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Mannequin Head: It’s Types And Best Mannequin Heads to Buy

Mannequin heads are used for various purposes like in cosmetology schools for learning makeup & hair cuts, in salons for displaying haircuts & in general stores for displaying various items including glasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, and ties. You may not know, but there are various types of mannequin heads, so if you’re planning to buy a mannequin head, you should look at all the information about them. 

So this article will mention everything you should know about mannequin heads & moreover, we will also show recommendations of each mannequin head type so that you can easily buy one. 

What is a Mannequin Head? 

Mannequin heads aim for a realistic, obviously, and more accurate representation of the human head. More often than not, they contain very detailed features with highly expressive faces; they generally wear wigs and makeup.

They offer a more humane vibe to the products they intend to display. Their accuracy to the human body is so precise that they can be easily mistaken for actual people. Mannequin Heads come as well in both female and male versions.

Each detail is given the most careful attention to resemble human features as much as possible. 

In the mid-19th century, France produced the first Mannequin for cosmetology. They were utilized in stores as display heads.

What is the purpose of using Mannequin Head? 

Generally, Mannequin heads are mannequins used by beauty school students and hairstylists to practice and perfect different hairstyling techniques. Practicing the methods used in natural hair salons using proper tools and hair mannequins is crucial for training.

Moreover, the salon owners used Maneqquin heads to display various hairstyles or how the hair will look on the clients. Apart from this, Mannequin heads are used by stores to display specs, jewelry & other accessories. 

The mannequin heads sued for salon & makeup purposes are known as cosmetology mannequins. 

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Different Types of Mannequin Heads:

As mentioned, mannequin heads are of various kinds & types. Structure, shape, function, and material all play a role in designing these heads. Here are the different styles & types of mannequin heads:

1) Styrofoam mannequin head

You may get these Maneqquin heads in both genders to show off your wig collection. Lightweight Styrofoam mannequin heads may offer your company a professional appearance. This mannequin head’s styrofoam head is perfect for pinning wigs on. In this way, a wide variety of wigs may be shown. One of the most significant advantages of a Styrofoam wig is how inexpensive it is compared to other wigs available.

2) Canvas block mannequin head

This mannequin head is constructed of PU foam and covered in canvas. As a result of the head’s open design, any odors evaporate fast. Using a canvas block head eliminates the requirement for a stand that requires a clamp. Using this Mannequin, wigs may be washed, styled, and displayed for hours at a time. This mannequin head with a stand is ideal for displaying wigs. 

But this mannequin head comes without a wig, so you can use it to display other items too. 

3) Mannequin head with hair

A mannequin head with a wig is an excellent way to display it. However, if you don’t take good care of your wig, it may begin to lose its appeal over time. Because of this, it is advisable to use a mannequin head with natural hair. They are both made of the same material. Although the wig’s hair may not have the exact attributes as a wig’s, it may still be used to show off hairstyles.

4) PE mannequin head

PE material is used to make these mannequin heads with hollow interiors. This head may be used to hold jewelry, hats, spectacles, and masks in place, among other things. This head may be rotated in any direction. This plastic head with natural cosmetics was crafted using high-quality materials for a more authentic appearance. It is feasible to dismantle this mannequin head, and it is less expensive than other options on the market.

5) PVC mannequin head or mannequin head with shoulders

When used to display wigs, this head with shoulders is perfect. With a PU foam filling, it’s composed of PVC material. A PVC head can handle the impact if it falls from a high position. As a result, this head holds wigs better than any other on the market when equipped with a wig cap, but it comes with a Mannequin head without hair.

6) Fiberglass mannequin head

High-quality fiberglass has been used to make these mannequin heads more durable. In addition, fiberglass heads may be painted to give them a more realistic appearance. These heads may be used to exhibit hair accessories such as hair extensions or hair extensions in wigs, necklaces, headphones, and other accessories in a salon. On the other hand, fiberglass heads are more expensive than those made of different materials.

7) No face Mannequin Head

Using a mannequin head without a face is appropriate when abstract bases of different shapes are suitable for creating awareness and attention. Creating a mannequin with no characteristics or just abstract facial features is possible. Several gloss coatings are available to capture light reflections and give the head a complete appearance. In doing so, the Mannequin’s head will stick out, creating an overall impression.

What to look for in mannequin heads when choosing for salon or Cosmetology school? 

When choosing for a salon or cosmetology school, mannequin head needs to have hair, mostly. But mannequin heads for salons & cosmetology schools come in various hair types, e.g., human hair, animal hair, synthetic hair, & other wide range hair. 

With these heads, students can experiment with a wide variety of hair types that they would meet in real-life salons.

So the mannequin heads need to be purchased according to some requirements & factors. Here are those factors for easy choice:

1) Hair & Hair Type

  A mannequin head with hair is expensive. But, for the most part, the price of the mannequin head depends on the kind of hair used. There are, of course, mannequin heads with human hair on the market that are far less expensive.

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2) Hair Length 

Second, only to hair quality in determining the mannequin head’s cost is the hair’s overall length. The length may be measured in two ways. The most common route is from top to bottom. Forehead to limbs is the second method. So decide what length you want in the mannequin head. 

3) Density & Layering of Hair on the head 

The density and layering of the hair are included in the price and length. How near each hair transplant is inserted determines the thickness. Therefore, mannequins with less thick hair tend to be less costly.

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4) Build quality of Mannequin head 

Mannequin heads are built in differnet build qualities like Fiberglass, PVC & PE, etc. So you can buy a mannequin head based on the quality you want. 

5) With or without shoulders 

The mannequin head comes in both with & without shoulders. So for most cosmetology schools, heads with shoulders are preferred. So it is up to you to buy the mannequin head with shoulder or without shoulder. 

Based on these factors, you can choose the mannequin head for yourself. Moreover, we have provided the various mannequin heads on amazon below for your easy choice. 

Best Mannequin Heads to Buy!

Here are our recommendations for mannequin heads for you to buy for your different purposes:

1) Bellrino 24″ Cosmetology Mannequin Manikin Training Head with Human Hair – Lindsey

Despite the fact that this is not a precise representation of a human head, the hair, size, and form look to be accurate. The hair is silky and silky soft. The length of the hair is exactly the same as it appears in the photograph. It’s possible that you’ll have to clip a few split ends. Moreover, it is Mannequin head with stand.

The hair will not be damaged by washing, bleaching, drying, dyeing, or straightening it. For cosmetology students, this is one of the numerous human hair mannequin heads that are available to them at an affordable price.

2) HAIREALM Afro Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair Cosmetology Manikin Head 

This mannequin head features individual hair strands measuring 12″ in length and dyed in #2 Natural Black. It is effective with all hair care procedures, including washing, conditioning, curling, straightening, bleaching, coloring, cutting, braiding, and styling. The head is constructed of actual human hair that has been chemically cleaned and disinfected, just like all other mannequin heads with real human hair.

Various hairstylists, cosmetologists, barbers, and hair salons use mannequin heads in their work. The brightly colored box packaging makes it a wonderful present for any aspiring hairstylist out there.

3) CANYINHA Mannequin Head with Hair 30″ 100% Synthetic Fiber Hair

It’s the #613 Long, blond hair that is silky, smooth, and simple to deal with is what I’m talking about. An adjustable clamp is included with a length of 26″. However, there isn’t a pole stand. This is an excellent tool for students of cosmetology or anybody who wants to practice straightening, cutting, curling, braids, and other hairstyling techniques. The hair will be damaged if it is bleached or dyed. The hair on this head is about to shed.

4) HairZtar 30″ Synthetic Fiber Mannequin Head 

It is possible to wash, condition, curl, straighten and trim the hair on HairZtar mannequin heads. It’s a beautiful present for students and youngsters who want to improve their playing skills. Fiber hair that is 30″ long and resistant to heat is used in the construction of this garment. An adjustable table clamp holder is included.

5) SILKY 28″-30″ Long Synthetic Hair Mannequin Head Hairdresser Practice Training Head

This model’s hair is 28-30″ long. Although it comes with a clip, there is no pole support included. The hair is made entirely of synthetic materials. This is a great model for a cosmetologist to follow in the footsteps of. Because this head is synthetic, it cannot be used in the presence of heat. It’s great for updos and braids.

6) Top Rated mannequin head with hair

If you’re seeking the best-rated mannequin heads with hair, you should most likely look into the Traininghead 100 percent Real Hair. It’s an excellent option for a variety of reasons. We looked at a number of other review sites and discovered that this one had the most incredible balance between the number of reviews and the average rating stars.

Mannequins with hair may be used for a variety of reasons, including this and more. Curling and styling the Mannequin’s hair is easy once it’s been cleaned and conditioned. Beauty students may use mannequin hair to perform any necessary harm before they are allowed to work on real people’s hair.

7) Mannequin head cheap

Choosing the lowest price is a simple yet effective strategy in many cases. With a price of $16.79 (as of this morning’s check), there are no other mannequin heads with hair available for purchase for less money than the Yiluxiangban Head Hair. Just keep in mind that choosing the lowest choice is not always the greatest selection to choose.

8) High Quality Mannequin Head

It is very unusual that the adage “You get what you pay for” is shown to be false. Therefore, please feel free to choose the most costly item from our selection if you have the extra funds on hand: The 100 percent human hair head is now available for purchase for $41.98.

9) Mannequin Head For Wigs

Mannequin heads created for wigs may be what you’re searching for if you’re in the market for one.

Mannequin heads are not only for the business but also for the buyer who takes the wigs home and wears them.

For example, if a woman purchases a high-end wig, she will require the correct storage facilities. The mannequin head for wigs is in great demand, particularly among ladies who don’t always wear their own hair, for this very reason.

10) Training Head 26″-28″ Mannequin Head Hair Styling Manikin Cosmetology

This mannequin head looks down all of your justifications for why you can’t become a professional. Long, free-flowing synthetic hair reaches a maximum length of 24 inches. So get your scissors and combs out and practice your cutting, trimming, and sectioning skills. This mannequin head is ideal for polishing your talents, whether you’re a novice or an experienced expert.

How is a Mannequin head get created? 

An exterior of rubber and a polyurethane filler make mannequins heads. A person’s hair is a permanent part of their body. With a diameter of 21 inches, the head is normally 12 inches tall and Light makeup is applied to the face, eyes, and brows to make it more attractive.

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Which chemicals are used on mannequin heads?

The kind of hair affixed to a plastic mannequin head determines the type of chemical employed in its construction:

  1. Hair from actual live beings is used to create mannequin heads.
  2. They are constructed of fine monofilaments created by machines that make plastic thread and adhere to the plastic display head using an adhesive.
  3. Mannequin heads use them to get a realistic look at the hair.
  4. There are fiberglass mannequin-style heads.

Bottom Line

This was all about Mannequin heads, their different types, what factors you should keep in mind while purchasing them, & most importantly, the recommendations. We hope that you found our article helpful & informative.

Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!


What are the different types of mannequin heads available?

There are primarily two types of mannequin heads: those with human hair and those with synthetic hair. Human hair mannequin heads offer a more realistic experience, allowing stylists to practice various techniques, while synthetic hair mannequin heads are more affordable and durable.

How do I maintain and care for my mannequin head?

To ensure the longevity of your mannequin head, it’s crucial to follow a few maintenance steps. Regularly comb and brush the hair to prevent tangling, avoid using excessive heat, and store the mannequin head in a cool, dry place when not in use. Additionally, using specific hair care products suitable for mannequin heads can help maintain their quality and texture over time.

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