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8 Stylish Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men in 2023

Introducing the latest trends in men’s hairstyling: “8 Stylish Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men in 2023.” Medium-length hair offers a realm of versatility for men, providing an array of fashionable and sophisticated hairstyles. From textured crops to modern shags, this collection showcases eight trendy and adaptable hairstyles tailored to suit diverse tastes and personal styles. Explore these stylish options that strike the perfect balance between suave sophistication and contemporary flair, ensuring a polished and on-trend look for men embracing the versatility of medium-length hair in the ever-evolving landscape of men’s fashion.

Must-Look at Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men

Whether aiming for a casual, laid-back vibe or a polished, refined appearance, these medium-length hairstyles present a spectrum of options that exude confidence and fashion-forward flair.

1. Textured Crop

The textured crop is a modern and stylish hairstyle for men with medium-length hair. This haircut features shorter sides and back, while the top is kept slightly longer and textured for a tousled appearance. Achieved by using techniques like point cutting or razor cutting, this style adds depth and dimension to the hair, creating a textured and layered look. The textured crop offers versatility, allowing for various styling options from a casual, messy look to a more structured and groomed appearance. This trendy hairstyle embodies a contemporary and effortlessly cool vibe, making it a popular choice for men looking for a fashionable and easy-to-maintain medium-length haircut.

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2. Slicked Back

The slicked-back hairstyle for men with medium-length hair is a classic and polished look achieved by combing the hair back away from the face using styling products like pomade or gel. This style creates a sleek and refined appearance, showcasing a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. The slicked-back hair can be tailored to various lengths, providing versatility from a neat and formal approach to a more relaxed and textured appearance. This timeless hairstyle exudes confidence and elegance, making it a versatile choice suitable for both professional settings and more casual occasions, offering a sleek and stylish option for men embracing medium-length hair.

3. Messy Waves

Messy waves for men with medium-length hair offer a casual and effortless look characterized by loose, tousled waves. Achieved by using texturizing products or sea salt sprays and scrunching the hair, this style adds natural-looking waves and volume. Messy waves exude a laid-back and relaxed vibe, providing a carefree and stylish appearance that’s perfect for various settings, from casual outings to more relaxed work environments. This hairstyle embraces a modern and effortlessly cool aesthetic, allowing men with medium-length hair to sport a relaxed yet fashionable look with ease.

4. Side Part

The side-part hairstyle is a classic and timeless look for men with medium-length hair. It involves combing the hair to one side, creating a distinct part on either side of the head. This style offers versatility, allowing for variations in length and texture on the sides and top. The side part can be adapted to suit different occasions, from a sleek and polished appearance suitable for formal settings to a more relaxed and tousled look for everyday wear. This sophisticated hairstyle exudes refinement and elegance, making it a popular choice for men seeking a well-groomed and stylish option for their medium-length hair.

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5. Medium Length Shag

The medium-length shag is a stylish and textured haircut characterized by its layered and choppy ends. This haircut features multiple layers throughout the hair, creating a tousled and relaxed appearance. The medium-length shag offers versatility, allowing for varied lengths and textures, providing a modern and effortlessly cool look. This hairstyle can be styled in different ways, from a more disheveled and messy vibe to a sleeker and more structured appearance. The medium-length shag embodies a contemporary and laid-back aesthetic, making it a trendy choice for men seeking a fashionable and low-maintenance haircut with medium-length hair.

6. Undercut

The undercut is a sharp and bold hairstyle for men with medium-length hair, characterized by shaved or closely clipped sides and back, creating a distinct contrast with longer hair on top. This haircut features a clear division between the shaved sections and the longer hair, offering versatility in styling options for the top portion. The undercut allows for various lengths and textures on the upper part, enabling styles like slicked-back, textured, or voluminous hair on top. This edgy and modern hairstyle exudes confidence and attitude, making it a popular choice among men looking for a stylish and statement-making haircut with medium-length hair.

7. Curly Medium Length

Curly medium-length hair showcases natural curls or waves that fall between the chin and shoulder level. This style embraces the texture and bounce of naturally curly hair, offering versatility and character. Curly, medium-length hairstyles can range from loose waves to tighter curls, providing a relaxed and effortlessly stylish appearance. These hairstyles allow for various looks, from embracing the curls for a carefree and casual vibe to defining them with products for a more structured and polished appearance. The curly, medium-length look exudes a playful and free-spirited charm, making it a popular choice for men seeking a hairstyle that celebrates natural texture and movement.

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8. Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour is a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle for men with medium-length hair, characterized by volume and height at the front of the hair, gradually tapering towards the back and sides. This style involves sweeping the hair upwards and back, creating a pronounced and lifted look at the top. Achieved by using styling products like pomade or wax, the modern pompadour offers versatility in length and texture, allowing for variations in height and sleekness. This timeless yet contemporary hairstyle exudes confidence and elegance, making it a fashionable choice for men seeking a refined and polished appearance with their medium-length hair.



In the world of men’s hairstyling, the versatility of medium-length hair takes center stage with the array of eight stylish hairstyles showcased for 2023. From the classic slicked-back to the trendy textured crop and timeless side part, these hairstyles offer a spectrum of options catering to various tastes and preferences. Each style brings forth a unique blend of sophistication, modernity, and ease, allowing men to effortlessly elevate their look.

Whether aiming for a sleek and polished appearance or a more relaxed and tousled vibe, these hairstyles reflect ever-evolving trends while embracing individual style statements. With a myriad of options to choose from, these medium-length hairstyles offer a perfect fusion of fashion and practicality, empowering men to express their style with confidence and flair.



Are these hairstyles suitable for all hair types?

Yes, these hairstyles are versatile and can be adapted to various hair textures, from straight to wavy or curly, with slight modifications to suit the individual’s hair type.

Which hairstyles require the most styling effort?

Styles like the modern pompadour or slicked-back hair may require more styling effort with the use of specific products like pomade or wax for hold and structure.

Can these hairstyles be adjusted for different face shapes?

Certainly, these hairstyles can be tailored to complement different face shapes, with slight modifications in the length or styling to enhance facial features.

Are these hairstyles suitable for both professional and casual settings?

Yes, most of these hairstyles strike a balance between sophistication and versatility, making them suitable for both professional environments and casual outings.

How can I keep up these hairstyles every day?

Regular grooming and the use of suitable styling products, like hairspray, wax, or styling creams, can help maintain the desired look and hold throughout the day.


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