Why do my Polygel nails pop off?

As explained earlier, polygel comes in a paste-like solution & needs to be dried with UV or LED light. But when the gel is too thick or too wet, then it causes the nail to pop off.

When it is applied in a thick form & not enough light or source is provided to dry, the nails start to pop off from the edges. So polygel nails should be applied in not too-thin or too-thick form. Moreover, enough time should be given to make them dry & attached.

Polygel vs Acrylic vs Gel nails – Which is best among them?

The three types of major artificial nails are Polygel, Acrylic & Gel nails. But since the polygel has arrived, the debate is which nail extensions are best among them. So let’s get an answer to this question after differentiating among them!

They are hard & durable. These are hard but can cause problems with natural nails.Gel nails are soft & can easily bend, leading to breakage.
These are easy to mold when getting applied.These get hard very soon, so the difficulty in molding. They are also very easy to mold & change shape.
They can be easily removed with some products,They are somewhat hard to remove & need particular attention & products.These are the easiest to remove.
No chemicals are released, so these are safe.They release chemicals when applied.No chemicals were released.
Their life is 3-5 weeks. These stay for 6-8 weeks.They stay for up to 2 weeks.

So in terms of all the features, we can definitely say that among Polygel vs Acrylic vs Gel, Polygel is the best. One should definitely choose them, for the safety & style for their nails.

In order to increase the shelf life of Poly nails, one should take proper care of them &, moreover, should fill them from time to time.

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Polygel nails typically last for 2-3 weeks, depending on factors like nail care, daily activities, and the application process. Proper preparation, application, and aftercare contribute to their longevity. Regular maintenance, such as filling in gaps and addressing any lifting, can extend their lifespan.

However, individual experiences may vary, and factors like personal habits and product quality can influence durability. Overall, with appropriate care, Polygel nails can offer a durable and attractive nail enhancement for a few weeks.


Can Polygel nails last longer with proper care?

Yes, regular maintenance and proper aftercare, such as addressing any lifting or gaps, can extend the lifespan of Polygel nails.

What factors influence the durability of Polygel nails?

Individual habits, product quality, and daily activities can affect how long Polygel nails last.

Do Polygel nails require special care to maximize their longevity?

Yes, proper preparation before application and adherence to aftercare instructions can help maintain Polygel nails for an extended period.

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