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How long does it take to do butterfly locs?

How long does it take to do butterfly locs – If their a loc style that has style & attraction in it & is trending right now, then it’s butterfly locs. The butterfly locs are a mix of messy bohemian style with faux locs style. The crochet method is used to make wavy braids with free tress water wave braiding hair & it is surely not easy to do. So how long does it take to do butterfly locs? 

On average, it takes 3-5 hours to do butterfly locs. The time can increase to seven hours if you choose extra-long locs. Let’s get to know more about butterfly locs & things related to it! 

What are butterfly locs & how to get them? 

Butterfly locs can be called a combination between faux locs & bohemian locs. In these locs, the hair is braided using wavy hair. The result of the butterfly locs is beautiful wavy hair. Yes! It definitely takes time & effort more than normal faux locs, but that’s worth it. 

The butterfly locs can be made with kinky hair, twist hair & even spring twist hair, which will make the loc style better looking. 

The butterfly locs are created by wrapping wavy hair loosely around a crochet needle and then looping it into braids.

You can get these locs from a professional & can even do them at home. If you’re doing it by yourself, then you’ll have to buy some wavy hair with length as you want. 

The reason for opting for this locs style is that it protects the hair from heat, hair breakage & even environmental effects.

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How long does it take to do butterfly locs?

Even if you’re getting the butterfly locs done by a professional or by yourself, it will definitely take a minimum of 3-5 hours for short &b medium-length hair. However, if the professional will do your locs, then the time will be around 3 hours. 

The time taken for long-length butterfly locs will be around seven hours. So you have to stick to your chair. 

If you’re doing the locs by yourself, you may have to spend more than seven hours. So get the style but after giving your efforts & time. There is no pain involved, so don’t worry about that!

How much do butterfly locs cost?

The butterfly locs costs between $180 to $300 if you get them from a salon or a professional. However, the costs get reduced to only around $100 if DIY butterfly locs. Then, you just have to incur the cost of 7-8 packs of wavy braiding hair. 

How long does crochet butterfly locs last? 

The butterfly locs or crochet butterfly locs can stay for more than 2-3 months if proper care & maintenance is provided to your locs. However, if you keep the locs in worse condition without any proper care or hydration, then the locs will stay for not more than two months. 

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How to maintain butterfly locs? 

Maintenance of any kind of locs is really necessary. The butterfly locs need special care & it can even extend the life of butterfly locs. Here are a few tips on maintenance of butterfly locs:

Moisturization – The butterfly locs need adequate moisture becuase the roots are exposed to the environment, so heat & dust can affect the scalp. Moreover, the hydration of hair will ensure the hair will not get rough & dry. 

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Proper Cleaning – Do not wash the butterfly locs but cleanse them. Washing them will decrease the life of butterfly locs. However, you have to clean them to avoid any germs & make them look appear good. 

Touch-ups from professional from time to time – You have to visit the professional so that they can easily manage & maintain the butterfly locs. So that your loc style can last longer for weeks. 


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What hair to use for butterfly locs?

Marley Hair

Marley hair, a popular choice for butterfly locs, boasts a natural and textured appearance, resembling authentic locks. Its kinky texture mimics natural hair and is ideal for achieving the loose, bohemian style of butterfly locs.

This synthetic material is both lightweight and easy to work with during installation, making it a favored option for those seeking a trendy and low-maintenance look. When choosing Marley hair, consider factors such as length and color to customize your butterfly locs to your desired style.

Kanekalon Hair

Kanekalon hair is a versatile synthetic option commonly chosen for butterfly locs. Known for its smooth and lightweight texture, it facilitates easy installation and styling. This hair type is popular in the realm of braiding and protective styles, offering a sleek finish to the butterfly locs.

With its affordability and availability in various lengths and colors, Kanekalon hair allows for creative customization to achieve the desired aesthetic. Whether opting for a natural or vibrant look, the smooth strands of Kanekalon contribute to a polished and stylish outcome in the butterfly locs hairstyle.

Toyokalon Hair

Toyokalon hair, a synthetic alternative like Kanekalon, is a favored choice for butterfly locs. Renowned for its soft and silky texture, Toyokalon lends a luxurious feel to the hairstyle. This lightweight material is widely used in braiding and protective styles, offering manageability during the installation process.

With a variety of lengths and colors available, Toyokalon allows for versatile customization, enabling individuals to achieve their preferred butterfly locs look. Its affordability and sleek finish make Toyokalon a popular option for those seeking a stylish and low-maintenance faux locs style.

Human Hair

Opting for human hair in butterfly locs ensures a natural and authentic look and feel. Human hair provides a level of realism and versatility that synthetic options may not match. While it offers a higher price point, the investment can be justified by the quality and longevity of the hairstyle. Human hair butterfly locs can be styled, colored, and maintained like natural hair, providing a wide range of creative possibilities.

This option caters to those who prioritize a seamless blend with their own hair texture and desire the freedom to customize their butterfly locs with heat styling tools or color treatments.

Pre-made Butterfly Locs

Pre-made butterfly locs are a convenient option for a quick and hassle-free installation of this trendy hairstyle. These ready-to-use locs come already twisted and looped, saving time and effort in the styling process. The pre-made versions often feature consistent sizing and uniformity, ensuring a polished and professional finish. This option is especially beneficial for those who may not be experienced in creating butterfly locs from scratch.

With a variety of lengths and colors available, individuals can easily find pre-made butterfly locs that suit their preferences, allowing for a stylish and time-efficient transformation.

Bottom Line

This was all about stylish Butterfly locs. We hope you got a satisfactory answer to your question, ‘How long does it take to do butterfly locs?’ 

Let us know in the comments your thoughts & suggestions on this article if you find it informative & helpful. 

Thank you for reading!


What factors can affect the time needed for butterfly loc installation?

Hair length, thickness, and texture are key factors. Longer or thicker hair may require more time. The stylist’s skill and speed also play a role. Additionally, the method chosen for butterfly locs (crochet, braiding, or another technique) can influence the time needed.

Is there a significant difference in installation time between butterfly locs and traditional locs?

Butterfly locs often take less time to install compared to traditional locs. The method of installation, which involves wrapping and crocheting hair extensions around the natural hair, can be quicker than the traditional process of sectioning and individually palm-rolling or braiding each loc.

Can the length of butterfly locs impact the installation time?

Yes, the desired length of the butterfly locs can affect installation time. Longer locs generally require more time, as the stylist needs to wrap and secure the extensions along the entire length of the natural hair.

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