Why is my hair turning green when I dye it?

Dyeing your for the desired hair color can turn into adverse results, which one cannot even imagine. One of the negative hair color results that come after dyeing hair is green hair color. If you have the green hair color shade, you may be wondering, Why is my hair turning green when I dye it? 

The issue of hair turning green comes after dyeing the hair black, blue, or dyeing brown hair, & even after making a wrong hair color choice. However, it can also happen due to some chemical reactions with the original hair color. So, what are the actual reasons behind it & how to treat the green hair back to its original hair? Let's look at them:

Why did my hair turn green after dying it black? 

Actually, it mainly happens when you try to color light brown or blonde hair into black shades. The reason behind hair turning hair color to green is that the light brown or blonde hair has a lot of yellow shades in it & the black dye has a lot of blue pigment in it. 

When you join these both pigments, the result is green color. Probably, you have a knowledge of color chart & what two-color join to make one. 

So this is how the hair turns green after dying them black. The best way to avoid the greenish shades is to get the hair dyed by a professional; they will turn your black hair with the suitable dye. 

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Why did my hair turn green when I dye it blue? 

The green shade comes in the hair dyed blue becuase you may have a lot of yellow pigment hair left before dyeing hair, or you may have light brown hair. So when you apply the blue dye on this hair, the yellow & blue shades will mix & will make the green color. So that's how your hair will turn to green color. 

One more reason is when you will wash your hair after dying the hair, the hair color will fade & the green shade will start to show. 

The best way to avoid the green color in blue-dyed hair is to firstly bleach the hair to clear all the yellow tones & then get the blue dye on your hair. Moreover, avoid washing your hair frequently, as it also turns the hair green. 

Why is my gray hair turning green? 

There can be different reasons for grey hair turning green. First can be due to hard minerals building up on your hair & when you get to the pool, the chlorine oxide the minerals, turning the hair green. The effect happens on all hair but is visible in light tone colors, like grey, blonde or white. 

One more reason can be a variety of external factors. The inside of the hair shaft can be affected by medication or food, and hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, mousse, and gels, which can leave a green residue.

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How to remove green tones from hair?

There are many ways, which can work to remove the green tones from the hair. Let's have a look at all of them:

  • You may know that red color is opposite of green color. So red color will eliminate the unwanted green tones from hair. So, you can use tomato ketchup on your hair, rub it, leave it for 20 minutes & take a good shower. Your unwanted green hair will be no more. 
  • The second method is to get hair bleached, which will remove the yellow tones & then dye the hair again with the color you want. 
  • You can even do another hair dyeing session, which will cover the green hair & will give you the hair color you want. 
  • Get professional help; they will definitely remove the green color from your hair. 

Bottom Line

So this was all about the hair turning green due to many reasons & how to remove the green tones. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & recommendations in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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