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If you are thinking about going to a tattoo parlor for the first time, you should know the cornerstones of tattoo etiquette. If you believe tattoo etiquette is essential for personal hygiene. As a first-time client of a tattoo artist, you should maintain some personal hygiene. It’s more important to keep avoiding continuous remodeling of your tattoo while the tattoo artist is doing their job. Not only just a first-time customer but some of the people who had tattoos before also forget to follow tattoo etiquette, which all tattoo artists want to follow.

More than all other tattoo etiquettes, we will talk about why it is necessary to tip a tattoo artist and how much you should tip your tattoo artist. For a basic routine, you should follow and maintain hygiene, be sober when you have a tattoo, don’t use any phone but what matters for a tattoo artist is tip what you give them for your tattoo as most of the big tattoo parlors which hire tattoo artists don’t really pay them well. It may not be true for all, but it is true that all you give us a tip will return to you when you look at your tattoo. 

How Much Do You Tip a Tattoo Artist for a $300 Tattoo?

When we look at how much is sufficient for a tattoo artist tip then it depends on many factors. As a basic knowledge of tip, this should be around 15 to 30 percent of the total amount of your tattoo. For a total bill of 300$, you should at least pay $50 to $60 as a tip to the tattoo artist 

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Do you really need to pay a tip to a tattoo artist?

Although tattoos may cost thousands of dollars, you also have to put in the money to have a tattoo done properly. For example, why do people tip the tattoo artists all the money when they already earn so much? One of the essential principles of tattoo etiquette is that following it is strongly advised.

  • It is necessary for the artist to purchase their own materials for the tattoo.
  • The number of sessions required for your tattoo depends upon the size and aftereffect of the tattoo.
  • The tattoo you are choosing is going to show on your body, and It is the tattoo artist’s responsibility.
  • When you tip, you are expressing your gratitude for their excellent job and skills.
  • The act of tipping is designed to create a relationship between the client and the tattoo artist.
  • The individual design takes a lot of labor, effort, and imagination to get a tattoo.
  • Designing a new logo may take many hours; sketching it out, setting it up, and selecting the color scheme can take even longer.

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How much is a Good Tip for a Tattoo?

As we know the real value of tipping, now it’s time for how much you should pay your tattoo artist. Before, there was a restriction on the amount of a certain kind of art that you could provide to your artists. The sky would be the limit if they stole your heart with their tattoo.

Next, determine the total tip amount to be added to the tattoo total. Tattoo artists believe that, in general, 20% is the standard tip percentage, just as it is at restaurants and hair salons. A rule of thumb is to consider this figure a baseline since tattoos take different amounts of effort in different instances. Even if there is only one choice for tattoos, like one price or one design, it does not mean there is only one way to tip.

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What makes you pay the tip to a tattoo artist?

All tattoo artists really have to devote significant time to each of their customers, and it’s reasonable to tip them for their work. Similar to how waiters are tipped, tattoo artists need to be paid, and a tip may be in order. If you tip the waiter, you should tip the tattoo artist as well.

Tipping is just as essential for tattoo artists as it is for any other service provider. Service employees in any service sector often earn just a portion of the money customers pay.

Tattoo artists typically take 30% to 70% of the money a tattoo makes, and the remainder is reinvested in the tattoo parlor. The money earned helps cover the business’ expenses, including the utility bills. When this price reduction takes effect, many artists will really have to purchase their own materials, which naturally makes this price cut unjust.

Also, giving your tattoo artist a gratuity may be a quick way to make him or her your buddy. Showing appreciation for one’s artists’ skills and work is essential in order to inspire them to be passionate about future endeavors. You would want to find a tattoo artist you enjoy. Therefore the last thing you would want is an artist that doesn’t like you.

How Much Do I Tip Tattoo Artist?

Even if it is true in most instances, you will not be able to offer your artist millions of dollars worth of money. Therefore you (and the artist) will have to settle for less. It is also essential to recognize that you should not reward their work with a token tip of a few dollars since this may be distasteful. It is essential for you to know basic tipping etiquette while having a tattoo artist draw a design for you since even if they don’t say it out loud, others will evaluate you. Tipping is determined according to many variables, such as:

  • The originality of the design is debatable.
  • Regardless of the size of the tattoo
  • Time required to get a tattoo becomes important for a huge tattoo.
  • How complex and intricate the tattoo was
  • The location on the body where the tattoo is applied determines its complexity
  • If more color and detailing were needed

What if you don’t like the tattoo, or the tattoo is too bad in reality?

The above advice is valid regardless of whether or not you enjoy the tattoo. However, what happens when the artist creates something you dislike? As for one thing, you may be sure to have the tattoo artist redo and repair your tattoo for free; they were responsible for the error after all. Alternatively, you may decide not to tip the artist in any way.

However, the situation is this: You dislike the finished tattoo doesn’t mean that the tattoo artist is at fault. It doesn’t matter how your project turns out, but you should still pay the artist, even if you are unhappy with the final product.

  • invent an original design
  • Several tattooing sessions will be conducted
  • Make a commitment to doing things like details, color, or shading
  • explain each step of the tattooing procedure to you
  • It offered a method of dealing with the discomfort and has helped me a lot
  • Take time to learn all you can about this subject.
  • Demonstrate they are suitable for use with sterile, uncontaminated instruments
  • Wear gloves when doing the procedure
  • provide you with instructions on the appropriate post-op care regimen
  • If you want to keep the tattoo, repair it free of charge.
  • Make the customer’s entire experience enjoyable.

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To Tip or Not to Tip?

Now, this is very apparent, but you should reward your artist with a tip either after you are finished or when they are tattooing you. It only makes logical that you tip your tattoo artist once you have finished their job since that tip is a statement of how much you appreciate their talents. However, if you are familiar with the artist, you may give them a gratuity after each session.

While it’s absolutely a good method to express your gratitude to the service provider, it is not required. Most people believe that service workers do not expect to get tips for the services they provide. However, tattoo artists (and many other service providers) do expect to earn gratuities for their work.

Many workers are unwilling to delude themselves into believing that customers will provide them with an additional fee for their efforts. If you leave the store, the artist will not request a tip. Showing your appreciation to an artist is basic politeness.

However, if you have a legitimate reason or run out of funds, you are not required to tip the artist. Though it’s often accepted that tips are very necessary, you cannot provide tips unless you are pleased with the quality of the service.

When Should You Tip a Tattoo Artist?

After the tattoo is complete, it is advised to tip the tattoo artist. This may happen when your tattoo artist is wrapping things up and before paying or after paying at the shop counter.

Tattoo shops often don’t take credit card tips for tattoos, so you should plan ahead and have a ready supply of cash for your visit. If you wish to leave a tip on a credit card, first contact the studio or place where you will be seeing the hair or makeup artist to find out whether or not leaving a credit card tip is an option.

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Bottom Line

It’s not mandatory to tip your tattoo artist, and even if you are a regular customer of any tattoo artist, then it’s not even necessary to pay every time you tip. But it’s a good idea to show appreciation to the artist. When you go to a tattoo artist next time, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable while having a tattoo. If you need aftercare products for your tattoo, then comment below. Feel free to comment on this article. If you want to know more about tattoos the follow us on Instagram.

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