What to do before dying hair at salon?

Do you know if you wash your hair 1-2 days before getting your hair dyed, it can give better hair color results? Not just this, there are many other things that one should do before dying their hair from the salon. So if you're wondering what to do before dying hair at salon, then this article will teach you. 

So let's get started!

What to do before dying hair at salon?

You should follow some tips to pamper your hair before going to a salon for hair dying. This can help your hair in many ways, like; it can help hair absorb the color in a better way, it can help minimize the effect of dye on hair & many other advantages. 

  • Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo 1-2 days before visiting for hair dying. It will remove all the excess oil & dirt from your hair. 
  • Provide your hair with a protein treatment like a hair mask if your hair is looking damaged. It will help your hair regain hair strength and deal with the damage of the hair dye. 
  • You can also provide a deep conditioning treatment to your hair, some days before the appointment, to restore moisture & balance the pH level. 
  • Do not shampoo your hair 24 hours before getting your hair coloring appointment. It can strip all the essential oil from your hair. 
  • You should also bring photos of the exact color you want from hair coloring. It will help the stylist & give you the same results. 
  • Do not use any heat tools before the appointment, & comb through hair thoroughly.
  • You should get your hair cut before going to a hair dye appointment.  

If you do these things, your hair colorist will definitely be happy & it will ultimately benefit your hair & hair color.

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When to wash hair before color or highlights? 

You should wash your hair one to two days before an upcoming hair coloring or highlighting process. The reason behind this is simple, the dirt & excess oil from your hair will get removed & your hair will only have essential oil that will protect your scalp & hair from the harsh color & highlight process. 

However, if you should never wash your hair 24 hours before getting color, then all the essential hair oil will get stripped & the coloring & highlighting can damage your hair to an extent.

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What to ask for when getting your hair colored?

Apart from following the hair care tips before the coloring appointment, you also need to ask for some things from your stylist before getting the hair color. These things will help you get the right color:

  • Will this hair color will match my personality & face shape. 
  • Does the hair thickness is right for the hair color I am getting? 
  • Do I need to wear any specific clothes to get my hair colored? 
  • Do I need to wash my hair & how much time before coloring, I should wash my hair. 
  • Does this hair color go to affect my hair? 

After these questions, you should decide whether to get hair colored from them or not or what changes you need to make. 

What are dos and don'ts before coloring your hair? 

Here are dos and don't; one needs to follow before coloring your hair. 


  • Wash hair 1-2 before coloring. 
  • Give your hair protein treatment if they are damaged.
  • Use a conditioner to make hair strong. 
  • Take time to decide what color to choose. 
  • Start applying hair serum some days before 


  • Do not shampoo just before hair coloring. 
  • AVoid using heating tools on your hair before hair coloring. 
  • Do not get color on the hair if damaged. 

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Should you cut your hair before coloring? 

It will be good to get your hair cut first, before coloring, as it will be beneficial both in the styling way & also in the monetary sense. If you get your hair cut first, you will have a better view of your color; you may even change the hair color. 

Moreover, it will be obviously costly to get long hair colored rather than short hair. 

However, it is also ok to get a hair cut after the coloring to remove the hair damaged from the coloring process. 

So it is up to you, you want to save money or remove damaged hair. 

Bottom Line

So this was all about things to do before dying your hair. We hope now you have a clear mind about what to do & what to not before a coloring appointment. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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