Babylights vs Highlights – Which one to choose?

When getting a hair styling process, the professional asks which procedure to go for, like either Balayage, Ombre, Foilage, Highlights, or Babylights. Most people get confused here to make a choice & don't know the difference between all these. If you are one of them, then don't worry, because we have gathered all the information about Babylights & Highlights. Moreover, We will differentiate in detail about Babylights vs Highlights.

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Let's get to know about Babylights & Highlights, also Babylights vs Highlights & their similarities.

What are Highlights?

Highlights are a hair-lightening technique in which sections of hair are lightened with the use of bleach or lighter hair dye. In addition, the hair is sectioned with the help of foils that also work as a heat simulator to make hair lighten quickly & efficiently.

The highlights happen on only some sections of hair & other sections are left with no treatment to create a natural blend of colors. Mostly, the highlights are three shades lighter than the hair's natural color to make the hair look better.

On can get highlights either on their full hair, part hair, or just some hair strips.

Methods of Highlights – There are two methods of doing highlights. One is the traditional aluminum foil method in which hair is sectioned, then bleach or color is applied to the sections & then are closed into the foil. This method consumes time but is prevalent till now for its end results.

The second method is with the use of a cap. A hair cap is put on to hair & then strands of hair are pulled out of holes in the cap. Next, the color or bleach is put on the hair strands, & then the cap is removed. After this, the hair gets mixed & the highlight look comes out.

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What are Babylights?

Babylights can be called a delicate & lengthy version of highlights. It is one of the subsects of highlighting techniques. In babylights, more sections of hair are highlighted, resulting in more time consumption & effort. But the results of babylights are more natural, sun-kissed highlighted hair. Babylights last for longer than normal highlighting.

In babylights, the sections of hair are finer that creating a more natural blend of hair. As mentioned, it involves highlights of more sections than normal highlighting, so it creates one color tone.

As it is a precise method, so it is costlier than highlights & also consumes more time. Moreover, Babylights are often done for a total color change look, such as brown hair color to blonde hair color.

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Babylights vs Highlights

Even though the babylights is a subsect of highlights, they still have a lot of differences. So here is Babylights vs Highlights:


  • Babylights involve bleaching or coloring of hair into small but most sections.
  • Mostly all hair are bleached or colored in babylights.
  • It is a delicate & time-consuming process.
  • It is a costlier process as it needs time & effort.
  • Babylights shoud be done from a proefssional.
  • The results of babylights are beautiful, natural looking hair.
  • Babylights show only one hair tone.


  • Highlighting involves sectioning off hair into bit large sections & bleaching or coloring them.
  • Some sections of hairs are bleached or colored & other hair are left to natural tones.
  • Highlights is a less time-consuming & easy process.
  • It costs lower than babylights.
  • Highlights are easy to do so can be done at home also.
  • The results of highlights are the transition of colors from natural to lighter tone.
  • Highlights show more than three hair tones.

So this was Babylihts vs highlights. Apart from these differences, there are a few similarities too. Like highlights & babylights both involve hair lightening. Both involve the use of either bleach or lighter hair dyes. Moreover, the babylights is a subsect of highlights.

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Bottom Line

We hope now you know about highlights & babylights and the differences between Babylights vs Highlights. Now you can easily tell your hair professional which hair procedure you want among babylights & highlights.

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