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Best Portable Barber Chair – Are you a barber in search of the ideal salon chair? Whether you serve ladies, children, men, or pets, choosing a chair that meets your demands and makes your clients pleased is critical.

The most extraordinary portable barber chairs are lightweight and convenient to transport. Weighing less and having enough posture support with height adjustability is vital. Additionally, some of these mobile barber chairs rotate to facilitate style.

Portable barber stations are difficult to come by due to their great demand. Barbers, like office employees, are affected by the present work-from-home environment. This is why a new business model based on a mobile barber chair is the way to go, maybe for years. Finding the appropriate mobile barber chair is critical as businesses change. Therefore, if you own a salon and are looking to acquire chairs such as – a traveling barber chair, barber chair portable, salon chair with headrest, portable chair for waiting in line, portable salon chair, and so on.

Who requires a mobile barber chair?

As a result of their exposure to Covid, barbers are now interested in purchasing portable barber chairs to provide in-home treatment to their consumers. Even some individuals desire portable barber chairs for at-home grooming themselves and their family members.

Numerous freelancers, hairstylists, and barbers also need mobile barber chairs to expand their businesses by offering services in various locations and residences.

Not only do barbers and freelancers require mobile barber chairs, but hairstylists also require traveling stylist chairs for in-home service.

5 Best Traveling Barber Chairs

We compiled a list of the Best Barber Chairs by weighing several factors. Naturally, we considered pricing, additional features, and barber chairs for sale on amazon. You may even pick a chair from the list below with confidence since you can rely on us and our recommendations. The following is a list:

Ver Mobile Barber Chair

Ver Mobile Barber Chair

Ver Mobile Barber Chair

Quick Review

  • Brand Ver Beauty
  • Color Rose Gold
  • Product Dimensions 19.5″D x 22.25″W x 43.25″H
  • Size 22.25×19.5×43.25 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • Back Style Solid Back

Ver Mobile stylist chair is an excellent choice for a Portable barber chair. It has several characteristics. It’s a makeup chair that appears like a director’s chair, but it’s a Barber/Stylist chair. Salon chair with headrest features most folding chairs lack.

Let us know its specifications, material composition, and characteristics!

  • Color – Black and Rose Gold
  • Weight – 18 pounds
  • Material – Aluminum 

 Paddie Mobile and Adjustable Barber/Table

Paddie Mobile and Adjustable Barber/Table

Paddie Mobile and Adjustable Barber/Table

Quick Review

  • Color White
  • Brand Salon Style
  • Room Type Office
  • Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Assembly Required Yes

Paddie Mobile Chair cum table is a one-of-a-kind item employed in various vocations. It is a cushioned table that converts into a chair.

It is pretty comfy because of the cushioning, and a detachable headrest is included.

Let us know its specifications, material composition, and characteristics!

  • Color -White
  • Fabric – PU leather
  • Material – Steel frame

Jupiter Force Portable Salon Chair

Jupiter Force Portable Salon Chair

Jupiter Force Portable Salon Chair

Quick Review

  • Color Black
  • Product Dimensions 44″D x 22″W x 10″H
  • Back Style Open Back
  • Special Feature Lightweight,Portable

Jupiter Force Portable Salon Chair is uniquely designed equipment capable of performing a variety of salon and massage tasks. It is a complete salon chair.

The chair has been ergonomically built to accommodate a variety of salon, spa, and relaxation activities.

Let us know its specifications, material composition, and characteristics!

  • Weight – 24 pounds/ 10.89 kg
  • Material – Aluminum frame
  • Color – Black
  • Fabric – Polyurethane leather

 Teeter Round Rolling Stool

Teeter Round Rolling Stool

Teeter Round Rolling Stool

Quick Review

  • Color – Black
  • Fabric – PU leather
  • Shape – Round
  • Frame Material – Metal

Who says a stool cannot perform the function of a portable barber chair? You need an outstanding stool that is lightweight and simple to transport. As a result, here comes the Teeter Round Rolling Stool, which is extremely lightweight and easy to transport.

And if you own a car, this method will undoubtedly work for you. Additionally, the Teeter stool’s Height is adjustable, allowing it to be carried more compactly.

Let us know its specifications, material composition, and characteristics!

  • Weight – 8.8 pounds/ 3.9 kg
  • Color – Black
  • Fabric – PU leather

 Jiahong Folding Retractable Stool

Jiahong Folding Retractable Stool

Jiahong Folding Retractable Stool

Quick Review

  • Product Dimensions 10″D x 10″W x 18″H
  • Color Blue
  • Brand Miiuewuo
  • Size 10*10 inch
  • Style Portable Retractable Collapsible Compact

Jiahong Folding Retractable Stool is the most portable, lightweight, simple to carry, and folding of all the above goods. Even so, it can readily support more than 350 pounds of weight.

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Although this stool lacks a backrest, footrest, and armrest, it is nevertheless suitable for use in a mobile salon. Additionally, its tiny size earned a spot on our list.

Its height may be changed between 2.8 and 18 inches, which is quite acceptable.

Let us know its specifications, material composition, and characteristics!

  • Weight – 1.94 lbs/ 880 g 
  • Material – ABS/Polyamide plastic material
  • Color – Different colors 
  • Cushion- No cushioning

Best Portable Barber Chairs Features

Before choosing a portable barber chair, there are a few aspects to consider. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of portable salon chairs that incorporates these advantages.

1) Comfortable – A portable barber chair should be comfortable. Because salon barber chairs are pretty comfortable, a mobile barber chair should also be.

Customer retention is critical in the barber and hair salon industries. So prioritize comfort in a portable barber chair.

2) Foldable or Not – The essential feature of a portable chair or mobile chair is its portability. Additionally, it must be foldable at various angles. Only then will it be portable. Portable salon chairs are composed of three components: a seat, a backrest, and a leg base.

Either the salon chair should be detachable or foldable.

3) Weight Capacity – Weight Capacity is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a portable mobility chair. As a result, we thought it as well. Lower weight capacity may result in an accident; it might seriously damage your image as a barber or hairstylist.

A mobile barber chair’s weight capability should be more excellent than 300 lbs or 130 kg.

4)  Material – The material used in foldable salon chairs significantly impacts their comfort, capacity, and mobility. We’ve compiled a list based on the material used to construct portable barber chairs.

If the chair is constructed of plastic, the plastic should be highly robust. However, the seat should be supportive and cushioned. A portable plastic chair will be simple to transport, build, and uninstall.

While aluminum chairs are lightweight, they might provide difficulties during assembly and disassembly.

How does a barber chair vary from a styling chair?

Barber chairs and styling chairs are often confused, and you’re not the only one. The distinctions between a barber chair and a styling chair may go unnoticed by the general public. Salon chairs encompass a wide range of chairs used in salons and spas, including massage chairs for the feet and seats for clients to sit in while they wait for their appointments.

Because barber chairs include a full-recline function for shaving, they are distinct from styling chairs. On the other hand, Styling chairs are designed with hairstylists in mind and offer a more ergonomic working environment.

What is a Haircut Chair called?

A chair is designed specifically for barbershops and typically fitted with a footrest, a reclining backrest, and a hydraulic device to regulate the chair’s Height.

What is the price of a beautician chair?

These seats can range from 15,000 to 20,000 dollars or even more. Prices for secondhand salon chairs vary depending on where you acquire them and the quality of the chairs they are made of, among other factors. The cost of purchasing your salon chairs online may be less expensive than buying them in person.


Portable barber chairs should be sturdy. You’ll be wearing them frequently, so they should be durable. Also, barbers care about their customers’ wellness. So cleaning these chairs is essential. Finally, portable barber chairs come in sections. Start with the backrest and work your way down to the footrest. Also, keep your free carry case clean. Your clients will notice clean mobile barber chairs and equipment. It helps your image. This is valid even if you are utilizing a mobile salon chair that appears different from your clients’ expectations.


What are the advantages of using a portable barber chair?

Portable barber chairs offer mobility, making them perfect for off-site services. They are adjustable, comfortable, and space-saving, allowing barbers to work efficiently.

How much weight can a typical portable barber chair support?

The weight capacity varies by chair, but many portable barber chairs can support between 250 to 350 pounds. Check the chair’s specifications for precise details.

Are portable barber chairs comfortable for clients?

Yes, many portable barber chairs are designed with padded seats and backrests to provide comfort for clients during their grooming sessions.

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