What to do with a bad haircut too short?

You may have got to a salon for regular trimming sessions or get a short hairstyle, but due to some miscommunication or less understanding by your stylist, he cut your hair too short. So now you are panicking & thinking what to do with a bad haircut too short? 

Don't worry; there are a lot of ways to fix or work out the too-short haircut. This article is intended to tell all the possible solutions for a too-short haircut for both men & women. Let's get started!

What to do with a bad haircut too short?

The too-short hair cut can happen either when you are styling or trimming hair by yourself or by your salon artists. But the too short hair will grow out after some tie, till then you can try some of the following methods to work out the too-short hair cut. 

1) Use the Bobby Pins – Pick the bobby pins the same as your hair color; it will give a seamless look. Until your hair grows out perfectly, you can pin back too-short bangs, uneven strands, and any other imperfections.

2) Use Hair Extensions – Hair extensions will work best to hide too short hair until your hair grows out to normal length. Then, you can wear hair extensions for styling & hiding the too-short hair. 

3) Get another stylish short hair haircut – Yes, you can get another haircut that will look stylish. But is it up to you, you can adopt the style easily or not? This time clearly tell the stylist what you want. 

4) Wear a Hat or Cap – The best to hide the haircut is by wearing a hat or cap. Surely, you will need to spend some bucks to get the stylist & matching hat & caps. 

5) Try to get used to the short haircut until it grows out. 

6) You can even use headbands for good looks & keep the uneven or flyaways pinned down.

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What to do with a bad haircut too short guys?

Women get too short bad haircuts rarely, but men face this problem frequently. There are chances that once in a lifetime, men have faced this issue. So, here are some methods to work out the too-short bad haircut for guys:

  • Tell your stylist immediately if you find the cut too short. They may fix in some way & make you look better. 
  • You can even ask to style the hair differently to look better rather than looking weird. 
  • You can wear hats & caps if the haircut is too short & you do not like even a bit. 
  • Use gels & waxes to style the hair in funky styles & hide the imperfect hairs. 
  • Shave off the whole hair; it may look better than an uneven or bad haircut. 
  • Wait for some time to let grow your hair to its original hair length. 

How to prevent a bad haircut too short?

You probably don't want to get a bad haircut too short. So you should definitely follow some tips on preventing it.

  • Do not cut your hair yourself. It will clear most chances of getting a bad haircut. 
  • Research about the hairdresser or stylist you are going to. Only go to the highly reviewed hairstylist. 
  • Tell the hairstylist about the mistake & clearly communicate what you want next time. 
  • Take inspiration pictures with yourself to let your stylist understand the haircut clearly. 

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Will a bad haircut grow out? 

Definitely, Yes! Your hair will grow from a bad haircut. The hair grows at 1/2 inches per month, so they will grow out but definitely take some time to restore to normal length. You can take good care of your hair to grow hair faster. 

You can get high protein diets, give massage to your scalp, use essential oils for hair, use chemical-free- shampoos & conditioner, properly moisturize your hair & do not frequently use heat tools. 

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Bottom Line

So now you probably know what to do with a bad haircut too short. Now help us by providing your thoughts & suggestions on this article, if you fund it informative & helpful.

Thank you for reading!

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