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Before and After Brown Hair with Silver Highlights

Glamorous and on-trend, silver highlights are an absolute necessity for anybody looking to up-level their style. Before, people couldn’t receive them since they were considered Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets. But now, any hair color can get silver highlights & can enhance the look of their hair. One of the most suitable hair colors for getting silver highlights is brown hair. You can get silver highlights at home or from a professional to enhance your look. Here is the before and after brown hair with silver highlights for you to take inspiration from. 

Moreover, you will learn various styles of silver highlights on various hair colors & even how you can get silver highlights at home. So let’s get started!

Can you put silver highlights in brown hair?

Yes, surely, you can get silver highlights on brown or dark brown hair & it will look fabulous. The color matching, the contrast will be awesome. When you have dark brown hair, grey highlights look extremely stunning. The contrast is striking when you have black hair, but when you have brown layers, you may produce a really soft, blended appearance.

Beautiful before and after Brown hair with Silver highlights transformation!

You’re probably aware of the current craze for silver hair. However, the current hair color trend may be just what you’re looking for; if you’re not quite ready to commit to an all-silver mane, silver highlights are a great option. If we claimed we weren’t enamored with the silver and grey accents popping up all over our social media feeds, we’d be lying.

Here is how before and after Brown hair with Silver highlights transformation will look great on your dark brown hair. Moreover, you can take inspiration from this color trend to get them in the same way!

1st Before and after Brown hair with Silver highlights transformation

2nd Before and after Brown hair with Silver highlights transformation

3rd Before and after Brown hair with Silver highlights transformation

4th Before and after Brown hair with Silver highlights transformation

5th Before and after Brown hair with Silver highlights transformation

How to put silver highlights in dark hair at home?

You can easily put silver highlights in the dark at home; you just need to follow some easy steps, as mentioned below:

  • Make sure you have all the tools you’ll need to obtain silver highlights on black hair if you opt to do it yourself. 
  • Bleach, developer, silver hair color, applicator, silicone highlight cap, and gloves are all included in the equipment kit. 
  • The silicone highlight cap is optional, but you’ll find it really beneficial since it will let you know precisely how many highlights you’ll be receiving.
  • As previously said, you may use a silicone hair cap to remove the strands of hair that will be bleached and then dyed silver. Alternatively, you may split your hair from the bottom to the top and use uneven strokes to apply the bleach to your hair.
  • After you’ve washed and dried your hair, put the silver hair color all over your tresses.

That’s how you can easily get silver highlights at home, with just a little perfection in your hands required. 

10 Unique Color Ideas of Silver And Grey Highlights

Do you know how many types of highlights you can try in your dark brown hair or any other hair color? There are a lot of options for doing silver or grey highlights in your hair which will make your hair more astonishing. So let’s get to look at some silver, grey highlights style ideas:

1) Cool Toned Brunette Hair with Ash Balayage

Adding gorgeous ash ends to dark roots and lengths is a great way to cool down your natural brown hair color. For a lady with a romantic soul, this is a lovely outfit.

2) Warm Brown and Cool Silver

Silver tends to be combined with other cool-toned colors as a cool-toned hue, although this may be a fascinating experiment. Try warm brown or red hair with silver highlights if you’re looking to break the mold.

3) Silver and Brown Waves

It takes guts to go with hair color as daring as a pure silver-grey. On the other hand, gray-brown hair is a lovely and simple thing on its own, and it only becomes better when the two tones are divided as the primary hue, and the highlights are added. Meanwhile, thin white highlights may bring brightness to dull hair when it is in need of a makeover.

4) Grey Money-piece on dark brown hair

Add one heavy money piece and a sprinkling of gunmetal highlights for brunette customers with a lot of silver regrowth through the face-framing layers. The misty tones of our Illumina Color collection may be mimicked in this lovely sample.

Finally, apply a few drops of Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil to the ends of your hair after they’ve been dried and styled.

5) Thick Textured Dark Brown and Silver Bob

This choppy bob is best suited for thick and wavy hair. To emphasize the hair’s rich texture and natural curves, use a lot of silver highlights over a chocolate brown base color. The peek-a-boo bangs gently graze the collarbone.

6) Soft Blonde Balayage for Ash Brown Hair

This is probably one of the greatest blonde hair options. Try a few simple curls at the ends to add volume if your hair is fine. Adding layers to your hair may do wonders for the way you appear.

7) Ash Blonde Balayage with Golden Babylights

When paired with a warm color, grey accents are stunning. In babylights, you can also use a grey foundation with a dash of warm hue. Make a statement with a balayage that gets compliments everywhere you go! Style some fast, uncomplicated waves to add a lot of depth to your look.

8)  Long Layered Brunette Hair with Silver Ends

When applied to long, layered brunette hair, silver highlights seem even more mesmerizing. It’s white-silver lengths that have been loosely curled to reinforce the notion of contrasts presented via colors and textures, starting at the roots with charcoal grey.

9) Brunette Hair with Silver Blonde Highlights

If you have dark hair and want to add some dimension to it, consider adding some tiny highlights that will blend in well with your dark base color.

10) Ash Brown and Subtle Gray Highlights

Highlights of ash brown and chalky grey seem to be playing in the waves on the brunette lob’s piecey layers. Hair that could otherwise be flat is given body and fullness by the choppy ends.

Bottom Line

This was all about before and after Brown hair with Silver highlights & various type of grey hair color id3eas on brown hair. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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