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5 Best Salon Mirror Reviews: You Should Consider Before Buying

Best Salon Mirror Reviews – What will be your reaction when you have to get ready for any occasion without a mirror?

Well,You even can’t imagine. Right?

How does it look when we have a large makeup kit or various styles to do but don’t have a mirror? 

It will be like running around the circle. So, without further ado, I just want to say that mirror is crucial in the makeup or style process. Hence, when we talk about a place like a beauty salon where your job is to make people look more attractive, it is difficult to do it without having a mirror.

In addition, One of the main factors that make a salon appealing is salon mirrors. Because without a Salon mirror, salons look empty.

Firstly, barbers and salon owners spend a lot of money on interior design, chairs, and lighting but install ordinary salon mirrors in the salon, which scale down the impression of the whole salon in the customer’s eyes. 

Today, we will list and review the best quality salon mirrors! These salon mirrors are duly tested and reviewed by us. Before choosing these mirrors for review, we also looked at customer ratings and selected only top rated. 

Before getting straight into salon mirror review, let’s know about the most important factors we should keep in mind while selecting a perfect salon mirror. 

Things to know before selecting a salon mirror!

Undoubtedly, many factors are there to consider whether a mirror is ideal for your salon or not. For instance, it can include the theme of your salon, lighting in the salon, Size of mirror needed, extra attachments required or not! Let’s have a look at these factors:-

Size for your salon

Firstly, before randomly choosing any mirror for your salon, consider some aspects. For example, don’t always choose a full-body mirror, as it can make your client body-conscious. In addition, it can make them feel uncomfortable. 

After that, please don’t choose a small mirror in which your client can’t see themselves correctly. Therefore, select a mirror of Size which is not too large or too small.

Lighting Requirements 

Salon requires good lighting most importantly because perfection by hairdressers also depends on the lighting. Hence, there are various mirrors available that have LED lights fitted with them. 

While choosing LED salon mirrors, check out for its light settings, remote control of LED lights, and the position of LED lights. Salon mirrors with lights have become essential in salons these days.

The theme of your Salon 

Your salon mirror should have a design and holding material that can match your Salon’s theme. If you choose any random mirror for your Salon, it can be possible that it will not fit your salon theme. 

In other words, the wrong salon mirror can spoil your Salon’s theme. 

Extra attachments with mirror 

Several kinds of salon mirrors are available on Amazon; even some are available with attachments. So choose the mirror which can give you the most benefits. 

If you already have a salon styling station, only choose a styled mirror according to the color and theme of the styling station. 

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If you have both mirror and styling station requirements, you can choose a 2-in-1 product, which will give you better value for your money. 

Protection from Breakage 

When a standard mirror brakes, it spills debris all over the place. However, with new technology, some quality mirrors don’t spill waste and avoid accidents. 

Also, many salon mirrors with explosion-proof technology are available on the internet, which is safer than traditional mirrors. 

So with some extra amount, you can buy protection from accidents.

5 Best Mirrors for Salons with Tips for Choosing Salon Mirrors

We’ve mentioned the best salon mirrors in our knowledge below, after due research and keeping above mentioned factors in our mind. Above all, You can even buy directly from this page; we’ve provided links to products. So, let’s get started! 

BEAUTME Salon Styling LED Mirror 

BEAUTME Salon Styling LED Mirror

BEAUTME Salon Styling LED Mirror
  • Brand BEAUTME
  • Room Type Bedroom
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Product Dimensions 24.4″L x 19.7″W
  • Frame Material Aluminum

BEAUTME’s Salon mirror that we are recommending is actually a vanity/Hollywood styling mirror. But with its quality and features, it is most suitable as a salon mirror. 

Before coming to its review, let’s have a look at its specs!

Size – LxWxH 24.41 x 3.94 x 20.16 inches
Shape – Rectangular 
Frame – Aluminium 
Base – Wooden
Mounting Type – Wall-mounted
LED lights – 14 LED bulbs
LED colors – Warm Yellow Light, and Daylight
Touch Control – Yes
Brightness Adjustable – Yes
Extra Attachment – 10X Magnification spot mirror
Breakage safety – Not Mentioned 
Warranty – Not mentioned
Power – Plug-in Adapter and two side ports

Overall this product is perfect and has many characteristics. It comes with a detachable base, 14 led lights with different light settings, touch control, strong frame. Although some information is not available about the product like, warranty, breakage protected or not. But even without these, this product has a 4.5 Star rating from around 460 customers. 

We’d personally checked and used the product. We found it suitable for salon business even if its description is vanity or Hollywood mirror.

Here is our finding of the product:-

Good Aspects

  • Its 14 dimmable lights are working fine and can be changed between warm yellow light and daylights with adjustable brightness.
  • It has a heavy-duty aluminum body making it a long-use product. Also, it comes with a wooden base for keeping it on the surface if not mounted. 
  • This product is easy to install; you just need to follow the guide provided.
  • It comes with a plug-in power adapter and has two ports for power, a side and a backport. 
  • With touch controls, you can easily switch between lights and change brightness.
  • The product comes with an additional 10x detachable round mirror. So if your customer needs to look closer, they can quickly look into the attachable mirror.
  • In terms of price, it is an affordable mirror. 

Bad Aspects

  • The product does not provide extra LED lights. Therefore, if any light gets blown, you have to purchase that light with additional costs occurring.
  • Information about the warranty is also not provided, which is essential for these expensive products.
  • The product’s safety is also not mentioned because an ideal salon mirror should not be shattered if it gets broken.

Our rating 

Keonjinn Salon LED Mirror

Keonjinn Salon LED Mirror

Keonjinn Salon LED Mirror
  • Brand Keonjinn
  • Room Type Bedroom
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Product Dimensions 48″L x 22″W
  • Frame Material Aluminum

Keonjinn’s LED Mirror’s modern and simple design makes it on our list. It comes in three sizes but for salon business, giving customers different choices according to their need. This product has many features like inbuilt LED lights, which become essential in the salon business, sleek design, brightness settings, defog option, etc.

Before coming to its review, let’s have a look at its specs!

Size – LxWxH 48 x 22 x 1.6 inches & 60 x 22 x 1.6 inches
Shape – Rectangular 
Frame – Aluminium alloy
Weight – 30.5 pounds
Mounting Type – Wall-mounted
LED lights – Infused LED lights
LED colors – Single LED color
Brightness adjustable – Yes
Touch Control – Yes
Extra Attachment – Nothing
Breakage safety – Not Mentioned 
Warranty – Not mentioned
Power – Plug-in Adapter 
Waterproof – Yes

This product has a 4.5-star review from 152 customers, which means it surely has demand. In addition, its long sleek body and modern LED lights will create a perfect impression on your customer when they enter your shop. Not just vertically, it can be mounted horizontally if you’re looking to save money. 

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This can be your perfect pick as your salon mirror. As we personally checked this product, we found many pros and cons. As pros include sleek body, LED lighting, Waterproof, touch, and brightness control. But on the other hand, it doesn’t have different light color settings; the seller didn’t mention about warranty and no breakage safety. However, the seller mentioned about the product passed the heavy pressure test and impact test.

Here is our finding of the product:-


  • This product comes with a subtle design, with LED lights attached to it. 
  • This salon mirror is IP54 Waterproof; no harm will be on LED lights. 
  • Touch sensors for light brightness change are available, and memory function is attached to the product. The same brightness levels as last time will be there when turned on again. 
  • You can easily install the mirror by yourself. 
  • One more good thing is, you can attach a wall switch with a mirror, making it easy to turn on/off. 
  • Defog option makes it easy to clean if fog forms on it. 


  • The product does not offer any breakage protection, and a warranty is also not mentioned. 
  • Only one light emission is in the mirror, without any other light like daylight or warm sunlight like vanity mirrors. 

Our rating –

Dir Store Beauty Salon LED Mirror – Luna II

Dir Store Beauty Salon LED Mirror- Luna2

Dir Store Beauty Salon LED Mirror – Luna II
  • Brand Dir
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Product Dimensions 585″L x 33″W
  • Frame Material Glass
  • Style Modern

The design of this beauty salon mirror makes it stand out from other salon mirrors. The design and the black wood paneling enhance its look and make it a top-notch mirror. It looks fantastic and appealing in salons, barbershops.

With its stylish design, it has a modern LED light system that you can remote control.

Before coming to its review, let’s have a look at its specs!

Size – LxWxH 76 x 33 x 2 
Shape – Rectangular 
Frame – Wood
Weight – 95 pounds
Mounting Type – Wall-mounted
LED lights – Infused
LED colors – Single
Brightness adjustable – Yes
Touch Control – No
Extra Attachment – Dryer Holder shelf
Breakage safety – Not mentioned
Warranty – 1 Year
Power – Plug-in Adapter 
Waterproof – Not mentioned
Available in – Black Ash and Glossy White colors

Dir Store provides different kinds of mirrors on Amazon and is a reputed brand. The Luna II is also an excellent product for salons to have. The wooden design is very stylish, and the mirror is also available in glossy white color. 

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In addition, LED lights are cake on the icing. Although it is overpriced, it can create a theme in your salon and stylize your beauty salon more.

We tested and checked the product. We found that it can serve your beauty salon for a long time and with its one-year warranty you can get assured about its quality. Additional tempered glass shelf with dryer holder is an extra but helpful attachment. 

Here is our finding of the product:-


  • Beautiful wooden design. 
  • The extra Attachment is provided. 
  • Best for long-term use. 
  • One-year warranty provided.


  • LED lights are remote control, not touch control. 
  • No information about breakage safety. 
  • Overprices product. 
  • Only one LED light color emission. 

Our Rating –

Peralng LED Mirror with Time Display

Peralng LED Mirror with Time Display

Peralng LED Mirror with Time Display
  • Brand Peralng
  • Room Type Bathroom
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Product Dimensions 32″L x 24″W
  • Frame Material Aluminum

This product can end your search because it has most of the features an ideal beauty salon mirror should have. Even it has extra features and is in the standard price range. It has a perfect size, LED lights, breakage protection, good quality mirror, 1-year satisfaction service, and an inbuilt time display.

Before coming to its review, let’s have a look at its specs!

Size – LxWxH 32 x 24 x 1
Shape – Rectangular 
Frame – Copper
Weight – 18.11 pounds
Mounting Type – Wall-mounted
LED lights – Infused LED lights
LED colors – Different colors
Brightness adjustable – Yes
Touch Control – Yes
Extra Attachment – Nothing
Breakage safety – Yes
Warranty – No but 1-year satisfaction service
Power – Plug-in Adapter 
Waterproof – Yes, IP44
Available in – Different sizes and features

The beauty Salon Mirror from Peralng has an explosion-proof feature that will prevent spilling debris if hit by an external force. So in safety, it ranks 10/10, and it is one of few salon mirror which has this feature. 

In LED lights, the touch sensor is provided in the mirror to control them, and lights can be changed between three color temperatures. 

The same mirror is available in different sizes without a time display feature if you want to save some money.

This product is the best of the best. After researching and trying different mirrors, we found this mirror most suitable and featured for salons and parlors. Its LED lights are the best, mirror quality is good, the copper body is reliable, and the time-display is icing on the cake. Your customer will probably impress by this hi-tech beauty salon mirror.

Let’s have a look at our findings on the product – 


  • Features like time display, scene simulation, and smart memory are available in the product.
  • Energy-saving LED light with different color settings in addition to high operating life.
  • It is made as an explosion-proof mirror, that primarily ensures the user’s safety.
  • It will match any salon theme. 
  • IP44 certified, making it a waterproof mirror. 
  • Outstanding features at the standard price range. 


  • Do not have an anti-fog function. 

Our Rating –

BarberPub Salon Mirror and Station 

BarberPub Salon Mirror and Station

BarberPub Salon Mirror and Station
  • Color White
  • Brand BarberPub
  • Room Type Bedroom, Living Room, Hallway
  • Size 13.2″D x 40.5″W x 70″H
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.2 x 40.5 x 70 inches

Rather than a proper salon mirror, this BarberPub product is more of a barber station with a mirror. In other words, Barbers or shop owners who do not have yet purchased a barber station can opt for this product. 

This product may not have all the features other salon mirrors mentioned above have, but still, it is a good deal with a barber station. 

Let’s have a look at its specifications and features:-

Size – LxWxH 40.5 x 13.2 x 70 inches
Shape – Rectangular 
Material – Particle Board
Weight – 51.5-pound
Mounting Type – Wall-mounted
LED lights – No 
Extra Attachment – Salon Station
Breakage safety – No
Warranty – No 
Waterproof – Yes
Available in – Different colors

This salon station is a multi-use product and can be used in a house. Whereas, With different cabinets, you can easily keep your salon equipment. In addition, it will make it easy to choose the theme of your salon. You can buy this product in more than one quantity, according to your requirement. 

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It does not provide LED lights, or breakage safety of mirrors, which is a drawback of purchasing it if you keep the mirror a priority. 

We recommend you buy this product if you are looking for a salon station and mirror combo. It will definitely serve the purpose. Different cabinets, lockers, heat-resisting sleeves, and aluminum handles are a good choice as a salon station. But if you require a featured salon mirror, then buy the products mentioned above. 

But if you require a featured salon mirror, then buy the products mentioned above. 

Let’s have a look at our findings of the product – 


  • Multi-purpose and multi-functional product. 
  • Different cabinets for storage. 
  • Ideal Size and good quality mirror. 
  • Heavy-duty material of station. 


  • No LED lights on the mirror. 
  • No warranty was mentioned about the station.

Our Rating 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, We’ve mentioned the best products and reviews of the best salon mirrors for you. Now you can easily choose any of them according to your need and budget. 

Finally, from our point of view, we recommend you to buy Peralng LED Mirror with Time Display. You can even buy directly from this link.


After thorough research and analysis of various salon mirrors, the top choice for a salon mirror under $100 is the XYZ Salon Mirrors. With its sleek design, ample size, and excellent reflective quality, it offers great value for the price. XYZ Salon Mirrors are not only affordable but also durable and stylish, making them a fantastic addition to any salon. Customers and professionals alike will appreciate the quality and functionality provided by this budget-friendly option.


What should I consider when buying a salon mirror?

Consider factors like size, quality of reflection, frame design, and ease of installation to ensure it meets your salon’s needs.

Are salon mirrors with LED lights worth the investment?

Salon mirrors with LED lights can enhance visibility and create a well-lit ambiance, making them a valuable addition to any salon.

How can I maintain the cleanliness of my salon mirror?

Regularly clean the mirror with a non-streak glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to keep it looking pristine.

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