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Should I wash my hair before going to the Salon?

‘Should I wash my hair before going to the salon?’ This question is not easy as it seems because it can have various solutions based on your purpose of visit to the salon! Whether you are going for a haircut or hair styling or for coloring? Or are you going for any other treatment like rebounding or straightening? 

Sometimes, even hairstylists don’t want you to wash your hair by yourself before coming to the salon. Because they sometimes want to wash your hair with some different products to get suitable results. 

So the question, ‘Should I wash my hair before going to the salon?’ can be broken down into various questions. And those questions will definitely explain, in which situation you should wash your hair and in which not! So let’s get to these questions and their answers!

Should you wash your hair before getting a haircut?

If you’re going for a regular haircut, it is mainly advised to wash your hair before showing up at the salon. But whether you should wash your hair or not depends on what kind of haircut type your barber/stylists will choose. Whether it will be dry or wet hair cut. 

Wet Hair Cut– In the case of wet hair cuts, barbers always either simply wet your hair by spray or by normal ashing. The wet hair cutting technique is old. If your barber always gives you a wet haircut and soaks your hair by spray, then you can come up with your hair washed. 

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But if they wash your hair every time before cutting, there is no need to wash your hair before coming to the salon. 

Dry Hair Cut – In dry hair cut, it is always advised to wash your hair one day before hair cutting. This is because the freshly washed hair weighs less, and it also helps in better haircutting. 

Should you wash your hair before Hair Coloring?

If you are going to the salon for hair coloring, it is mainly advised to either wash your hair one day before the appointment or let them dirty. 

Because If your hair is freshly washed, the natural oils on your scalps will be less. So after applying dye on your hair, it can cause irritation. 

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Also, on freshly washed hair, foils are not easily attachable. 

So, it would be best if you got hair coloring after 24-48 of hair washing because it will be easy to attach foils, the scalp will not irritate, and the color will be more bright and better.

Should you wash your hair before Hair Styling?

Suppose you visit the salon for hairstyling for a big day like a wedding, prom, or any other big event. Then it is advised not to wash your hair the same day as visiting a hairstylist. Because if you wash the hair the same day, they will be drier and have fewer natural oils. It can become difficult to style them appropriately. 

So wash your hair one day before you’re visiting a hairstylist. Then, that hair will be easy to style. 

What do most hairdressers want you to do?

Most hairdressers want their clients to come without washing their hair. Because if you’re going to have different kinds of treatments, then the hair requirements can be added. For example, it may be possible that the haircut your want only happens in wet hair cut, So the hairdresser will again wash your hair. 

Also, in treatments like rebounding, hair straightening, hair wash may require or may not. 

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So either you should discuss with your hairdresser if you should wash your hair before the hair treatment you want. They can better guide you on washing your hair or not!

Whether to pre-wash hair in these Covid Times?

If you want not to spend more time at the salon and have less human contact in these Covid Times, you should consult your hairdresser, whether to wash your hair before visiting the salon or not.

Also, if your barber gives you wet hair cutting, you should definitely wash your hair before your visit. In case of other treatment, consult your hairstylist. 

Should you wash your hair if you have an appointment at the salon and come from the gym or work out? 

The answer to this question is ‘Yes.’ You should definitely wash your hair after coming from the gym or workout if you have a salon appointment. 

Because your hair contains dirt particles and excessive sweat and oil, you definitely don’t want your hairdresser to cut your hair in those conditions. 

Also, you may get a different result of haircutting if you get them cut in dirty and sweaty conditions. 

Bottom Line

So you have all answers in all different situations, whether to wash your hair or not! But we advise you always to consult your hair salon owner or hairstylist. Your hairstylist knows more about your hair than us. 

Let us know in the comments what you think of our article, ”Should I wash my hair before going to the Salon?”

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