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15+ Best Haircuts & Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair In 2023

Short curly hair has an irresistible charm, and in 2023, it’s set to take the world of hairstyling by storm. If you’re a curly-haired trendsetter or simply looking to refresh your look, you’re in the right place. This blog delves into the hottest haircuts and hairstyles designed to complement short curls, celebrating their natural allure and versatility. Discover the art of incorporating cropped bangs for a touch of elegance and learn how to embrace your curls with effortless charm.

Short curly hair isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a canvas for self-expression. Whether you’re seeking a playful, carefree look or a sophisticated, timeless style, our collection of 15+ best haircuts and hairstyles for short curly hair in 2023 is your ultimate guide to unlocking the beauty of your curls. Get ready to embark on a journey of stunning transformations and showcase your unique personality through the magic of short curly hair.

Haircuts and Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Easy hairstyles for short curly hair really shine with larger curls or loose waves. These can be either lively and well-defined curls or a more carefree “bedhead” look.

Nonetheless, the responsibility for your new image isn’t solely on your stylist’s shoulders. You play a crucial role in selecting the look that truly suits you. Here, we’re delighted to provide you with creative ideas and inspiration to help you make that choice.

1. Short Curly Ringlets

 Short Curly Ringlets

Ringlets represent one of the most adaptable choices for short curly hairstyles. They offer a range of styles from a classy and elegant look to a flirtatious and alluring one. If you desire the flexibility of pulling your hair back while leaving a few curly tendrils to frame your face, consider maintaining slightly longer curls.

In essence, ringlets offer a world of possibilities, allowing you to tailor your short curly hairstyle to your mood and the occasion. Whether you opt for an elegant or flirtatious look, the adaptability of ringlets ensures that your short curly hair always shines with versatility and allure.

2. Short Wavy Curls

Not everyone is naturally gifted with flawless ringlets, but that’s perfectly fine. Soft waves are equally fashionable. If you’re pressed for time and can’t use a curling iron or wand to enhance your natural waves.

The process is as easy as it is effective. Apply a suitable product to your damp hair and let it air dry. As your locks gradually take shape, you’ll witness the transformation into those gorgeous waves that are both fashionable and time-saving. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most stunning looks are born from embracing what you naturally possess. So, let your waves flow freely, and revel in their effortless beauty.

3. Short Curly Thick Hair

 Short Curly Thick Hair

For individuals blessed with exceptionally thick, curly hair, these particular hairstyles for short curly hair is an ideal choice for the year 2023. It offers several advantages, primarily the fact that it doesn’t burden your hair, preventing it from losing its natural curl. Although it may appear slightly shorter than some may prefer, the key lies in the perfect volume and the striking definition of the curls. This dramatic effect compensates for any loss in length, and you’ll hardly miss it. Additionally, it’s remarkably low-maintenance.

One option for styling is to use a round brush while blow-drying, which will add a touch of volume and fluffiness to your locks. Alternatively, you can embrace the allure of air-drying, allowing your gorgeous curls to naturally fall into place, creating a sexy and timeless look that never goes out of style. This short curly hairstyle not only complements your thick, curly hair but also provides a hassle-free and effortlessly chic way to rock your curls in 2023.

4. Choppy Layers With Balayage

Choppy Layers With Balayage

These trendy hairstyles for short curly hair feature a delightful combination of a rich brownie base with soft, light brown balayage highlights, giving it an effortlessly chic vibe. The carefree and relaxed appearance of this style is achieved through the addition of choppy layers, which create a beautifully textured cut.

When it comes to styling, it’s essential to embrace and accentuate the natural texture of the hair rather than trying to conceal it. To achieve those lively curls, use a high-quality texturizing styling product while waving your hair. This product will help define and enhance the texture, allowing your waves to shine.

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5. Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Curly Pixie Hairstyle

The short curly pixie hairstyle is an excellent choice if you want to draw attention to your eyes or cheekbones by keeping your hair away from your face. This style not only provides a practical advantage but also exudes a timeless sense of sophistication.

Styling this pixie cut is a breeze, and it consistently radiates elegance. Its low-maintenance nature is a significant perk, as it requires minimal effort to look polished and put together.

Choosing the right color or highlights can personalize the look to match your unique style and personality. Whether you opt for subtle nuances or vibrant contrasts, the short curly pixie allows for versatility in both styling and coloring, making it a versatile choice for those who want a chic and eye-catching hairstyle.

6. Side Swept Bangs And Curly Hair

Side Swept Bangs And Curly Hair

Pixie hairstyles for short curly hair have gained immense popularity across all age groups due to their inherent cuteness and charm. The asymmetrical pixie, featuring curly hair with side-swept bangs, is a prime example of this timeless appeal. A do-it-yourself trim can give undesirable results. Instead, it’s advisable to seek the expertise of a hairstylist experienced in crafting pixie cuts for curly hair. This ensures you achieve the desired trendy look with precision.

Short hairstyles like pixies are not only adorable but also incredibly enjoyable. While they do demand regular trims to maintain their shape, you’ll quickly become enamored with this short and sassy style. 

7. Short Hairstyles With A Curly Part On Top

Short Hairstyles With A Curly Part On Top

Pixie haircuts have risen to the height of popularity in recent times, and the short pixie with shaved sides and a faux hawk is a shining example of this trend. Undercuts are currently in vogue, alongside the appeal of short hairstyles paired with curly tops. When requesting this style, be sure to ask for shaved sides while preserving all the volume on top.

This curly pixie faux hawk, featuring luscious blonde curls and a striking red ombre fade, is undeniably eye-catching. It’s a bold and edgy choice that’s bound to grab attention. If you’re looking to express your daring side and make a statement, this haircut is tailor-made for you. 

8. Shaggy Curly Brunette Bob

 Shaggy Curly Brunette Bob

One stylish way to embrace your natural hairstyles for short curly hair is by opting for a cut that falls into this length range. Picture long, shaggy tendrils parted neatly in the center – it’s a fantastic way to showcase your waves. This particular wash-and-wear haircut boasts tousled chocolate brown curls, creating an effortlessly chic look that exudes a summery vibe no matter the season.

The appeal of short-to-medium haircuts lies in their versatility. They strike a balance between the ease of shorter styles and the freedom of longer locks. The shaggy, center-parted design not only emphasizes your natural waves but also adds a touch of bohemian charm to your overall appearance. 

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9. Voluminous Short Curly Bob

Voluminous Short Curly Bob

This style offers a delightful versatility that can cater to various preferences. Whether you choose to part your thick, wide curls to the side or opt for a center part, the result is a harmonious, rounded shape that particularly complements petite women. The poofy jaw-length bob adds a touch of elegance to your overall look. It not only highlights the beauty of your natural curls but also frames your face exquisitely. 

To further elevate these hairstyles for short curly hair, consider incorporating subtle highlights. These well-placed highlights add depth and dimension to your curls, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. As a result, your luscious curls become even more eye-catching and dynamic, adding a radiant glow to your appearance.

10. Curly Hair with a Nape Undercut

Curly Hair with a Nape Undercut

For women with short, curly hair, here’s a contemporary and thrilling approach to hairstyling. It offers a fresh and trendy way to make a bold statement, particularly perfect for those sunny, warm days.

This innovative hairstyle not only embraces your natural curls but also adds a modern twist that sets it apart from traditional options. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who want to exude confidence and flair through their hair. With its distinctive look, it’s bound to turn heads and create a memorable impression. This style is particularly suited for warmer seasons when a lighter and more carefree appearance is desired. 

11. Short Curly Bixie Haircut

Short Curly Bixie Haircut

Short curly bixie hairstyles offer a multitude of advantages, from ease of maintenance to a contemporary and chic appearance. They can breathe new life into your overall look, accentuating your facial features and exuding confidence.

However, it’s essential to emphasize that attempting such a transformation at home can be risky. To ensure you achieve the desired outcome and avoid any potential mishaps, it’s highly advisable to seek the expertise of a skilled stylist. They can tailor the haircut to suit your unique features and preferences, guaranteeing a beautiful and flattering result. 

12. Half-Up Ponytail For Curly Hair

Half-Up Ponytail For Curly Hair

The inherent charm of this short curly bob lies in its adaptability. It can effortlessly transition from a casual, everyday look to a more refined style for special occasions. One captivating choice is the full half ponytail, as exemplified in the accompanying image. This playful and flirty style not only adds a touch of youthfulness but also frames the face beautifully, drawing attention to your natural curls.

Whether you’re aiming for a chic and sophisticated appearance or a more carefree and playful vibe, this short curly bob provides a fantastic canvas to experiment with different looks, making it an excellent choice for those with a penchant for style and versatility.

13. Messy Short Curly Hair

Messy Short Curly Hair

The allure of hairstyles for short curly hair, and curly wavy hair is in its inherent playfulness. The intentionally messy appearance, which exudes an air of casual elegance, adds a touch of carefree beauty to your overall look. It’s a style that effortlessly blends an element of spontaneity with undeniable gorgeousness.

With this hairstyle, you can embrace the art of looking both carefree and captivating. It celebrates the beauty in imperfection, allowing your natural curls to shine while showcasing your lively spirit. You’re sure to find satisfaction in the way it accentuates your vibrant soul, making you feel and look truly stunning, all while exuding an aura of boundless energy.

14. Red Curly Flames

Red Curly Flames

Opting for short fiery red hair is a versatile choice that can imbue your appearance with a range of distinct vibes. This vibrant red hue can evoke a classy retro feel, harking back to the glamour of a bygone era. It’s a timeless, sophisticated choice that exudes a sense of vintage charm, perfect for occasions where you want to channel an air of classic elegance.

Conversely, fiery red hair can also infuse your look with a modern and edgy edge. It’s a bold and eye-catching choice that pushes the boundaries of convention, making a statement that’s both contemporary and daring. This modern twist is ideal when you’re seeking to express your individuality and stand out in a crowd.

15. Curls with Cropped Bangs

Curls with Cropped Bangs

This style encapsulates an air of elegance, class, and undeniable allure. The combination of curls and cropped bangs creates a captivating synergy, offering a timeless and sophisticated appearance that is synonymous with the effortlessly chic French aesthetic. It’s a look that transcends trends, ensuring you maintain an enduring sense of style.

It possesses a timeless quality that withstands the ever-changing currents of fashion. Embracing this style is not just a fleeting trend; it’s a commitment to a look that embodies grace and charm. With curls and cropped bangs, you’ll consistently radiate a certain je ne sais quoi that is both captivating and eternally fashionable.

16. Soft Curls with Bangs

Messy Bu

The hairstyles for short curly hair with Bangs style take center stage, not only embracing your natural curls but also serving as a frame for your face, accentuating its delicate features with finesse.

This particular hairstyle serves as an artistic canvas, expertly designed to draw attention to your eyes. The soft curls cascade gracefully around your face, creating an enchanting frame that directs the gaze towards your mesmerizing gaze. This framing effect is especially flattering, enhancing the prominence of your cheekbones and subtly emphasizing their elegant contours.

The beauty of this style lies in its ability to blend sophistication with a touch of playfulness. It’s a look that radiates confidence and charm, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to showcase their facial features while embracing the natural beauty of their curly hair. 

17. Thin Short Curly Hair

Thin Short Curly Hair

Thin, short curly hair offers a low-maintenance and hassle-free styling experience. The curls, whether they take the form of voluminous spirals or dainty ringlets, tend to hold their shape remarkably well, presenting a distinct advantage over long curly hair.

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This hair type and length combination is especially well-suited for women with curly hair who appreciate the convenience of easy styling without compromising on visual impact. It’s a practical yet stylish choice that allows you to effortlessly flaunt your natural hairstyles for short curly hair without dedicating extensive time to maintenance. Moreover, these short and thin curls offer another unique perk – they create an ideal backdrop for showcasing statement earrings. 

How to Style Short Naturally Curly Hair?

Here are some essential tips for maintaining the health and beauty of your hairstyles for short curly hair:

  • Limit Washing Frequency: Avoid washing your hair every day, as frequent washing can damage your locks. Many women opt for washing their hair once or twice a week instead. You can use conditioner or a hair mist in between shampoos to keep your curls happy and healthy.
  • Use a T-shirt Instead of a Towel for Drying: The “Hair Plopping” technique is gaining popularity for a reason. Regular towels can be rough on your hair and lead to damage. Instead, use a soft T-shirt to dry your hair. This not only prevents breakage but also reduces the risk of frizz.
  • Avoid Brushing Your Hair: Brushes, especially those with harsh, heavy bristles, can cause damage to your curly hair. Instead, opt for finger-combing your hair or use a wide-tooth comb to detangle gently.
  • Use a Diffuser when Blow Drying: If you need to use a hairdryer, attach a diffuser to soften and protect your curls. Excessive heat can lead to damage, so it’s important to take precautions.
  • Switch to Satin Pillowcases: Satin pillowcases are a game-changer. They prevent your hair from getting flattened and frizzy while you sleep, helping your curls stay intact and beautiful.
  • Regular Trims: Don’t skip your regular hair trims, typically every 6-8 weeks. This helps in maintaining hair health, promotes growth, and prevents your curls from becoming damaged or frizzy.

Bottom Line

In the ever-evolving world of hairstyling, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for those with short curly hair. As we’ve explored a variety of trendy haircuts and hairstyles for short curly hair, it’s clear that are here to make a bold statement. Whether it’s the timeless charm of pixie cuts, the allure of bobs, or the versatility of cropped bangs, there’s a style to suit every personality and preference.

As we step into 2023, let’s celebrate the beauty of short curly hair and embrace the freedom it brings. With the right haircut and styling techniques, hairstyles for short curly hair can be a canvas for self-expression, a reflection of individuality, and a testament to the timeless allure of natural beauty. So, go ahead, rock those curls, and let your short hair make a statement in the year ahead!


Are these hairstyles suitable for different types of curls?

Yes, the showcased hairstyles cater to various types of curls, from loose waves to tighter coils, offering options that complement different curl patterns.

Do these hairstyles require specific hair products for maintenance?

While some hairstyles may benefit from specific products for defining curls or reducing frizz, many can be maintained with a simple and effective curly hair care routine.

Can these hairstyles be customized for different face shapes?

Absolutely! The collection includes styles that can be tailored to flatter various face shapes, accentuating features while embracing the beauty of curly hair.

Are these hairstyles easy to maintain for everyday wear?

Many of the showcased hairstyles for short curly hair are designed for practicality, offering options that are easy to maintain and style for day-to-day wear.

Do these hairstyles require regular salon visits for upkeep?

The majority of these hairstyles are versatile and can retain their shape and style with minimal upkeep, although regular trims can help maintain the desired look and health of the curls.

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