KDS Nail Glue – The Best Glue to Stick Nails!

Every woman wants long, designed & colorful nails, but for many reasons, not all of them can have long nails, or their nails get broken or can't get in desired shapes. So here comes the use of artificial nails or acrylic nails. But how will these fake nails get stick to natural nails? KDS Nail Glue is a product that bonds artificial or acrylic nails with natural nails.

You may find many other brands of nail glue, but KDS glue is considered as best & moreover, it is the most rated & reviewed nail glue on the internet. Also, if your nail gets half-broken, you can use this glue to fix that nail back.

Let's get to know more about KDS Nail Glue, its specifications & applications!

KDS Nail Glue – The best glue to Stick Nails!

If you have broken nails, half-broken nails, acrylic nails, or artificial nails & you want something that can stick them with your real nails; then it is best to choose KDS Nail Glue. Moreover, you can do all the nail art with KDS Glue. You can decorate your nails with rhinestone, beads & gemstones. The KDS Glue is waterproof, stays for a long time & really fixes the nails in a short time.

Here are its specifications:

KDS Nail Glue

Pack of 5 Tubes

  • Brand – Glue
  • Package – Tube
  • Quantity – 10ml x 10
  • Ingredients – Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Ratings – 4.5 Stars
  • 23k + Ratings 10 times easily.

The KDS Glue is really great in terms of sticking nails & it is even waterproof. Moreover, it works in a fraction of seconds. Finally, the KDS glue stays for more than two weeks, which is quite impressive.

In terms of performance, the nail glue's one tube can be used for a manicure once or twice, so the ten tubes can easily manicure or stick nails more than 15 times.

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KDS nail glue ingredients are safe for your hands & they have a slight odor, but they are non-allergenic. KDS nail glue ingredients include Ethyl Cyanoacrylate as the main material. So it is safe for use.

How to Remove It?

If you want to remove artificial nails & nail glue, you can easily do that by soaking your nail in acetone & it will easily dissolve in the acetone.

Let's have a look at how can you use KDS Glue:


  • To fix broken Nails
    You can use the nail glue to attach your broken nail back, so the fingernails don't look weird with other nails,
  • To fix half-broken nails.
    The nail glue can also fix half-broken nails very easily.
  • Bond Artificial Nails
    The glue can bond the artificial nails with your natural nails in no time.
  • To decorate Nails
    You can even use rhinestone, beads & gemstones to decorate nails with the KDS Glue.

Our Review –

Overall this nail glue is really fast & effective in terms of bonding nails. We used it on our nails, it worked so fast & it really stick the nails for two weeks. Moreover, as mentioned in the product description, it gets removed with the use of actone.

You should definitely use it for your salon or home to give your nails a safe & effective option.

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Bottom Line

This was all about KDS Nail Glue, its specifications & its applications. We recommend you to buy only this glue for its performance. Also, it is the most rated & has the trust of over 23k+ customers.

We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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