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Nails don’t look good without nail paints on them & moreover, if you have beautiful nails, you’ll definitely get the best look you’ve ever imagined. You can see a lot of beautiful nail designs on Instagram, Pinterest & man other websites, but finding them & selecting one for yourself is a lot more difficult. So we have made this post for your easy facilitation to choose among the best nail designs.

There’s something for everyone here, from the classic French manicure to DIY-able rainbow nails to velvet nails and everything in between. So if you’re thinking about getting your nails done at a salon or doing them yourself at home, these are some of the hottest nail designs for 2021.

So let’s get started!

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The Best Fall Nail Designs

1) Angular Accent

If your manicure is looking a little boring, adding a few extra colors to one nail might liven it up. The first step in this fashionable look is a layer of OPI Nail Lacquer in the red color Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes. Next, abstract After Dark will be applied in three rising horizontal lines and connected with a detail brush to form a staircase towards the cuticle region, which will then be filled in with a darker shade of purple. Next, apply Espresso Your Inner Self with the detail brush once more, and then use the bottle’s brush to fill in the remainder of the nail.

2) Cute Croc Fall Nail Designs

Stick-on nail gels in bespoke sizes are a great alternative to traditional nail paint since they are quick and easy to apply. For example, you may mix and match the dark-green ovals on lighter green and golden backgrounds in ManiMe’s L8r G8r collection to create a stunning, eye-catching crocodile-print effect. To get the most out of the $25 set, you should anticipate it to last for at least a week and look flawless.

3) Black & White Tortoise Shell

Tortoiseshell nails have been popular for a long and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, but if you’re ready for a change this autumn, we fully understand. Nail artist Betina Goldstein used Essie, Chanel, and Orly colors over Aprés Nail extensions to create these striking black-and-white designs. This style is fantastic for a DIY effort at nail art since the more uneven it is, the better it looks.

4) Little Rocks Nail Designs

The jewel-toned Nail Lacquer shade Drama at La Scala makes this stony look, named Bravo Terrazzo by OPI, seem particularly appropriate for autumn. In addition to painting various-sized angular forms, you may also use Alpine Snow and a fine detail brush to do so. For pebble-like blobs, this color hits all the high notes no matter how you apply it.

5) Chic Snakes Fall Nails

If you’re afraid of snakes, this snake-like manicure by Mei Kawajiri for Rag & Bone’s Fall 2020 presentation may be a bad idea. She used OPI GelColors Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal and Big Apple Red on top of the brand’s Mi Casa Es Blue Casa foundation for the curved forms. I think it’s a touch Halloween-y in its bright, graphic style.

6) Caramel Apple Shimmer

As evidence of this, KBShimmer’s Apple-y Ever After Tri-Thermal Nail Polish is available for purchase. A nearly caramel-colored brick red gradually gives way to a Granny-Smith apple green as described by the company. Yes, the micro-holographic glitter polish used to create all of those color shifts is the same bottle. We’re not curious as to how you did it; we’re simply grateful.

7) Dark Teardrop Tips

With the recent debut of Paintbox’s own nail polishes, anybody can create stunning negative-space nail art in the color-theory combinations that the studio is known for. Teardrop tips speckled with light blue exclamation marks are produced using the “Power Couple” set from Like Wild and Like Wonder.

8) Magenta Ombre Salon Designs

If you’re still clinging to the last rays of summer sunshine, this gradient manicure is the perfect way to convey it. Created by mixing three OPI GelColors: Another Ramen-tic, Arigato From Tokyo, and All Your Dreams.

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Top 10 Cute Nail Designs

1) Pleasing Your Inner Traveler

If you’re searching for a simple but beautiful way to get lovely nails, painting the bottoms of your nails is a great option. This is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd without having to put in a lot of work. Also, it looks great to keep things basic on the top yet wacky on the bottom. For example, you might paint your nails a neutral tone of nude and then add a splash of orange to the bottom half of your nails.

2) Pleasing Your Inner Traveler

You can never go wrong with glittering charming manicure designs when it comes to stunning but simple nail art! Stunning manicure designs may be achieved with the use of shimmering nail paints. Shimmery nail art and fashion nails are always in style, whether in gold or a glimmering emerald. This simple nail art offers you a gorgeous appearance without any effort.

3) Graphic Pastels Cute Nail Design

If you are sick with the chessboard manicure, we have some pretty attractive nail designs for you. This is one of the best pink nail designs, also among the popular nail designs for this year. Give the checkerboard a fresher and cooler appearance by replacing the white with a light pink foundation covered with black and crystal squares. Isn’t it very pretty? Use this manicure design to achieve gorgeous nails in no time.

4) Color Blocks Nail Designs

If you are seeking adorable nail designs for summer, then the sliced watermelon nail art is for you. Nothing looks cooler than slices of watermelon on your nails this summer. These lovely nail design ideas are among the most popular, and they not only look adorable but also serve as excellent conversation starters due to their unusual and striking appearance.

5) Yellow Ombre Nail Art

Take a break from your matte nails and opt for some adorable winter nail designs with French tips. An alternative to the traditional French manicure would be to paint the tips of your nails bright orange. Spring and winter alike would benefit from a single swoop of vivid orange paint.

6) Fishtail Manicure

If you’re looking for unique pink nail designs, have a look at these. This is one of the easiest and attractive manicure designs that make your nails visually beautiful. Just combine all your basic colors like cobalt blue and brilliant yellow to construct different geometric shapes to create the ultimate contemporary art on your nails.

7) Pretty Little Dots Nail Designs

Leaves, cactus, and flamingos- what else do you need for creating cool and attractive nail designs? Whether it’s a t-shirt print or your nails, this diverse combo is perfect for ringing in the new season in style.

8) Blurry Rainbows Nail Designs

For this charming nail art, you’d use a flat, slender brush for producing the rainbow blur. Then, to get a smooth mix of two nail colors, apply them horizontally on your nail with your brush. This basic but stunning nail art looks so vivid and cool that all attention will be riveted on your fingertips.

9) Fading Florals Nail Art

If you are a crafts fan, this would be the ideal nail art for you. To get the watercolor effect, combine a few shades of the same hue with a large amount of water. Paint your nails in white, and then make rough blobs of various colors. Allow it to dry completely before applying a final layer. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds!

10) Graffiti Nail Art

Simplicity speaks. This black and gold dual-toned manicure doesn’t take many tools and is incredibly simple to make. First, wipe your brush clean of leftover nail paint before applying stripes to your black nails to create a graffiti look. That’s it!

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Some of the Best Short Nail Designs

1) Mid-Size Burgundy Stars

Light pink and deep burgundy with a star-studded topcoat goes well with short nails.

2) Palm Fronds

If you can’t lie under the palms, how about having them on the tips of your fingers instead?

3) One Subtle Addition Nail Style

Our nails are the one place we desire a shattered heart in our life. So an otherwise bland manicure gets a burst of color from this simple design.

4) Red Eyes

This pattern is perfect for short nails because of its candy-apple foundation and eye-catching artwork.

5) Art Deco Squiggles

Cobalt blue, bubblegum pink, silver, and white are unconventional color choices that prevent short nails from becoming monotonous.

6) Standout Hearts Nail Designs

According to us, “heart print” is the new “polka dot print.”

7) Metallic Green and Delicate Leaves

A metallic green base with leaf stencils on the contrast nails offers a dash of seasonal fun. A sticker like the What’s Up Nails Leaves Vinyl Stencils ($5) is a simple method to get the appearance of hand-painted leaves.

8) Vacation Inspired Short Nail Designs

Intricate fruity cocktails decorate these tropical-themed nails, making us wish we were on a beach somewhere.

9) Pastel French Mani

Intricate fruity cocktails decorate these tropical-themed nails, making us wish we were on a beach somewhere.

10) Red Negative Space Short Nail Design

Lines painted on a dry clear basecoat are a stylish and simplistic way to add some flair to a plain paint job.

Gel Nail Designs That you can Try!

1) Nude Almond Nails with Sparkles

Pearly hexagonal glitter is sprinkled liberally over the medium-length almond nails, which have a nude base coat. A glossy topcoat locks in all the scrumptious features. Both a casual and a formal environment are appropriate for this stunning manicure design. With its shiny appearance, you can wear it with everything.

2) French Stiletto Nails with Mini Hearts

Stiletto nails, according to certain fashion gurus, are for lovers. That’s certainly the case with this slurred French manicure. The base coat is a creamy pink, with white points that arch in an exciting fashion. These fit well into the sharp points’ curves. Heart-shaped cuticle adornment on each ring finger. It’s sweet and delicate at the same time, thanks to the cherry-red accents. Next Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to wear anything like this stunning ensemble.

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3) Frosted Candy Coated Ombre Nails

Ombre color schemes aren’t limited to hair. This concept may be translated into an elegant gel nail design. If you want a more subdued shade of pink, you may experiment with whatever color you choose. You may create a kaleidoscope effect by utilizing a combination of three or four distinct colors. For both short and long nails, this elegant nail art is a great choice.

4) Unique and Understated Geometric Elegance

This gel nail art design is perfect if you’re pressed for time or want a more understated look. This is one of our favorite short-nail manicure designs because of the way the white triangles stand out against the darker shades. In addition, it’s perfect for those seeking a nude nail design. In its place, use pale pink, beige, or tan color instead of the darker one.

5) A Neutral Take on Mandalas Perfect for the Office

With these inventive nails, it’s simple to choose a nail art design that’s both adorable and acceptable for the office. You can go from day to night with this design, which combines a neutral manicure color palette with an accent nail. It’s one of the most popular manicures of the year since it’s both professional and personal at the same time. Simple manicure designs for short nails are no problem at all, thanks to this masterpiece.

6) A Twist on Ombre and French Nail Design

The French manicure, an older but still appreciated nail trend, gets a modern update with this style. They have been given an ombre of purple hues that range from mild lavender to deep, dark plum on their gel nails. To complete the look, the tips were swabbed with black.

7) A Hint of Glimmer nail designs

These gel nails are perfect if you’re searching for a more understated aesthetic. Sparkle is added to lighter, on-trend manicure colors in this design. Because of their wide appeal, these fake nails are among the finest on the market and can be worn to both work and date.

8) Glitter Gel Manicure Perfectly Suited for Autumn

Thanks to its autumnal colors and glitter, this gel manicure is ideal for selecting a pumpkin or sipping an artisanal coffee in the fall. It’s hard not to think of a creamy caramel flavor when we think of these warm hues. This pair of artificial nails are kept current and fresh with the addition of a touch of glitter.

9) Three-Dimensional Gel Nail Art

This 3D nail art is a great way to spice up your manicure. To keep things light and entertaining, this mani substitutes classic French tips for a bright burst of red. Adding a 3D rose accent nail completes the appearance, making it suitable for both manicure enthusiasts and nail novices. Of course, the red may be replaced with any hue to make this set your own.

10) Pink and White with Shimmer and Shine

These fashionable nail colors are likely to draw attention and admiration from everyone who sees them. Using alternating pink and glitter nails offers a well-balanced appearance of adornment without going over the top. You’ll be the talk of the town when you wear this dazzling ensemble that combines elegance and sparkle.

10 Holiday Nail Designs or Christmas Nail Designs to Try this Winter

1) Gold Dust Holiday Nail Design

Adding a touch of gold leaf to an otherwise understated manicure makes it stand out. For those without, a dab of clear nail polish remover will do the trick.

2) Candy Cane Ombré

In the words of Olive & June, I couldn’t have come up with a finer name for this candy cane ombré: The brand’s Candy Cane kit includes everything you need to replicate it.

3) Vintage Squiggles Holiday Nail designs

If you’re spending the holidays in Palm Springs, this wavy mani will look right at home. Plus, the swiggles aren’t that difficult to make yourself.

4) Christmas nail idea: long stiletto tips

Choose a traditional French tip like this one. It’ll go with any Christmas outfit you have planned, and it’s a terrific design to retain for the entire holiday season—they’d also make great New Year’s Eve nails.

5) Red & Gold Nail Christmas nail designs

When it comes to holiday manicures, it’s okay to keep things basic and elegant. The color of your nails should be dark crimson or burgundy. Dip a fine nail polish brush into gold polish and draw a half-moon shape along the base of each nail when it’s completely dried. For a super-shiny manicure, use a glossy topcoat.

6) Peach nail with gold nails

In this Christmas mani, the jewel placement is my favorite part—it has a regal vibe, which is exactly what I’m going for with this year’s holiday festivities. A bottle of nail adhesive and some nail jewels are all you’ll need to pull this off.

7) Gift Wrapped prints Christmas nail designs

If you’re going to a holiday party, this ultra-detailed manicure is a must. However, unless you’ve got a really steady hand and professional-level artistry talents, I’d recommend leaving this one to the specialists. If your nails aren’t particularly long, you may want to consider this option. Instead, inquire about the availability of gel or acrylic nail extensions from your local manicurist.

8) Red Nail with twist christmas nail designs

9) Golden Tips for Holidays

Make your French manicure seem like a million bucks with a few simple steps. First, the tips are adorned with gleaming gold. You don’t have to go overboard with the Christmas nail art if you use a shiny color.

10) Gradient Green Christmas Nail Designs

If you have a collection of 50 colors of green nail polish, you can easily recreate this Christmas nail art by painting each nail a different shade of green. The nail design is one of the simplest of all nail designs.

Top 10 French Tip Nail Designs

Logo nail art has been one of the most popular fads of the last few years, and you’ve probably seen it on social media. If you want to show off your interests and personality, you can do so by decorating your nails with logos. Whether you love sporting labels like Nike or high-end fashion firms like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, you can display your favorite brands. It’s also an excellent method to get your hands on high-end designer goods at a fraction of the price.

2) French Nail Style With Stripes

Nail art featuring stripes is a popular choice. Why limit yourself to just one white stripe when you may have three in the classic French manicure? With a baby pink line running across the middle of the black. It’s easy to see why this look is so popular among young women. The combination of black and white is always a good one, but the addition of pink softens and enhances the artwork. This is an updated take on a classic for longer nails, and the extra length guarantees that each line has enough distance.

3) French tips in Winter Shades

For those who enjoy the chillier months, this piece of art is just what you’re looking for. This design is just right for those who don’t like their nail art to be overly flamboyant. It’s a more wearable and varied style because the winter colors aren’t as bright. Despite the fact that these nails might not be appropriate for work, you can wear them everywhere else. In addition, they may easily be paired with most of your other possessions. Wear your favorite chunky rings if you want to make your hands stand out even more.

4) Pastel French Nails with Feature Nail

In place of the white in the conventional French manicure, pastel color is an excellent alternative. It’s feminine and pretty, and it’ll look great on nails of any length or shape. Long nails, however, are more suited to designs that emphasize the tips. In addition to using a dreamy lacquer on the tips of your nails, you can spice up your style by painting a unique design on only one of your nails and making it the center of attention. Nails can be adorned with cow spots, a butterfly, or even a little heart as the focal nail. For a fun and unique manicure, don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues of nail wraps.

5) Water Decal Designer French Tips

Changing the color of the tip of a French tip is a great way to add your own personal touch. Use a black polish with a black tip for a change. Then, make it look like a rock star by putting on some star water decals. Aren’t French recommendations any less dull these days? So, are you up for a challenge like this?

6) Stamped French Tips

Creating designs with stamps is simple. First, draw your French tips in a pale pink and white that is normal for your skin tone. Once you’ve done that, stamp a flowery stamping design on one finger with a specific white polish. Using a quality top coat, protect your designs.

7)  Free Hand French Nail Designs

It’s possible to create a fashionable French tip using acrylic paints if you’re skilled at sketching freehand designs. Use a few rhinestones to add a little sparkle to the overall design, but don’t go overboard. For a bridesmaids’ celebration, you can do this as well.

8) French Tips On Matte Nail Polish

In recent years, matte nail paints have become popular as a style. Like this one, you may want to experiment with something similar. It’s possible that you can achieve the matte look by using regular black nail polish and a matte effect clear coat on top of it. These polishes have a unique matte finish. For the tips, use a standard black polish with a high shine. Topcoats are unnecessary.

9) Tye-dye French Nail Designs

Tie-dye French tips are a standout among nail art styles. Each nail has a unique combination of vivid hues, making it stand out. There are numerous variations to pick from, each with its own set of slants, angles, and hues. In honor of Pride, you can also create a rainbow effect. It has a really summery feel to it, so you’ll look amazing on all of your outdoor activities. The pattern isn’t just for the summer; you can use it all year round to add some sunshine and warmth to your home.

10) Duo Colored French Tips

You could want to experiment with a design that uses two colors, similar to the previous French tip design. To achieve an ombre or rainbow effect, apply a black French tip to the hue of your choice. This is going to be incredibly on-trend. Sponging two colors together to create an ombre effect is an alternative if you can’t find an ombre nail polish. Create the top using purple and green sponges, and then use black to complete the look.

5 Best Toe Nail Designs

1) Geometric Accents Toe Nail Designs

We love the idea of focusing on two nails for accent art, incredibly stylish and straightforward lines like these, which you can achieve flawlessly with striping tape. In addition, you can use pearls or artificial diamonds on the second finger of the foot. The style looks really great & you can even match it with your hands.

2) Cute Arrows Nail Designs

When we stumbled across this design, we felt like Cupid’s arrow had shot us. Make a copy using stickers or a thin nail art brush (and a steady hand).

3) Corresponding Corals Hand & Feet Nail Designs

There is nothing better than a well-placed accent nail. Also, try pairing your hands and feet with an orangey-pink color for a year-round feeling of summer.

4) Unicorn Toe Nail Design

Besides the sparkly stars and ombre, this pro-level pedicure has a picture-perfect cartoon-style unicorn design with raised accents for added depth.

5) Embellished French Pedicure Nail Design

The second toe of the French pedicure is adorned with a row of jewels to make it even more feminine.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best nail designs that you can try or get from a nail salon. We tried our best to provide you with the latest & unique nail styles. We hope you found our recommendations interesting & significant.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!


How long do nail designs last?

The longevity of nail designs depends on various factors, such as the quality of the products used, the skill of the nail technician, and the daily activities of the individual. On average, nail designs can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Nail design trends can vary, but some popular ones include ombre, geometric patterns, floral designs, holographic nails, and minimalist nail art. Trends often change with seasons and fashion influences.

Are nail designs only for artificial nails?

No, nail designs can be applied to both natural and artificial nails. Many people choose to enhance their natural nails with various designs, while others may opt for nail extensions or acrylic nails to provide a larger canvas for intricate designs.

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