The New Hair Color Trend – Color Melt is here to stay!

Many hair techniques exist today to make hair look better & stylish. The most popular among them are balayage, ombre & highlights. But there's one problem with them; when hair starts to grow from roots, they begin to look weird as natural hair color & styled color do not match. But with this much progress in the hair & beauty world, there is one new technique that matches natural hair with colored hair. The method is called Color Melt. 

The color melt technique actually works on Ombre & Balayage by melting the natural hair color from roots & contrasting it with balayage & Ombre styled hair. 

This article will answer questions regarding color melting, like what is color melting hair, why it is used & in trend, how to get it done, etc. We will also provide the difference between Ombre, Balayage & Color Melt.  

So let's get started!

What is Color Melting Hair?

Color melting is a technique that involves blending the natural color roots with Balayage & Ombre-treated hair. Actually, the color melting technique contrasts the natural & color-treated hair to create a smooth transition & make hair look more natural. 

To achieve the desired effect, the colors need to be “melted” from where the Ombre hair starts & natural hair ends to appear natural. Upon correct application, you cannot tell where one pigment ends and another begins! It is for this reason that it is so popular.

Here you can see that color melt hair brunette. The woman has colored hair at the bottom & natural hair on the roots. But there is so much smooth transition of color because of color melt that it looks really great.

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Why the need for Color Melt arrives?

The need for color melt happens when colored foliage, Balayage, and ombre hair grow naturally from the roots. Then the hair from the roots has a different hair tone compared to Balayage or Ombre treated hair. 

So neither the different tones look great, nor will it be good for the purse to get Balayage or Ombre treatment in a short span. 

That's where the color melt technique steps in. It melts the color of natural & treated hair into transition & this helps save money by not getting whole hair treatment again. 

Moreover, it is not necessary to get color melt if you have more or Balayage. One can just get this technique to make their hair look stylish.

How to Get Color Melt Technique?

As mentioned earlier, the color melted technique is always used on Ombre, Balayage, or foilage hair & it is done to contrast between natural hair color & color-treated hair. So if you have Balayage, ombre recently, now your hair starts to grow from roots & have natural hair color, then you should get Color melt to increase the span of Ombre or Balayage hair.

One can get color melt from a professional; moreover, it can also be done at home. But you may not get the expected or good results if you do it by yourself or at home.

One can get their roots colored in other colors & then contrast with the Ombre, Balayage hair. Or not getting hair color at roots & just getting the transition.

How much does color melting cost?

Yes, it is possible to do color melting at home, but it does not give good results & the finishing may not be great. So one should get color melting on their hair from a professional or a salon. The cost of color melting can vary from $70 to $150, depending on the salon or professional.

Yes, you may be thinking the pricing is similar to that of balayage or Ombre, so why get color melting. It will be helpful to get color melting, as it will save the time that you may need to give for Balayage, Ombre & foliage technique.

Moreover, some money will definitely be saved in getting a color melt rather than Ombre or Balayage.

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How to Take Care of Color Melted Hair?

Color Melted hair is just like color-treated hair. They need proper care & good har products specially designed for the technique. In addition, you will need to make a hair care routine that will enhance the life of your color-melt hair.

Moreover, when you will style your hair, make sure to use a heat protectant. It will protect hair from any damage caused by curling irons, dryers.

Here are some good hair products that you should use on color melted hair to make them look better & last longer.

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How to Style The Color Melted Hair?

As you already know, the color melt is basically used to transition between natural hair roots & Balayage, Ombre hair. So as the hair is already has a Balayage touch, you can style the hair in many ways.

  • You can make curls in your color melted hair with a wide barrel curling iron.
  • You can just gently brush through the hair to give volumized & gorgeous look to hair.
  • If you like various hair styles, you can try any style from 20 Long Layered Hair Styles & Cuts for Women!

What is the difference between Color Melt, Ombre & Balayage?

All three hairstyle techniques are different from each other. They have a lot of differences, so let's get to know the differences between Color Melt, Ombre & Balayage.

Color Melt

  • Color Melt works by depositing color on hair.
  • It involves coloring three or more hair colors on hair.
  • It costs between $75 to $150.
  • Color Melt primarily works on Ombre or Balayage treated hair.


  • Ombreworks by lightening techniques, i.e. removing the hair color from the hair.
  • It involves coloring hair in two tones, one darker & the another lighter.
  • Ombre costs $100 to $250.
  • It is a styling method, so it works alone.


  • Balayage also works by the lightening technique.
  • It involves using two colors with two or more color sweeping techniques.
  • It costs $50 to $200.
  • Balayage is a coloring technique so people use it to make hair look better.

Apart from all these differences, these three have one common thing: they look very similar to each other. So a normal person may not find any difference between all these hair's looks. Also Read Balayage Ombre – The Difference & The Similarities!

Bottom Line

So this was all about Color Melt. We recommend you to get color melt if you have recently got Balayage & Ombre & now the hair from roots starts to come in natural color. Color Melt will treat your hair lightly & you will also save time, money & the health of your hair.

We hope you find this article informative & helpful. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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