How to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish?

Nail art is one of the essential parts of fashion today & women love to have beautiful long & stylish nails & for that; they get various nail treatments. It includes getting manicures & artificial nails to achieve beautiful nails. Gel nails are prevailing nowadays & they stay for a long time & also give the best nail look. But many women have experienced an allergy to getting gel nails & nail polishes. What is that problem & how to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish?

The allergy is due to a chemical present in gel nails & nail polishes named methacrylate, which causes itchy fingers & even itchiness on any part of the body. Let's get to know about the allergy in detail & the ways to treat it. 

Can nail polish cause allergic reaction?

Yes, nail polish, especially gel nail polishes, can start an allergic reaction due to a chemical present in it. The allergic reaction called Dermatitis happens & causes itchiness on the eyes, face, neck, or any body part that comes in contact with the nails. 

Inexperienced nail technicians and homeowners alike are prone to this problem when applying gels and polishes to their own nails. Methacrylates are found in gel, acrylic, and gel polish nails.

In many cases, gels and polishes are put on at home or by untrained people. This causes an allergic reaction. 

If an untrained professional uses any wrong kind of nail polish or infested nail paint, then there are also chances of Allergic reaction. 

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What causes an allergic reaction to gel nails?

Methacrylates are found in gel, acrylic, and gel polish nails. This chemical can result in itching anywhere on the body & not just the fingertips. A study says that at least 2.4% of people could be affected. Results were based on allergy tests done on 4,931 people who went to 13 dermatology units in the UK and Ireland in 2017.

Most of the people who had allergies to nail enhancements, nail or eyelash glue, or who worked as nail beauticians had them because they used them.

Another reason for allergic reaction to gel nails is the preservative tosylamide formaldehyde resin. The preservative tosylamide formaldehyde resin is the chemical that causes the most allergic reactions to nail varnish or polish. It can be found in high amounts in base coats to help them stick to the nail surface.

Allergy to wet nail enamel is the most prevalent cause; however, dry nail enamel may also cause it. Nail enamel dermatitis may also be induced by an allergy to the solvent butyl acetate or by colorants discoloring the nail surface.

Can gel nails cause a rash on other parts of my body? 

It's possible that the gel chemicals on your hands might induce any of the responses listed above if they come into touch with any part of your body. However, the most prevalent complaints are regarding the face, neck, and genitals, areas that are often touched during daily activities.

Having a rash or other symptoms doesn't tell you where the problem is coming from, so you may feel terrified or frustrated. A lot of people definitely wouldn't relate nail gel to that area of the body.

Let your doctor know if you have a skin rash if you go to the salon to receive gels or any other sort of nail treatment.

How to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish?

If you have an allergy –

There is a chance that nail cosmetic dermatitis will go away quickly after removing the nail cosmetic allergen. If there is an infection or lichenification (hardening of the skin due to long-term Dermatitis), this should not happen.

Some people who use corticosteroid creams with or without an antibiotic may be able to get better more quickly. In some cases, people who have skin problems caused by nail polish on other parts of their bodies may need to use topical corticosteroids and moisturisers.

If you are a nail care tech –

You can also get skincare products that help you if you have become allergic to nail gel or any other beauty product, and these products can also help you. The OPI skincare products are great examples of this. They protect your skin from nail polish and other beauty products, as well.

How can I avoid nail cosmetics allergies?

If you know that you are allergic to gel nails, then you should avoid something & prevent the allergy from happening again. 

The best way to avoid products that have the allergen you are allergic to is to not use them at all.

When looking for hypoallergenic nail polish, you might want to look for polishes that use polyester resin or cellulose acetate butyrate instead. However, it is still possible to be sensitive. A varnish prepared with tosylamide formaldehyde resin, on the other hand, is far more long-lasting and resistant to scratching than any alternative.

If you are a Nail Technician- 

Maintaining a clean workspace, sterilizing all equipment, and properly conducting the nail care procedure are some of the responsibilities of a nail care technician. As a result, allergic reactions to gel products will not be exacerbated. 

Salon disinfecting treatments, such as micro-exfoliating hand polish and hand serum, are also available to prevent you from allergic reactions.

What can I use if I'm allergic to gel nails? 

If you are allergic to gel nail polish, then still you can choose some other alternatives. But those alternatives should contain polyester resin or cellulose acetate butyrate. You can use any of these alternatives:

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This was all about allergic reaction to gel nail polish & how you can treat it & prevent it. We hope you find all the required information you were seeking. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

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