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Starting dreadlocks with soft curly hair can be a unique and exciting journey. Dreadlocks, also known as locs, are a popular hairstyle that involves the intentional matting and locking of hair strands. While traditionally associated with coarser hair textures, individuals with soft curly hair can also achieve beautiful and well-formed dreadlocks. So they either get the dreads naturally or with the use of other techniques. Dreads include no use of science as they are nothing more than knotted bulk of hair & dreads can be achieved in most hair types like straight, curly, soft curly hair.

But many people don’t know how to start dreads with soft curly hair. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to start dreadlocks with soft curly hair, offering tips and techniques to help you embark on your dreadlocks journey with confidence.

So his article is intended to provide you insight on how to start dreads with soft curly hair? 

What are the requirements to make soft curly hair into dreads? 

Dreads are considered a low-maintenance & in-trend hairstyle, which people love to have. It is believed that soft curly hair is the best hair type for dreadlocks since the curls facilitate the formation of the dreads by curling around the cylindrical form of the dreads. 

The main requirement to get dreads is somewhat long hair that should be at least 2-3 inches long. 

The other main thing needed is gel or wax to hold onto the hair. That’s just it. Nothing more is required to get dreads for your soft curly hair. 

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How to start dreads with soft curly hair naturally? 

Dreads with Soft Curly Hair

If you want to make dreads with no use of artificial hair & just your own soft curly hair then, you should have at least 2-3 long hair. The process after that is explained here: 

  • Firstly section your hair according to the size of dreads you want. The smaller the section, the thinner the dreads will be. One or two-inch sections are most commonly used.
  • Now section by section, start the process. Make the hair into two parts from one section. 
  • Twist the two parts into each other. 
  • Now use the gel or wax to hold the twist. 
  • Now roll the twist into your hands; this will merge the hair completely, making a temporary appearance of dreads. 
  • Repeat the same procedure on all the other sections. 
  • Every day, tangle the flyaway hair onto dreads. 
  • After a few weeks, you will get naturally grown dreads from your soft curly hair. 

The usual time to form dreads is about three months for soft curly hair. Try to use dry shampoo, or do not wash your hair frequently. 

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How to start dreads with soft curly hair artificially? 

If you don’t have that much long hair & just around 2 inches of soft curly hair, you can get dreads with artificial hair. You just have to follow some steps & you will get beautiful dreads. 

  • Buy artificial dreads or extensions first. 
  • Now, start braiding your natural soft curly hair. The natural hair should be at least 2 inches long for the extensions to get attached. 
  • It’s time to start attaching the artificial dreads to your natural braids. 
  • The artificial hair has space for attaching the natural braids. 
  • Now, apply some wax or gel to stick the braids with the dreads. 
  • Voil! You have your dreads with soft curly hair artificially. 

You should note one thing, artificial dreads should not be too heavy for your hair length. Moreover, do not attach too many artificial dreads that they start to hurt your scalp with its weight. 

How to maintain dreads of soft curly hair? 

In order to maintain your natural dreads of soft curly hair, you should need to take proper care of them. You need to wash them from time to time to avoid any buildup, and you need to keep the dreads moisturized. 

Hair washing helps to restore the pH balance of the hair. Wet your dreads and scalp thoroughly before washing them. Be sure that your hair is completely soaked. Now, pour a little shampoo into your hands and work it through your hair. Do not add more than needed; focus on the water rather than the product. Apply the shampoo to the scalp, massaging it gently but thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

Now to dry them, use air drying rather than heating.

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How to Remove or Detangle Dreads? 

If you have naturally grown your dreads, then detangling them may take some time & effort. In that case, you should visit a hair salon or a professional. They will help better with your naturally grown dreads. Here is the tutorial to remove soft curly hair dreads.

However, if you have artificial dreads, then they will be easy to remove, as one can see where they knitted the natural braids with dreads. One important thing is, do not continue your artificial dreads for more than two months, as natural hair can grow longer, which will make the detangling process difficult. 

Bottom Line

Starting dreadlocks with soft curly hair is an exciting and personal journey. With the right techniques and care, individuals with soft curly hair can achieve beautiful and well-formed dreadlocks. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this blog post and being patient throughout the locking process, you can embrace the unique beauty and versatility of dreadlocks. Remember to care for your hair, be gentle during styling, and enjoy the transformation as your soft curly hair evolves into stunning dreadlocks.

So this was all about soft curly hair dreads. We hope you got an answer to, ‘How to start dreads with soft curly hair?’ Please let us know in the comments if you find this article helpful & informative. Suggestions are also welcomed. 

Thank you for reading!


Can soft curly hair be dreaded from scratch?

Absolutely! Soft curly hair is conducive to forming dreadlocks. Starting them from scratch involves sectioning the hair, backcombing or twisting the sections, and encouraging the natural locking process.

How often should I wash my soft curly hair with dreads?

To maintain healthy and clean dreads, it’s recommended to wash soft curly hair with dreads every 1-2 weeks. However, be cautious not to overwash, as this can hinder the locking process.

Can I use wax or products for soft curly hair dreads?

While some people choose to use wax or specific dreadlock products, it’s essential to use them sparingly. Excessive use can lead to buildup and hinder the natural locking process. Opt for products that promote residue-free maintenance.

How long does it take for soft curly hair to lock into dreads?

The time it takes for soft curly hair to lock into dreads varies from person to person. On average, it may take several months to a year for the dreads to mature and fully form. Patience is key in the dreadlocking journey.

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