What do barbers put in their spray bottles?

Either before a haircut or during a haircut, barbers use some watery liquid on your hair. And you know that watery liquid has some light smell and it is not entirely water. And you may have wondered for at least one time in your life, what do barbers put in their spray bottles? Is it some conditioner mixed into water, or just entirely water with some fragrance? Does that liquid really do anything to the hair rather than soaking them? 

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What do barbers put in their spray bottles?

Barbers in the 90s used to spray some hair tonic mixed with water that used to make hair glossier. Furthermore, that hair tonic spray is believed to help hold the hair in place while feeling completely natural.  

Nowadays, barbers use different kinds of things mixed within their spray bottles. For example, some Salon barbers use a small quantity of leave-in conditioner mixed with water or some hair tonic like sea breeze into their spray bottles. 

That pleasant and light smell belongs to the leave-in conditioner or hair tonic that your barber has used.

Some barbers use some essential oils mixed with water to hold on hairs and cut them easily. 

Most barbers just use simple tap water or filtered water in their spray bottles. 

Some barbers even use barbicide disinfectant or any other disinfectant after cutting hairs to disinfect any cuts on your head.

Does the liquid in spray bottles really do any benefit to your hairs, rather than soaking them?

So now, we know what barbers use in their spray bottles. It can be either hair tonic or leave-in conditioner mixed with water or simple tap water. So does that liquid mix do any benefit to your hair? 

The answer can be both Yes and No. 

Yes, because if the liquid mix has a leave-in conditioner or hair tonic, then it will make your hair soft and easy to cut. 

No, because if it is just tap water, it will not benefit your hair.

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Should you let your barber use the liquid mix on your hair?

Yes, you can let your barber use the liquid mix on your hair because it is better than simple tap water. In addition, the liquid mix in their spray bottles helps make hair shinier and soft, enabling the barber to cut your hair more easily and in a better way. 

Also, tap water can be salty or rough, so better let your barber use liquid mix.

What do barbers spray on your hair after a haircut?

Barbers use a disinfectant spray to disinfect any cuts made on your head during a haircut. They also use the spray on their equipment to kill bacteria. 

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