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7 Ultimate Hooded Hair Dryers with Review- You should Read Before Buying

Are you looking for a hair dryer for home or salon?


Searching for a hooded hair dryer for curly hair?

If so, we are here to assist you with different hooded hair dryer brands, plus an honest review of each so that you can choose the best one for you.

We, especially women, are familiar with a hairdryer or hooded hairdryer. In most salons worldwide, and even at home, people use hooded or bonnet hair dryers for hairstyles and treatments. 

You can not complete a perfect hairstyle without this helpful product, whether you do it yourself or with a salon expert.

Professionally, blow hair dryers are less common. 

Today we will discuss hooded/bonnet hair dryers. We will know about their meaning, why to use them, where to buy them, and most importantly, the best salon hair dryers.

So, let’s get started!

What is a Hooded Dryer?

A hooded hair dryer is also known as a Bonnet hair dryer. The meaning of the two words is the same. Hooded hair dryers have hoods that cover your entire head and blow hot air to dry your hair in a short time. The tool evenly distributes heat throughout your hair and gives you gorgeous curls in a snap. Your hair curls get more beautiful with bonnet hair dryers, and it becomes easy to get a hold of your unmanageable tresses. 

It is also helpful for deep conditioning, roller styling, hair conditioning treatments, and other hair treatments.

Furthermore, hooded hair dryers save you arm strength you would otherwise have to expend when using blow dryers.

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Why use a Hooded hair dryer?

Hooded or bonnet hair dryers give your hair professional treatments. They are a lot easier to use and even save your arm strength. You just have to sit back and relax while your hair gets curls, gets dry, or any other hair treatment.

Another thing is, blow hair dryers are not suitable to give professional hair treatments. However, we can use hair dryers just to dry out hair. So for professional and best hair treatments, use hooded/bonnet hair dryers. 

You should have a hooded hair dryer if you are a salon owner/operator. Because without a hooded hair dryer, your salon is not complete. 

It goes without saying that no serious salon owner-run business without a hair dryer!

Types of Bonnet Hair Dryers!

Bonnet/hooded hair dryers are available in different types and sizes. They are also categorized according to portability. According to build and movability, here are different types of hooded/bonnet hair dryers.

Types according to build:-

1) Soft-Bonnet Dryers

Soft bonnet dryers are dryers with nylon or any other material cap connected to a hairdryer. Simply, it is a cap with a pipe attached to the dryer. Soft-bonnet dryers are portable, easy to use, and in high demand for personal use. 

They are cheaper than hard bonnet dryers. You can move your head in these hair dryers.

Soft bonnet hair dryers are most suitable for deep-conditioning your hair.

2) Hard-top Hair Dryers

Hooded hair dryers have a fixed position hood made with durable materials like ABS plastic or metals. They are most suitable for salons and professional treatments. The person getting the treatment cannot move in hooded hair dryers. 

The heat distribution in a hard-top hair dryer is equal, providing the best results. These dryers are more powerful and are best for curling and roller styling. 

They can vary in price and have different types, sizes, and uses.

Types according to Movability 

1) Stationary and Fixed 

Static / fixed hooded hair dryers usually have a dedicated section at your hair salon. They allow salon operators to provide clients with perfect hair.

2) Portable Hair Dryers

Portable and easy-to-move hair dryers also exist. You can have them if you have a small salon and want a portable dryer. They cost less, and you can even adjust their heights.

3) Wall-mounted Dryers 

A wall-mounted hooded bonnet hair dryer is an excellent option for salons with a little more space and for every client who wants a perfect hair dry every time. Although they cost more, they provide outstanding hair results.

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What is the best salon hair dryer brand?

Several brands manufacture and sell hair dryers. But not all of them provide suitable quality hair dryers. Also, if we talk about hooded hair dryers, very few brands offer good quality products for your salons and personal use. 

We have made a list of the best hooded hair dryers, including both soft and hard bonnet dryers. But before coming up to the list, here is the answer to a question!

Where can I buy a hooded/bonnet hair dryer?

If you’re looking to buy a hooded/bonnet hair dryer, then you buy them either on E-commerce websites or from stores. So it’s on you, where to purchase. 

But we will recommend you to buy online because you can check aspects of the product, professional reviews of the brand, and customer reviews. Also, you can even get better prices along with discounts.

We’ve also mentioned product links with our recommendations so that you can check from here. 

Hooded/Bonnet Hair Dryers Reviews and Recommendations

We have made our list of hooded/bonnet hair dryers unbiasedly. Here are our reviews and recommendations for hard and soft hooded/bonnet hair dryers-

1) Belvedere Maletti B900C Professional Hooded Hair Dryer

Belvedere Maletti B900C Professional Hooded Hair Dryer

  • Brand – Belvedere
  • Customer Ratings – 4.3 Stars

This made in America hooded hair dryer is perfect for salon professionals. This large and flexible dryer gets hot real quick. This hooded hair dryer has a large hood, and its fast drying time is impressive. 

This dryer has a sturdy construction, which makes it long-lasting and durable.

Let’s have a look at its specifications:-

  • Dimensions- W x D x H 12”x5.25”x22.25′
  • Weight- 30 lbs
  • Build Material – Not mentioned
  • Power- 980 Watts
  • Heat-Control Settings- 5-positions heat setting
  • Dryer Type – Hard-top 
  • Suitable For- Salons and Professionals 
  • Height Adjustable – Yes, in 3 positions
  • Portable – No
  • Warranty – 5 Years
  • Hinge Door– No 

This is a stationary fixed hooded hair dryer suitable for professionals and salons. It’s is very durable and will serve for years. With its fast heating ability, it will quickly dry out the hairs. This dryer can dry thick flowing locks in less than 45 minutes. 

Another good thing about this hair dryer is, it’s even heat distribution which allows better drying. 


  • Heavy build quality and durable.
  • Powerful with 980 watts power intake.
  • Can run for 60 minutes without an interval.
  • Large hood for space.
  • Even heat-distribution
  • 5-heat settings for different requirements.


  • No wheels attached for portability.

Overall Review- Overall, it is a suitable product for salons and professionals. With its five years warranty, you can easily rely on this product. Also, it is mighty. 

You should definitely check this product.

Our Rating

2) Ridgeyard Wall Mounted Adjustable 900W Hooded Hair Dryer

Ridgeyard Wall Mounted Adjustable 900W Hooded Hair Dryer

  • Brand – Ridgeyard
  • Customer Ratings – 4 Stars

This is another professional & salon hooded hair dryer, although it is a wall-mounted hair dryer. It is a very differently built and designed product. The unit comes with a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy for you to adjust temperature and set a timer.

It has high wattage of 900W, giving it a quick head start. It is very durable and easy to install. You need to have a concrete wall to install this hair dryer.

Let’s have a look at its specifications:-

  • Dimensions- Hood D- 10”, Arm length- 63”
  • Weight- 17.63 lbs
  • Color – Black 
  • Build Material – High-quality Plastic
  • Power- 900 Watts
  • Heat-Control Settings- 5-75 degrees Celcius
  • Dryer Type – Hard-top 
  • Suitable For- Salons and Professionals 
  • Warranty – Not mentioned
  • Height Adjustable – Yes, in 3 positions
  • Portable – No
  • Hinge Door – Yes

This bonnet hair dryer’s heat setting interface is very easy to use. The UP button increases the temperature by a single Celsius, while the DOWN button reduces it. Using the WIND SET button, you can also select wind levels in a circular fashion. They are conveniently located below the temperature display.


  • Good build quality and durable.
  • Different designed products and easy to use.
  • Up to 75 Celsius heat temperature.
  • Timer feature available.


  • Very high price as compare to other hooded hair dryers.
  • It required a concrete wall to install.

Overall Review- Overall, it is a differently designed, durable product for long-term use. Its easy-to-use interface and adjustability make it a good choice as a bonnet hair dryer. You can go with this product if you have ample money to spend.

Our Rating

3) TASALON Ionic Portable & Standing Hooded Hair Dryer

TASALON Ionic Portable & Standing Hooded Hair Dryer

  • Brand – Tasalon
  • Customer Ratings – 4.5 Stars

If you have less space in your salo or you are looking for a portable hooded dryer, then your search may end here. This bonnet hair dryer is a strong, powerful, portable hair dryer that you can use both at your salon or home. Its adjustable height makes it easy to use, and most importantly, the wheels make it easy to move. 

Let’s have a look at its specifications:-

  • Dimensions- 55” x 25.2” x 25.2” 
  • Weight – 9.9 lbs
  • Color – Black & grey
  • Build Material – High-quality Plastic
  • Power- 1875 Watts
  • Heat-Control Settings- 3 temperature settings
  • Dryer Type – Hard-top 
  • Suitable For- Salons and Home
  • Warranty – Not mentioned
  • Height Adjustable – Yes, from 30” to 55”
  • Portable – Yes
  • Hinge Door– Yes

Its large size hood makes it easy to fit the head with even large size rollers. You can use this hair dryer to provide hair drying, hair modeling, hair conditioning, and other hair treatments to your clients.

With a removable airflow vent and filterable air intake grill, you get hygienic airflow. It has a face shield that has a setting to power off the dryer when lifted. This hair dryer is suitable for both home use and salon use.


  • Powerful hair dryer with 1875 W power intake. 
  • Portable and easy to adjust.
  • A transparent face shield comes with a lift-for-auto-off switch feature.
  • Filterable air grill to clean out dust. 
  • Sturdy and durable build quality.


  • No mention about warranty

Overall Review – Overall, it is an excellent product if you are looking for portable hair dryers. This product has all the charms that a hooded hair dryer should have with no significant problems. You can definitely purchase this product, according to us.

Our Rating –

4) Nova 1300W Adjustable Hooded Bonnet Hair Dryer

Nova 1300W Adjustable Hooded Bonnet Hair Dryer

  • Brand -Nova
  • Customer Ratings – 4.5 Stars

Another portable and adjustable bonnet hair dryer has a good build quality and temperature adjustment from 0-75 C. This hair dryer is suitable for hair-drying, conditioning, hair perming, and coloring. With its big hood, you can easily accommodate even jumbo rollers in it.

It has a stainless steel heating element with a rotary backflow design, enabling ultra-quiet operation. Most importantly, its wheels make it easy to move. You can even adjust its height from 48″ to 63″. 

Here are its specifications- 

  • Dimensions- Hood D – 11”, Hood deepness – 20”
  • Weight – Not mentioned
  • Color – Black
  • Build Material – Stainless steel
  • Power- 1300 Watts
  • Heat-Control Settings- Temperature setting from 0 to 75 C
  • Dryer Type – Hard-top 
  • Suitable For- Salons and Home
  • Warranty – Not mentioned
  • Height Adjustable – Yes, from 48″ to 63″
  • Portable – Yes
  • Hinge Door– Yes

This portable hooded hair dryer is a good choice if you want a portable and less space occupying hair dryer. It is suitable for both salons and homes. With a hinged door, the heat will not go out and will provide good results. You can lock the base of this dryer to carry on the work without movement.


  • Powerful hair dryer with 1300 W power intake. 
  • Portable and easy to adjust.
  • Stainless steel body makes it durable. 
  • The base can be locked in one place. 
  • Lightweight design.


  • No mention about warranty

Overall Review – Overall, this hooded hair dryer gives you a choice to choose among other portable hair dryers. You can choose between this and the above TASALON hair dryer. With all the features and pros, you can go for this product.

Our Rating –

5) Conair Pro Collapsible Hair Dryer

Conair Pro Collapsible Hair Dryer

  • Brand -Conair
  • Customer Ratings – 4.5 Stars

The Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer is an excellent choice if you want to avoid carrying heavy hair dryers. With multiple professional features, it is lightweight and portable.

Even heat distribution results in salon-quality results.

You can control the temperatures and the speed with two heat settings. The hood is so spacious that it can accommodate jumbo rollers.

Here are its specifications- 

  • Dimensions- 15.25” x 6.5” x 17”
  • Weight – 9.6 lbs
  • Color – Black
  • Build Material – Plastic
  • Power- 1875 Watts
  • Heat-Control Settings- Yes, two
  • Dryer Type – Hard-top 
  • Suitable For- Home & Salon
  • Warranty – Not mentioned
  • Height Adjustable – Yes
  • Portable – Yes
  • Foldable – Yes
  • Hinge Door– No

This portable hooded hair dryer can be folded and easy to carry. With its 6 feet long cord, it becomes easy to work. You can control the airflow settings in this hair dryer. You can even provide your services at your client’s place with this dryer. 


  • Its high-quality plastic material makes it durable.
  • You can adjust its height.
  • You can fold it to carry it easily.
  • Its 1875 power intake makes it powerful.
  • Provides professional results.
  • A good option in case of providing services at the client’s place.


  • No mention about warranty

Overall Review- If you are new to the salon business and want an affordable yet powerful hair dryer, then you can go with this product. It has all the features; also you can carry it easily and provide services at whatever place you want. 

Our Rating 

6) Andis 500-Watt Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer

Andis 500-Watt Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer

  • Brand -Andis
  • Customer Ratings – 4.5 Stars

This bonnet hair dryer is a soft-top hair dryer and is recommended for personal use. When used at low heat, it can be used to set styles and volumize hair.

Large rollers can be accommodated within the extra-large bonnet. It can also be used for chemical and conditioning treatments.

The styling hose is 40 inches long, making it convenient to use.

Along with the device, you’ll also receive a storage case to carry the product easily.

Here are its specifications-

  • Dimensions- 4.06” x 13.58” x 11.61”
  • Weight – 4.2 lbs
  • Color – Black
  • Build Material – Plastic, Metal 
  • Power- 500 Watts
  • Heat-Control Settings- Yes, two
  • Dryer Type – Soft
  • Suitable For- Home
  • Warranty – Not mentioned
  • Portable – Yes

With Andis Bonnet Hair Dryer, your hair will be pampered whether you have coily or loose waves! Ionic technology fastens the drying process and reduces frizz and damage. Overall, it is suitable to get professional services and results at home, that’s too at an affordable price.


  • Ensures even heat distribution.
  • The perfect tool for hot conditioning.
  • It fits comfortably on the head.
  • Affordable option.


  • Not perfect for salons.
  • Warranty not mentioned.

Overall Review– It is suitable for personal use. It will provide various features at an affordable price. But you should not buy this for salon or professional service. Look for hard-top dryers for salon use. Overall, it is perfect for personal care.

Our Rating –

7) Conair Soft-top Bonnet Hair Dryer

Conair Soft-top Bonnet Hair Dryer

  • Brand -Conair
  • Customer Ratings – 4.1 Stars

This is another soft-top bonnet hair dryer on our list of best hair dryers. The product has a reasonable price and does a great job styling and drying your hair. In case you are looking for good products at an affordable price, you should check this product. A hot air vent brush is provided with this dryer.

Here are its specifications- 

  • Dimensions- 12.5” x 9.4” x 3.8”
  • Weight – 2.85 lbs
  • Color – White
  • Build Material – Plastic
  • Power- Not mentioned.
  • Heat-Control Settings- Yes, four
  • Dryer Type – Soft-top 
  • Suitable For- Home
  • Warranty – Not mentioned
  • Portable – Yes

This hair dryer has four heat settings, including a cool setting, for enhanced versatility when styling. The device comes with an extra-long and flexible hose with an ‘easy lock’ feature. This hair dryer will provide extra volume to your hair with its quality output.

You’ll also receive a storage case that’s convenient to travel in. 


  • Portable and foldable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Provides best results.


  • Not suitable for long-term use.
  • No mention of a warranty.

Overall Review– Overall, it is a good, portable bonnet hair dryer. You should buy this product only in case of personal use and not for professional purposes.

Our rating 

Bottom Line

We’ve tried to answer all the possible questions regarding hooded hair dryers. Also, we’ve mentioned our top picks for hooded/bonnet hair dryers. We kept different factors in mind while selecting these products. You can easily buy any of these hair dryers according to your requirement. 

In case you’re wondering, our top pick. So we’ll select Nova’s portable hair dryer for its portability, robust build quality, and multi-functions. Here is the link to buy this hair dryer.

Thank you for reading!

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