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How to Choose Cheap or Used Salon Equipment Packages?

Salon business is considered a high revenue-generating business. Still, in order to get the revenue, there is a need to make investments in salon furniture, tools, and other equipment. Buying all the salon equipment separately is costly, and it also takes a lot of time and effort. So it is best to purchase salon equipment packages. And if a person wants to spend less money, then looking for used salon equipment packages or cheap salon equipment packages is appropriate. 

This article will show you what you should look for in used salon equipment packages. Also, some recommendations for cheap salon equipment packages. So let’s get started!

What to look in used salon equipment packages and where to find them?

As you know, a salon equipment package includes a styling chair, styling station, shampoo unit, dryer unit, and the styling toolset, including combs and scissors.

If you’re considering buying a good condition used salon equipment packages, it is essential to keep some things in mind. Moreover, it is essential to check some features in a used salon equipment package. Here are those things and factors that you should consider:

1) Brand – Even if you’re buying an old product, it is essential to buy a branded product, as a branded product has quality assurance and sometimes even a guarantee/warranty period remaining with it. 

2) Build Quality – What’s the chair, table, salon styling tools are made of? If will they serve for a long time or not? So you should consider the build quality and the material of the package products. You would not want to buy an old unit to save money, and that too break in a short time. 

3) All products included – You should consider buying that package which has all the essential products like styling chairs, station, shampoo station, salon tools, etc. If you have to buy all these things differently, it will cost you more.

4) Price – Check for the price of the used salon equipment package and the new salon equipment package. If there is not much difference, then you should not go for the old salon package. On the other side, if you find a high difference and the quality of the old package is also good, then you should go for the old salon equipment package. 

5) Features to look for – The products in the used salon package should definitely have some essential features. Like, the styling chair should swivel and have hydraulic working fine, the cabinet should not have any drawer missing, the seat material should be ok and acceptable, the washing chair has all the components, and the dryer should work fine.

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Where to Find Used Salon Equipment Package? 

It would be best if you search on eBay,, for used salon equipment packages. Becuase here you will find decent products plus you will also have many alternatives for used salon equipment package. 

Best Cheap Salon Equipment Packages!

If you want to buy only new salon equipment packages but want to spend less, then here are some good choices for you:

1) BR Beauty 1-Operator Basic Salon Equipment Package

BR Beauty 1-Operator Basic Salon Equipment Packages

 BR Beauty 1-Operator Basic Salon Equipment Packages

Basic Salon Package

  • Brand – Buy-Rite Salon Equipment Store
  • Color – Black
  • Style – Modern,
  • Items – 1 Chair, Styling Station, Dryer Chair, Shampoo Bowl, Shampoo Chair
  • Material – Wood & Acrylic., Steel
  • Price – $1255
  • 1 Year Warranty on All Products

This is the least expensive salon equipment package that you will find on Amazon or any other website/store. It includes all the essential salon products like styling chair, station, washing bowl & chair, dryer chair, and child booster seat.

The single-person use unit is suitable for someone who wants to start s new salon/barber business with less money. All the products are made of high-quality material, and the company even provides a warranty on all the products from 1-3 years.

All products have all the essential features, and these all will serve you for a long time. So it is the best package among cheap salon equipment packages.

2) WEETALL Hair Cutting Set

WEETALL Hair Cutting Set

Styling & Cutting Set

  • Brand – WEETALL
  • Color – Black & Silver
  • Material – Stainless Steel & PP
  • Items – 2 Scissors, Combs, Cape, Clips, Shears Set, cleaning brush
  • Suitable For- All hair type
  • Heat Resistant – Up to 356° F
  • Price – $13.99
  • Customer Ratings- 4.5 Star

Now, this is the cheap cutting set that you should buy for your salon. Yes, you will even find a cheaper cutting set, but the quality will be compromised less than this price point. So this comb+scissors set will provide all the essential tools like scissors, combs, cape, clips, brush, and a cleaning cloth.

So, we recommend you to go for this hair cutting set if you want to buy a cheap but good hair cutting set.

Bottom Line

So this was all about used and cheap salon equipment packages. Remember to look for features that we mentioned in old equipment packages and save your money & time with better quality of products assured.

We hope you find our article informative & helpful. Comment below and tell us what you think of this article!

Thank you for reading!

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