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Brassiness is inevitable when you dye your hair a lighter shade—and that's a pain in the ass. In order to maintain your hair healthy and shiny, you must use the best purple shampoo products in your hair-care regimen, which is why purple shampoo is the first step.

Purple shampoos aren't going to lighten your hair, but they may help you maintain and tone the color you already have—especially if you're having an at-home dye job or fewer trips to your hairdresser. 

If you're curious about the color purple, consider this: Purple pigments may assist prevent the buildup of undesired warm tones that build up and steal the brightness out of your bleach platinum, mushroom, or cold blonde hair. It is due to shades on opposing sides of the circle canceling each other out. To get the best results, purple shampoos should be used on hair that has been colored, whether it's ashy, frosty, shadow root-like, or tweed-like.

One can use purple shampoo for treating orange, brassy shades in any kind of hair, whether it is highlighted, brassy, blondes, brunettes, or balayage. 

Today, you will learn about some of the best Purple shampoos that you can buy, with various features. But first, let's get to know about Purple shampoo in detail.

What is a Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoos aren't going to lighten your hair, but they may help you maintain and tone the color you already have—especially if you're having an at-home dye job or fewer trips to your hairdresser. 

While the color of the shampoo is intense, it rinses away clean and doesn't leave a trace on the bathtub. It's because purple is on the other side of the color wheel from yellow that it combats underlying brassiness and removes yellow pigment from the hair. 

It's possible to go longer between sessions by using an over-the-counter product than by seeing a professional colorist. Also, when you're not at the salon, using a purple shampoo may help keep your color looking vibrant for a more extended period of time.

But it's not only for those who have colored their hair blonde. It may also be used to correct flaws in highlights, maintain the crispness of contemporary pastels, or provide a sophisticated blue undertone to greys (natural or otherwise).

So whatever your hair color is & if you see orange or brassy tones in them, go get the best purple shampoo & apply it to your hair. Probably, it will remove those tones. 

How does purple shampoo benefit you?

Adding a purple toning shampoo to your daily regimen has several advantages. There's the apparent advantage of reducing the amount of brass in your guitar, for starters. As a bonus, it keeps your hair appearing more like it just stepped out of the salon. 

This, in turn, extends the time between in-salon toning, foiling, and balayage sessions, maximizing the last color job. You can expect your hair to be cleansed as well as strengthened, softened, and given an extra shine boost with most purple shampoos.

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How often and how do you use purple shampoo?

How often to use it? 

Once a week is a good starting point if you introduce a purple shampoo into your beauty routine. Remember that a purple shampoo is a helpful tool for keeping your hair color fresh, but don't go crazy. 

Let go of the purple shampoo if you see an overabundance of color in your hair. Remove the tone by using a clarifying shampoo once a week or fewer, and avoid using purple shampoo more than once a week. 

Shampoo with color-safe shampoos or mix them together for less violet buildup.

How to apply it? 

  • Wet your hair before using purple shampoo. However, because wet hair is more porous and will absorb more purple pigment.
  • Do not use shampoo on dry hair. 
  •  Keep it in for two to four minutes, depending on the level of brassiness or yellowness in the hair.
  • Rinsing with chilly water can help lock in the color and close the cuticle while shampooing your hair.

Purple Shampoo for very hair type

As you know, the purple shampoo is not only for blonde hair, but it can also be used for highlights, brunette hair, grey hair, etc. So here are our recommendations for the best purple shampoo that you can buy online for various hair types:

Best Purple Shampoo for Blondes

1) Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo

Use Amika's Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo when your hair feels like it's crumbling under the weight of the sun. If you've been looking for a keratin treatment-like finish and tamed-down frizz, this is the product for you. Using Amika's toning shampoo, you can keep your hair looking salon-fresh by combating brassy tones with a brilliant tint.

Brunettes may wish to use this phthalo blue with a neon purple pigment to prevent brassiness and retain salon-fresh vibrancy.

2) Kristin Ess The One Purple Shampoo

The One Purple Shampoo by Kristin Ess is a color-toning favorite among brunettes and blondes alike. Because of its highly dark violet hue, this shampoo effectively cuts through brass.

While golden blondes may be able to use this shampoo as often as they want due to its deep hue, cool-toned blondes (such as platinum and peroxide colors) may wish to hold off on using it until the brassiness in their hair has become more evident.

This is one of the best purple shampoo for blondes.

3) MATRIX Unbreak My Blonde Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

Total Results of the Matrix Unbreak My Blonde Sulfate-Free Strengthening Shampoo is part of a package that also includes a conditioner and leave-in treatment. When used together, the collection promises to make hair three times stronger.

However, even if you use the shampoo alone, you're certain to observe damage-repair outcomes. This formulation includes citric acid to strengthen weakened hair connections and promote scalp health.

4) Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

This Bertucci selection is also a fan favorite among Amazon reviewers, with over 33,000 enthusiastic five-star ratings. “I would suggest first cleaning your hair with a cleansing shampoo and then applying the Fanola, simply to ensure that you have a good, clean slate before applying,” Bertucci advised.

5) Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

With this purple shampoo, you can maintain the color of your highlighted, blonde, grey, or ombré hair. Along with the purple color, it includes hair-nourishing components such as rosehip oil, arginine, green tea extracts, and keratin, making it an excellent all-purpose treatment.

And, if you don't believe us, have a peek at the fantastic Amazon review section: It has an average rating of 4.6 stars and over 8,100 positive reviews. So overall, it is definitely the best purple shampoo for blondes.

6) Pantene Silver Expressions, Purple Shampoo and Hair Toner

With this purple shampoo, you can maintain the color of your highlighted, blonde, grey, or ombré hair. Along with the purple color, it includes hair-nourishing components such as rosehip oil, arginine, green tea extracts, and keratin, making it an excellent all-purpose treatment.

And, if you don't believe us, have a peek at the fantastic Amazon review section: It has an average rating of 4.6 stars and over 8,100 positive reviews.

7) Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color

According to Los Angeles hairdresser Miles Jeffries, the Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner For Beautiful Color pair “has the correct violet tone, reducing brassiness and brightening blonde or silver hair” (who works with Mariah Carey, Angela Bassett, and Tinashe, to name a few). “When I want more brightness, I combine them. If I'm looking for a hint of shine, I'll use either one or the other, depending on the customer.

8) Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair

Redken's Color Extend Blondage Color-Depositing Shampoo, 2019 Best of Beauty award, blends violet pigment to neutralize brassiness with citric acid (a form of alpha hydroxy acid) to heal hair from the inside out. To prevent any temporary discoloration, use disposable gloves to apply the shampoo.

Allow three to five minutes for optimal effects and then follow with Redken's Blondage Conditioner or Hair Mask.

9) Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo

Nikki Ferrara, a New York City-based colorist and creator of Nikki Ferrara Hair Color, recommends Davines' Alchemic Shampoo (and Conditioner) in Silver. “It's fantastic for eradicating yellow tones from blonde hair,” she tells Allure. Additionally, it contains vitamin B, which moisturizes hair thoroughly and restores it to a healthy-looking, bright finish.

10) Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Duo pack

Not Your Mother's shampoo is formulated with dark violet pigments and reviving violet rice. It claims to eliminate brassiness, increase shine, and moisturize strands. Additionally, the collection includes a conditioner and a leave-in product that are meant to seal in color.

These products will be really beneficial since the more often you wash your hair, the less bright your color will be. Faith Xue, a former Byrdie Editorial Director, notes that this budget-friendly treatment in particular enhanced the brilliance of her platinum hair. Additionally, the wallet-friendly price tag does not hurt.

Best Purple Shampoo for Highlights

If you don't have full blonde hair & you have just the highlights & now you are seeing the highlights to be showing orangey or brassy tones, then you should try purple shampoo on highlights too. The purple shampoo will not cause any issue to the normal hair but will remove the brassiness of highlights only. Here are the recommendations of the Best purple shampoo for highlights:

1) PHYTO Phytoargent No Yellow Shampoo

Neutralizes yellow tones in highlights, bleached blonde, naturally white, and grey hair from the first use. Most hair types may safely use it up to twice a week because of its non-drying recipe and good lathering action.

With regard to the frequency with which to use the shampoos, overuse is one of the most common hairs washing errors. Dosso advises against using any purple shampoo on a regular basis. Instead, once a week, or as required. You may also lessen the purple shampoo's power by mixing it with your usual shampoo, as you are using it on highlights, with other normal hair included.

You just need to use a little amount of shampoo on your highlights. It will clear the brassy or yellow color from the highlights.

2) SexyHair Healthy Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo

A SLES and the sulfate-free recipe makes this SexyHair Healthy Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo one of the finest purple shampoos for folks who routinely heat-treat and blow-dry their highlighted hair.

In order to maintain your hair as close to its original color & maintain the shine & color of highlights as possible, I suggest using a heat-protecting and sulfate-free solution while shampooing your hair.

If you have a mixture of lowlights and highlights, a sulfate-free product will not ruin the pigments you've used. So consider this shampoo for your brassy or yellow highlights.

3) L'Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Anti-Brassiness Purple Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

To prevent their cool, ashy hair from becoming orange, budget-conscious blondes, highlighted hair, and grey hair, people need this inexpensive delight. There are several purple shampoos out there, but this one is one of the most affordable and effective. In addition, color correction and tone neutralization may be maintained for weeks at a time, thanks to the moderate purple pigments added to the hair.

Color-depositing pigments may be used for many days at a time to correct a person's brassy hair color.

4) 19 Pro Silver Shampoo for Blonde & highlighted Hair, Nurturing Shampoo

Amazon customers can now get their hands on this salon-quality purple shampoo, which is generally found in the sink of your favorite hairdressing establishment. In addition to neutralizing brassy and yellow undertones, it nourishes bleached blonde hair and naturally dry white hair and imparts unmatched shine.

In addition to being soft on sensitive scalps, the solution is also suitable for people with moderate sensitivities. You can surely use it on highlights, but you need to use the shampoo in small quantities.

5) Eva NYC Tone It Down Blonde Shampoo

You'll enjoy Eva NYC's blonde toning shampoo for thick, porosity curly hair. An ultra-violet formula neutralizes brassy tones and restores shine to all kinds and textures of blonde hair, particularly those in need of a hydrating boost from the inside.

Using genuine argan oil, plant proteins, and other scalp-helping natural oils, this nutrient-rich recipe is one of the best purple shampoos for reviving blonde hair, kicking some major brass, and adding moisture at every step. The cherry on top? One of the few sulfate-free products that also produces a thick lather.

So consider using the shampoo for your highlights.

Best purple shampoo for white hair

The yellow or orangey tones do not only come in blondes, highlights, but they can also start to show in white hair too. But like blonde & highlighted hair has purple shampoo as a solution, the white hair too can use purple shampoo. So here are the recommendations of the best purple shampoo for white hair:

1) Luseta Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Gray & White Hair

Cleanse and condition your locks with this Luseta brightening shampoo and conditioner combo that protects your hair color. Neutralizes brassiness and yellow tones while preserving your color, whether it's natural or from the bottle.

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For blonde and grey hair, In addition to repairing split ends and protecting your hair from further damage, this combination also makes your hair glossy, lustrous, and more resistant to heat styling.

Shampoo and conditioner have a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5, respectively. Additionally, they're good for maintaining healthy hair. Coconut oil, keratin, and biotin help keep your hair in place and prevent hair loss. Strengthens and repairs hair with the aid of quinoa seed extract.

2) Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG

Use this purple shampoo, and you'll get the results you've come to expect from a purple shampoo authorized by celebrity stylists. In addition, this shampoo also provides UV protection for your hair, which is critical if your hair is already damaged by dyeing or the natural aging process.

The violet undertones in this Keratin-enriched treatment naturally combat brassiness and yellowing while helping to protect against damage, breakage, and those pesky split-ends. In addition, the lather, which is enriched with coconut oil, feels very delicious as it brightens and lightens the skin—lather for as long or as short as necessary to get the desired lighting effect.

It is not suggested for daily usage because of its high level of lightning efficacy. Although this purple shampoo comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, we believe it's worth a try because of that.

3) Purple Shampoo for White Hair: Blonde Shampoo Eliminates Brassy Yellow Tones

Maintaining it might be challenging if you have blonde, platinum, or silver hair. But now you don't have to go to a salon every other day for touch-ups, thanks to this product. Using this Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo, you can keep your hair's icy cold blonde or ash tones intact.

Your hair's color will remain vibrant, but the condition of your hair will also improve, becoming softer and smoother. Reduces hair breakage, regulates frizz, and cures split ends with the use of this shampoo. In addition, the brassiness will be diminished, particularly if you have silver hair. If you don't like yellow tones and want real color, this is the most delicate purple shampoo for silver hair.

4) L’ange Hair Violet Purple Toning Shampoo – Restores Hair Color

With the L'ange Purple Toning Shampoo, you may bring back your hair's natural silver or blonde color. Removes your hair's yellow and orange brassy tones to expose its actual color. To keep your hair shiny and healthy, it's enriched with omega-rich oils.

This mixture of botanicals is useful in dealing with hair that has been over-processed. This shampoo not only protects your hair's color but it also leaves it smooth, supple, and naturally glowing.

This is undoubtedly a great way to tone the white hair & it is one of the best purple shampoo for white hair.

5) lorane Plant-Based Purple Shampoo with Centaury, Brightens Blonde, Platinum, Silver, Gray or White Hair

Shampoos containing dyes that are purple in color might leave a stain, which is a nuisance. Centaury flower and botanical blue pigments, which are soothing and non-staining, are incorporated into this shampoo for white hair.

Keeps silver or white hair's actual color intact with its cyanocentaurien pigment mixture. Your hair will have an easy-to-manage, natural texture thanks to this treatment.

Best purple shampoo for bleached hair

Here are the suggestions of the best purple shampoo for bleached hair:

1) Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash

Blonde Angel Wash by Kevin Murphy is a component of a complete blonde regimen that works on both the health and color of delicate blonde hair, explains hairdresser Aubrey Marie, who has worked on various film sets, including Lady Bird.

The lavender-infused shampoo is also devoid of sulfates, parabens, and animal testing. When I send my performers home, I give them this routine since it's nutritious and softens their brassiness.

2) RUSK Rusk Deepshine Platinum Shampoo Oz Gentle Cleansing Brightening Boost For Silver Gray White

Leanna also recommends the Rusk Deep Shine PlatinumX Shampoo. You don't have to worry about getting out of the shower with purple hair since the color is “not too intense.” According to Allure, “Deep Shine is in its name for a reason; it leaves the hair feeling silky and velvety.”

“It's fantastic for reducing brassiness in brunettes and blondes alike.” A blend of honey, lemongrass, verbena, and citrus extracts brightens your hair color while balancing moisture levels in your hair.

3) KERASTASE Blond Absolu Bain Ultra Violet Anti-brass Purple Shampoo

I've used this product since I began dyeing my hair. As a result of this shampoo's unique structure, my hair is able to quickly and thoroughly absorb the solution. As a result, I've seen a constant color in my hair since I started using this on a daily basis.

The improvement is immediately noticeable because of the formula's high hydration level, like many Kérastase products. —Tammy Christina, digital creator, writer, and presenter

4) Kevin Murphy Cool Angel Ashcolour Renhancing Treatment

In comparison to other purple shampoos, Cool Angel adds an incredible sheen while also increasing the ash color. Warm or brassy undertones are entirely eradicated, and brunettes might benefit significantly from this treatment as well. There are so many different applications and hair types that this is a great product for all of them. Stylist and proprietor of The Salty Mane, Laci

5) EVO Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo

In the purple shampoo department, I've tried them all. But, the Evo Platinum treatment is my holy grail after years of seeking and carrying a wide range of treatments in my clinics. It restores hair to its new ice-blonde splendor, adds wonderful shine, and never makes the hair dull like so many other products. Both my customers and I have fallen in love with this service because of its affordability and quality. You must give it a go! — Co-founder and CEO of Fox & Jane Salon Lorean Cairns.

Best purple shampoo for Brunettes

Actually, purple shampooed does not work on brunettes; blue shampooed is suitable for brunettes. This is due to the fact that blue shampooed cancels out the orange or brassy tones in Brunettes. Here are some of the best blue shampooed for brunettes.

1) Redken Color Extend Brownlights Blue Shampoo

While this orange-fighting blue shampoo does a great job of neutralizing undesired orange, it also performs an excellent job cleansing hair without stripping and prolonging color between salon appointments. It's been four days since “I've used this product twice, and my hair looks like it just came out of the salon,” one reviewer adds.

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For optimal results, let this shampoo rest on your hair for a few minutes before washing.

2) John Frieda Blue Crush Blue Shampoo and Conditioner Set

If you're looking for a brightening shampoo that won't smear or damage your hair, go no further than this blue shampoo. According to a reviewer, “My hair is much shinier, softer, and, in fact, seems to be newly colored after only one wash.”

3) Color Balance Blue Shampoo

While blue pigments neutralize orange tones, green tea and keratin maintain hair healthily and prevent breaking. After bleaching, one reviewer's hair develops a tinge of red. Simply using this shampoo will change the color of your hair from reddish tones into softer, caramel-like hues. “

4) MATRIX Total Results Brass Off Color Depositing Blue Shampoo

Getting rid of brass stains from your hair is as simple as a good shampoo. While blue pigments provide cool tones, Vitamin E helps repair and hydrate hair strands. According to one reviewer, “I use this shampoo every other day, and it cools my hair down.” “I've never felt better with my hair,” I said.

5) AVEDA by Aveda: Blue Malva Color Shampoo

There's no need to be concerned about the product staining your shower with this mix, unlike other blue shampoos (or your hands). Anyone who wants to get rid of their grey hairs may use this solution to great effect. One reviewer states, “My hair has never looked better.” Anyone transitioning to natural silver hair would be well served by Blue Malva.

Bottom Line

This was all about the Best purple shampoos that you can buy for various kinds of hair. We hope that you found the ideal products from our recommendations. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Question: How long should you leave the purple shampoo in?

Use the bottle's instructions and your chosen level of brightness to determine how much product you need. In general, you may let it sit for anything from three to 10 minutes.

Question: Can I leave the purple shampoo in overnight?

In order to have the best results, purple shampoos should only be used for a brief length of time. Because of this, we don't advocate keeping any hair product on your hair for more than a few hours. Most purple shampoos, according to the bottle's instructions, should only be used for a few minutes before being washed out.

Question: Is purple shampoo harmful to hair?
If you follow the directions on the label, purple shampoo should not harm your hair.

Question: Is purple shampoo safe to use on dark hair?
Purple shampoo is safe to use on brown hair. A purple toning shampoo works best on hair that is lighter than your natural hue, and particularly if you have highlights. However, if you have brown or highlighted hair, a blue shampoo will be more beneficial.

Question: Is it necessary to use purple shampoo with a purple conditioner?
In our opinion, certain activities are just better when done in two. To get the most out of the brass-busting benefits, use a shampoo and conditioner set.

Thank you for reading!

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