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Babylights vs Highlights – Which one to choose?

When getting a hair styling process, the professional asks which procedure to go for, like either Balayage, Ombre, Foilage, Highlights, or Babylights. Most people get confused here to make a choice & don’t know the difference between all these. If you are one of them, then don’t worry, because we have gathered all the information about Babylights & Highlights. Moreover, We will differentiate in detail about Babylights vs Highlights.

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Let’s get to know about Babylights & Highlights, also Babylights vs Highlights & their similarities.

What are Highlights?

Highlights are a hair-lightening technique in which sections of hair are lightened with the use of bleach or lighter hair dye. In addition, the hair is sectioned with the help of foils that also work as a heat simulator to make hair lighten quickly & efficiently.

The highlights happen on only some sections of hair & other sections are left with no treatment to create a natural blend of colors. Mostly, the highlights are three shades lighter than the hair’s natural color to make the hair look better.

On can get highlights either on their full hair, part hair, or just some hair strips.

Methods of Highlights – There are two methods of doing highlights. One is the traditional aluminum foil method in which hair is sectioned, then bleach or color is applied to the sections & then are closed into the foil. This method consumes time but is prevalent till now for its end results.

The second method is with the use of a cap. A hair cap is put on to hair & then strands of hair are pulled out of holes in the cap. Next, the color or bleach is put on the hair strands, & then the cap is removed. After this, the hair gets mixed & the highlight look comes out.

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Advantages of Highlights


The key advantage of highlights lies in their remarkable versatility within the realm of hair coloring. Highlights offer a diverse range of options, making them adaptable to various preferences and styles. This technique allows for flexibility in color intensity, enabling individuals to choose from soft and natural hues to more vibrant and bold shades. Moreover, the placement of highlights can be strategically customized, offering the freedom to focus on face-framing accents, subtle dimension, or a comprehensive, all-over transformation.

The dimensional effects of highlights contribute to the creation of a textured and dynamic appearance, breaking up solid colors and introducing movement to the hairstyle. Beyond its adaptability to trends, highlights are a timeless choice that provides a canvas for personal expression and creativity. Whether seeking a classic look or embracing the latest fashion, highlights remain a versatile and enduring option, allowing individuals to craft a hairstyle that uniquely reflects their style and personality.

Bold Impact

An inherent advantage of highlights is their ability to create a bold impact, setting them apart as a dynamic and eye-catching hair coloring technique. Unlike more subtle approaches, highlights are designed to draw attention and make a statement. Whether opting for contrasting shades or vibrant tones, highlights can transform a hairstyle into a striking visual masterpiece. The bold impact of highlights is particularly advantageous for those seeking a dramatic change or a style that commands attention.

This technique adds an element of excitement and personality to the overall look, providing a canvas for individuals to showcase their confidence and embrace their unique sense of style. With the ability to enhance facial features and add a touch of drama to any hair type or texture, highlights remain a go-to choice for those desiring a vibrant and impactful transformation.

Texture Enhancement

One notable advantage of highlights is their exceptional ability to enhance the texture of the hair, elevating its overall aesthetic appeal. By strategically lightening specific sections, highlights add depth and dimension, creating a textured and multi-dimensional appearance. This effect is particularly beneficial for individuals with various hair textures, as highlights can accentuate curls, waves, or layers, contributing to a dynamic and visually interesting hairstyle. The interplay of light and dark tones introduced by highlights not only adds vibrancy but also imparts a sense of movement to the hair.

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This textured enhancement not only complements the natural flow of the hair but also allows for increased styling versatility. Whether you seek to amplify your natural texture or experiment with different hairstyles, highlights prove to be a versatile and transformative choice that not only adds visual interest but also enhances the overall texture and personality of your locks.

What are Babylights?

Babylights can be called a delicate & lengthy version of highlights. It is one of the subsects of highlighting techniques. In babylights, more sections of hair are highlighted, resulting in more time consumption & effort. But the results of babylights are more natural, sun-kissed highlighted hair. Babylights last for longer than normal highlighting.

In babylights, the sections of hair are finer that creating a more natural blend of hair. As mentioned, it involves highlights of more sections than normal highlighting, so it creates one color tone.

As it is a precise method, so it is costlier than highlights & also consumes more time. Moreover, Babylights are often done for a total color change look, such as brown hair color to blonde hair color.

Advantages of Babylights

Natural Look

The distinct advantage of babylights lies in their ability to create a natural look that beautifully mimics the subtle, sun-kissed glow seen in children’s hair. The technique involves delicately weaving fine sections of hair and applying color with a gentle touch, resulting in a soft and seamless blend. Babylights, by design, enhance the overall complexion with a nuanced radiance that appears effortlessly authentic. The subtlety of babylights ensures that the transition from the roots to the ends is gradual, avoiding harsh contrasts and allowing for a more organic and sunlit appearance.

This natural look is particularly appealing for those who seek a hair color that harmonizes seamlessly with their features, providing a touch of luminosity without the commitment to a more pronounced or vivid change. The beauty of babylights lies in their ability to enhance one’s hair with a subtly enhanced radiance that feels inherently genuine and effortlessly chic.

Low Maintenance

Babylights offer a distinct advantage in being a low-maintenance hair coloring option. This technique is characterized by its finely woven, subtle strands, resulting in a look that seamlessly blends with your natural hair color as it grows. Due to the soft and gradual transition, babylights require less frequent touch-ups compared to more contrasting color styles. This makes them an ideal choice for those who appreciate a radiant and enhanced appearance without the commitment to regular salon visits.

The low-maintenance nature of babylights aligns well with a busy lifestyle, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of beautifully illuminated hair without the constant need for upkeep. As a result, babylights provide a stylish and convenient option for those seeking a natural, sun-kissed look with minimal maintenance demands.

Soft Transition

One of the distinct advantages of babylights is the soft transition they provide, creating a beautifully blended and seamless effect on the hair. Babylights are meticulously applied, featuring fine, delicate strands that mirror the subtle variations found in natural sunlight-kissed hair. This meticulous application ensures that the color change is gradual, avoiding any stark contrasts between the roots and the ends. The result is a soft and natural transition that enhances the overall appearance without appearing overly artificial.

This soft blending allows for a more organic and gentle change, making babylights an excellent choice for those who desire a hair color that looks effortlessly radiant and harmonizes naturally with their features. The subtle, soft transition of babylights contributes to a sophisticated and understated aesthetic, creating a look that is both timeless and inherently graceful.

Babylights vs Highlights

Even though the babylights is a subsect of highlights, they still have a lot of differences. So here is Babylights vs Highlights:


  • Babylights involve bleaching or coloring of hair into small but most sections.
  • Mostly all hair are bleached or colored in babylights.
  • It is a delicate & time-consuming process.
  • It is a costlier process as it needs time & effort.
  • Babylights shoud be done from a proefssional.
  • The results of babylights are beautiful, natural looking hair.
  • Babylights show only one hair tone.


  • Highlighting involves sectioning off hair into bit large sections & bleaching or coloring them.
  • Some sections of hairs are bleached or colored & other hair are left to natural tones.
  • Highlights is a less time-consuming & easy process.
  • It costs lower than babylights.
  • Highlights are easy to do so can be done at home also.
  • The results of highlights are the transition of colors from natural to lighter tone.
  • Highlights show more than three hair tones.

So this was Babylihts vs highlights. Apart from these differences, there are a few similarities too. Like highlights & babylights both involve hair lightening. Both involve the use of either bleach or lighter hair dyes. Moreover, the babylights is a subsect of highlights.

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Bottom Line

In the quest for the perfect hair illumination, choosing between babylights and highlights ultimately comes down to personal preferences, lifestyle, and desired outcomes. Babylights, with their subtle and natural appearance, offer a low-maintenance, sun-kissed glow. On the other hand, highlights provide versatility, allowing for a spectrum of color intensity and placement options, making a bold impact and enhancing texture. The decision should align with your individual style, maintenance commitment, and the look you aim to achieve. Whether you opt for the soft radiance of babylights or the dynamic versatility of highlights, communicating your vision with a skilled stylist is crucial for a satisfying outcome.


What is the main difference between babylights and highlights?

Babylights are subtle, mimicking natural sun-kissed hair, while highlights involve lightening specific sections for contrast and dimension.

Which is more low-maintenance, babylights, or highlights?

Babylights are generally low-maintenance due to their soft regrowth, while highlights may require more frequent touch-ups to maintain vibrancy.

Can I achieve a bold look with babylights?

Babylights provide a more natural appearance. For a bolder impact, highlights offer a wider range of color intensity and placement options.

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