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There’s always a debate on this topic: should you shave before or after a shower? Many favor shaving before showering because it will save time & all the hair remains will get off from the face & body with a shower. Others favor shaving after a shower because, after a shower, the pores on the face open up, resulting in smooth & closer shaving. So, when is the right time to do it? Is it better to shave before or after shower? 

Actually, this depends on your skin type, time availability & the type of razor you use. If you have sensitive skin, then opting for an after shower shave is best because you will have less irritation & an even closer shave. Let’s get to know about this topic in detail. 

Should you shave before or after a shower?

Actually, shaving both before and after the shower is good but in different scenarios. In the case of shaving before shower, there is time-saving. If you have less time, then shave before showering & then all the remains will get off with the shower. 

Moreover, if you use a razor, then shaving before shower is great because electric razors work best on dry hair, which is firmer and can withstand the strength of a revolving blade. 

However, if you have sensitive skin or don’t want razor burns or cuts, this will surely not be a good option because pre-shower shaving causes greater razor burn, skin reddening, and yes, even nicks and cuts.

On the other side after shower shaving have its own advantages & it is considered best for sensitive skin. The steam in the shower opens the pores on the face & body, allowing easier access to the hair follicles and a closer shave. 

Moreover, if you use traditional razor blades then, shaving after the shower is suitable for you. But don’t use an electric shower on your wet hair; the results will not be good. 

Overall, if you have less time, you use an electric shaver & don’t have sensitive skin, opt for before shower shave. But if you have sensitive skin or use a traditional razor, then opt for an after-shower shave. 

Is it better to shave before or after shower?

Both shaving after & before shower has their advantages & disadvantages. If you want fast shaving or an electric razor, then shaving before a shower is great.

 However, if you have sensitive skin or use a traditional razor, or even want a closer shave, then shave will be suitable for you after shower. 

Moreover, you can even shave during the shower, but you will need a fogless mirror. This will give you a closer shave & even the hair will easily clean up from your body with a shower. 

Should you electric shave before or after shower?

If you use an electric shaver, then shaving before showering will be best. The reason is electric razors work best on dry hair, which is firmer and can withstand the strength of a revolving blade. 

Moreover, as the hair is dry, the electric shaver will completely cut the hair as they will somewhat up from the skin. 

However, if you use an electric shower after shower, then the hair will be wet & the shaver will not work best & you will have even shave. 

So always do an electric shave before shave for best results. 

Should I trim my beard before or after a shower?

Ideally, you should trim after a shower for your beard, but the beard needs to be dried up completely. Now your beard will have moisture at the pores & they will be more open, which will result in more closer & better shave & you will experience the least irritation afterward. 

However, before shaving, untangle knots and prepare your beard for grooming.

If you don’t have a coarse beard or do not get irritated skin afterward, trimming your beard before the shower will be good for you. Moreover, the sticky hair will get off the face & body. 

If you opt for before shower shave, you should use a good moisturizing body wash to ease the irritation. 

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Should I shave my face before or after shower?

If you want a detailed answer, shaving before or after a shower can depend on many factors, like razor burns, moisturizing, time efficiency, leftover hair, etc. Let’s get to know about each factor & then decide should you shave your face before or after shower? 

1) Razor Burns

Razor burns occur when the skin comes into contact with the razor blade, and the resistance of hair follicles rises. Now, this mostly happens when hair is coarse and dry. So you are most likely to experience razor burns if you will shave before showering. 

To avoid this, shaving after a shower is suitable. 

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2) Beard Care

Electric beard trimmers work best when used immediately before taking a shower when the bristly hairs are standing upright and easier to trim. Moreover, the itchy cut hair is easy to remove before showering. So for beard care, before shower shave is great. 

3) Time Efficiency

If you’re short on time, a dry shave may be the most efficient method to get out of the house in the morning. So, in this case, shaving before showering will be best & moreover, the leftover hair will get cleaned up in the shower. 

4) Less Mess

After you shave, it’s easier to remove the shaving cream from your face if you take a shower. As a bonus, your shower may also assist remove any residual shaving debris that may have gotten into your skin while you were cutting yourself. 

So in this case, shaving after-shower will be suitable. 

After keeping in mind all these points, shaving your face after-shower will be best becuase you will have a closer shave, there will be fewer razor burns & the debris will be cleaned up easily.

Should you shave your legs before or after a shower?

In the case of shaving legs, it is always advised to shave during shower or after a shower. The reason is when your legs are wet; the pores will open up, resulting in a closer shave; moreover, there will be fewer chances of nicks & burns after shaving. 

You should do all your body routines like shampoo and body cleansing first; during this time, your hair will get soft & hAir follicles will open up. Now, you can easily shave the legs with a razor. 

However, one thing to remind, leaving your legs in water for too long may cause swelling and wrinkles, making it more difficult to get a close shave.

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When is the best time to shave before or after a shower?

For those with sensitive skin, shaving before taking a shower isn’t a good idea. Even whether you’re using an electric or conventional shaver before or after a shower, you should avoid shaving if you have dry skin since doing so might cause further irritation.

However, before shower shaving is good becuase all that post-shave detritus and soreness may be washed away in the shower.

Overall, in simple words, if you are shaving your beard, then it is up to you whether to shave before showering or after showering.

 However, if you are shaving other body parts, then shave after shower, becuase skin pores will open up & you will get closer & razor burn-free shave. 

Should you shave pubic hair before or after a shower?

Pubic hair should be shaved after a shower or during the shower. Becuase the wet hair at that area will result in closer shave & even the chances of cuts & razor burn will be less. When it comes to shaving your pubic hair, a hot shower is the first thing to start with.

You may remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for shaving with an exfoliant. Exfoliators assist to remove excess oil and dead skin cells, allowing you to shave with the cleanest possible surface imaginable.

Now apply shaving foam & use a razor that is specially made for sensitive areas. This way, you can achieve the closest shave. 

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Should you dry shave before or after a shower?

If you dry shave, then doing it before showering is right, because in the dry shave, electric shavers are used, which work best on dry & coarse hair. If you dry shave after a shower, then the hair will be wet & you will not achieve the closest & right shave. 

Moreover, take a shower after you shave to clean your face. This will help keep your face clean and protect you from infection if you cut yourself when you’re shaving.

The dry shave is also good before the shower, becuase it saves time & the debris gets removed in the shower. 

Bottom Line

We hope you got the answer to should you shave before or after a shower? Now you definitely know when to shave whether it’s after or before shower. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. 

Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!


What are the benefits of shaving before a shower?

Shaving before a shower can work well for individuals with sensitive skin. The cold water can help tighten the pores, reducing the chances of skin irritation. Moreover, it allows for a smoother shaving experience, especially when dealing with shorter hair, as it prevents clogging of the razor.

How can I prevent post-shave irritation and ingrown hairs?

To minimize post-shave irritation and prevent ingrown hairs, it’s crucial to follow a proper skincare routine. This includes using a sharp, clean razor, applying a soothing aftershave or moisturizer, and exfoliating regularly to remove dead skin cells. Additionally, avoid shaving against the grain, as this can increase the likelihood of irritation and ingrown hairs.

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