How often should you touch up highlights?

Highlights are a common hair treatment that women get to enhance their looks. Usually, highlights cost between $60-$100 & they can last for 8-10 weeks. After that, you will start to see new hair growth from the scalp, so the highlights will not look good. But don't worry, that grown-out hair can be blended with highlights; it's called highlights touch-ups. But the real question is, how often should you touch up highlights?

You should get highlights touch-ups every 8-10 weeks or 2-3 months. This will elongate the time cycle for getting full highlights & even protect your hair from damage of full highlights. Let's get to know more about this topic. 

Can you touch up highlights & Why? 

Yes, totally Yes! You can get highlights touch-ups & it is actually great for the hair & your pocket to get highlights touch-ups. The highlights touch-ups are done when your hair starts to grow from the roots. The hair from the roots starts to look different from the color of the highlights. 

So instead of getting the full highlights & incurring money on them, you should get highlights touch-ups. It is also known as root touch, where your root hair is colored as same as other hair. 

If some of your highlighted hair has different shades from highlighted hair, then also you can get highlights. 

There are a lot of different techniques to get highlights touch-ups like the foil highlight method, root melt method, etc. 

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How often highlight touch up? 

Generally, it is eight to ten weeks to get highlights touch-ups. Because hair grows at 1/2 inches per month, it will be all right to get them highlighted after 1 inches growth. 

However, the time can also vary depending on the growth of your own hair & the type of highlights you have got. For example, not every highlight is blonde, so there will be less need for touch-ups if you have subtle highlights. 

The duration of highlights also depends on your natural hair color. If you see the new hair blending with the highlighted hair to an extent, then you can extend the highlight touch-up period to even three months. 

How often should you touch up balayage highlights?

Balayage highlights need more time to get touch-ups. The balayage highlights need to be touched up every four months. This time is double the time required to touch up the standard highlights. 

So if you have balayage highlights, do not frequently visit your salon. However, if you are seeing fast hair growth & also the hair from roots not matching with your balayage hair, then you can go for the touch-ups of balayage highlights. 

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How to retouch highlights regrowth? 

To touch up the highlights regrowth, you can either get them from a salon or do it by yourself at home. There are various methods to touch up your highlights, like the root melt method, T-zone technique, applicator method. 

You can get these methods very easily when your hair growth is above 1 inch becuase then it will be easier to do. 

According to us, the right method to get highlights touched ups is the root melt method, in which roots are colored & mixed so that the colors of the root look like melting into the color of highlights. You should get this method from a salon for the best results. 

However, if you want to retouch your highlights at home, then here is the tutorial video:

Bottom Line

So this was all about the Highlights touch-ups. We hope you got the answer to your question, ‘how often should you touch up highlights?' Please let us know your thoughts & recommendations on this article in the comments below!

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