Balayage Ombre – The Difference & The Similarities!

Most people do simple hair color in one tone, all over their hair, but various multi-color techniques can give a unique, beautiful look to your hair. The various color techniques are highlights, lowlights, Wet lights, Ombre, Balayage, etc. The most popular among them are Balayage Ombre. 

Many people think that Balayage Ombre is the same, becaase they find the look same. But that is not true. Balayage & Ombre are different from each other; they are different in looks, styling method, application technique & other factors. 

Today, let's know about Balayage Ombre & how they are different, breaking the myth that they are both the same. 

What is Balayage Hair Technique?

Balayage word is a French word, which means to paint or seep. So it is actually a coloring technique and not a hair color. Actually, it involves how the dye or bleach is applied to your hair. 

In Balayage, the hair colorist uses hair dye or bleach on your hair freehandedly or using a brush. The hair color is applied by brush or hands to create a flowing effect. This technique creates natural-looking gradient effects and a classic swept-away color blend.

Usually, this technique is best for blonde or brunette hair color. The color in Balayge is lighter at the roots and gets heavier towards the hair ends. 

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One can either get full hair Balayage, covering all hair sections, or partial highlights, in which only top layers of hair get covered. 

The Balayage looks great on long & medium-length hair. Moreover, it is cost-effective as it does not require frequent touch-ups & the hair at the top are kept darker.

How much time does it take to get Balayage? 

Usually, it takes from one hour to three hours to get Balayage. In case you want partial balayage, it will take 1 to 1.5 hours, but if you wish to full Balayage, then it will not take less than 2-3 hours.

Types of Balayage

Foilayage Technique – This technique involves folding hand-painted hair in tinfoil and letting it process. The foil traps heat, oxidizes the hair faster, and is typically used to color naturally dark hair.

Flamboyage Method – This technique applies adhesive strips to individual hair sections to saturate them with hair color to lighten and enhance their natural color. It also makes the hair look reflective or slightly oil-slick.

What is the Ombré hair Technique?

Ombré is a French word meaning, ”to shade or shadow.” In this color tone, the hair color on the hair roots is darker, and it gets lighter gradually towards the end. It's a kind of hair painting technique in which the hair becomes darker at the roots & midshaft and then lighter at the ends.

The Ombre Process– In this technique, paint is applied from the darker roots to the lighter, saturated ends. Hair that has already been colored or highlighted may have roots painted on at the base that matches the hair's natural color. Your hairstylist should gradually build the color from the mid-shaft to the ends by bringing a picture of your ideal “tip” color.

How Long does it last- Getting it done from a good hair colorist or professional, Ombre, can last up to three months.

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When to Choose it? – Opt for ombré if you want to draw attention to your natural hair color or prefer a natural look with bold colors.

Types of Ombre

1) Sombre- A subtle gradient effect is created by using a softer blend of colors and primarily pastels and lighter shades.

2) Color-Melting – It involves the application of two or more colors to create a more gradient and colorful look.

Difference Between Balayage & Ombre?

Often ombre and balayage are mistaken for each other because they both go from dark to light. You might even wonder: Does ombre mean the same thing as balayage? However, when compared side by side, there are some significant differences. Let's have a look at these differences:

  • Ombre is a coloring trend, whereas balayage is a hair coloring technique. So it is the most basic difference between them. 
  • The Benefit of Balayage is that it creates an ombré effect that is natural and softer. In contrast, an ombré highlights your natural hair color or adds drama to your locks.
  • The Ombre method involves applying lightener horizontally in addition to saturation and then blending upward to diffuse the line, while Balayage is done by painting on color to the hair's surface.
  • Ombre is a style, while Blayage is a tachnique.
  • In addition to natural blonde, brown and red colors, ombre hairstyles can also be pink, blue, green, or purple. In contrast, balayage has to do with how the color is actually applied. The overall impression of balayage is typically a more “natural” look due to the subtle color transition, which is much more subtle than what you would get from ombre or Sombre.

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Similarities between Ombre & Balayage!

  • It's pretty low maintenance since the colors are applied gradually (for Ombre) or in sweeping strokes (for Balayage).
  • It is common for both Balayage and Ombre to require a higher beauty budget and additional time at the salon.

Which costs more – Ombre or Balayage? 

The price of an ombré may vary according to the salon, between $100 to $250. It is estimated to cost between $50 and $200 for a balayage. The price of both hair color techniques can vary, depending on the following factors-

  • The Hair Length: The price for long hair will be more than medium or short-length hair. 
  • Coverage: Full highlights are more expensive than partial highlights.
  • Brand: The price of Balayage or Ombre depends on the salon you get your hair done from. The brand of hair color & products also affects the cost. 
  • Additional Charges: Some other treatments like bleaching can also affect the cost of Balayage or Ombre. 

Overall, Ombre is more expensive to get than the Balayage. 

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Which one to Choose? 

It totally depends on the hair technique or style you want to choose. Becuase both Balayage and Ombre are suitable for all hair lengths. So as you know the difference between these two, you should choose which one to choose. 

If you want a subtle and more natural look, then it is best to choose, Balayage. But if you want to choose a more gradient and multi-colored look, then go for Ombre. 

Bottom Line

SO this was all bout Balayage Ombre & the difference, similarities & cost differences between them. We hope now you can find the difference between them after looking at the hairstyle & also choose which style to apply to your hair. 

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