Tipping various businesses' service providers has been a culture in the USA and many other Western countries. And there's nothing wrong with appreciating the person who provided you with good service. Mainly we pay tips at restaurants, hotels, salons, and many other service providers. 

We know we should give tips, but most people don't know how much to tip? In addition, there are different social standards set for tips for various businesses and service providers. Also, the percentage of tips to be paid should be according to the quality of service. 

Today we will discuss tipping at the hair salon and various questions that come to our minds regarding tipping at hair salons! Like, How much to tip at the hair salon? Do you tip the owner of a hair salon? What if the owner is involved for a lesser part in your hair service?

What's the ideal percentage or amount to tip at the hair salon?

First of all, let's start with answering a simple yet confusing question. So many times, when we see other customers paying tips to salon workers. But, then, we also become aware and think about how much we should pay. 

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According to different clients, the ideal tip percentage is 15-20% of the total bill. Of course, the tip can go up or down by around 5% according to the quality of service. But the standard amount is 15-20% of the bill.

Average Highest Tip – 25%

Average Lowest Tip – 10%

Average Tip Rate – 15-20% 

Do you tip the owner of a hair salon? 

What if the salon owner gives you a haircut or other salon service? Whether to tip him/her or not? If yes, then how much gratuity to give?

The Common Belief- The common belief is not to tip the salon owner if they give you service. But nowadays, clients and salon owners think it is a wrong belief because salon owner gives you same service and time that other workers will provide. So then why should he not be given tips? 

If the salon owner owns the salon and provides services to clients, it simply means he is still a worker at that time. So the answer to this question is simple!

Tip to Owner– We should tip salon owners as we tip to other workers. We should ideally tip 15-20% of the total bill. However, if you have good relations or provide you with good service, you can tip them 25%. 

If the quality of service is not up to the mark, you should tip at least 10%.

So next time, if anyone asks you, ‘Do you tip the owner of a hair salon?', you already know the answer!

What if the owner is involved for a lesser part in your hair service?

If the owner is involved in a lesser part of your hair service, you should still pay the tip. The tip amount can be less or a portion of your tip percentage, but it is necessary to pay them. 

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If you are paying around 20% of the bill amount as a tip, then you can pay them 5% of that tip for their service part. 

It creates a sense of recognition and good relations with the salon owner.

Bottom Line

Tipping various service providers is necessary whether they are the owner of salons. You should always pay tips, even if you got bad service. You can tell that to management. But it is necessary to tip at least 5-10% in case of and service. In case of good service, you can pay 20-25%.

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