How to make your hair wavy without heat overnight?

Women love to have curly or wavy hair & with special heat tools that can make the hair curly or wavy in minutes. Even with these tools, the curls/waves stay for even days. But extreme use of heating tools can result in hair damage over time. So it is not right to use heat tools regularly. But, how to make your hair wavy without heat overnight?

There are several methods through which one can achieve curls & waves very easily & it even involves the use of easily available things. So let's get to know all these methods!

How to make your hair wavy without heat overnight?

Here is the list of five simple methods to get various styles of wavy hair:

1) Hair Braiding

Hair braiding is the simplest & easiest method to get loose waves overnight. First, one needs to make braids at night & then undo the braids & apply them to smooth hair oil to clear any frizz. 

You should comb hard on this hair & only do the hair with your fingers. Doing the hair with a comb will eliminate all the waves. 

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Here is the complete tutorial:

2) Use of Headband

A soft headband like the gym headband or the cloth headband will do the work. The headband will help you achieve soft waves. You need to put in some effort for sure, but your hair will stay protected. 

For the headband methods, take the headband, wrap-around hair. Now take some of your damp hair from the right side & start to wrap the hair from outside to inside the headband. Now with small sections of hair, wrap all hair. 

You just have to wait for the night & you will get the soft waves in the morning. Use some serum & brush off your naturally wavy hair without the use of heat overnight. 

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Here is the tutorial:

3) Twisted Crown Method

This is another good method of achieving tight waves overnight & it is easy too. First, you have to part your hair into two parts. Now take the hair from one side & twist them tightly. Now roll this hair onto the head like a crown & use any clip to hold that hair. Repeat the same procedure with another part. 

Your hair will automatically get into curls/waves just overnight. The next day, undo the hair from the crown. Firstly use your finger through hair & then use a comb. Make them volumed & stay by applying the spray. 

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4) Foam Rollers Method

This is a widely used method of making hair wavy without the use of heat tools. It involves the use of foam rollers & wrapping them around the hair. You need to buy the large foam rollers. 

For this method, firstly apply some setting lotion on your hair, then separate all your hair into 2 inches wide sections. Now take one section of your hair & wrap it around the foam roller. 

Then the foam rollers need to be twisted & closed around the scalp. Now repeat the same process with all other sections of your hair. You need to take help with the back hair. 

Keep the foam rollers on for the night & then unclasp the rollers in the morning. 

Add some hair spray & you will get beautiful wavy hair without the use of any heat tools overnight!

Here is the tutorial:

5) Sock Bun Method

Yes, it may be surprising to read, but the sock method is there, which helps get waves effectively. But you need to make a sacrifice by cutting the tip of your sock. 

The method is as simple & easy as other non-heat waves methods. Here is the tutorial of the sock bun method:

Bottom Line

So these were the five simplest methods of getting wavy hair without heat overnight. We hope you get the right method for your hair too. 

Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions on this article if you find it informative & helpful. 

Thank you for reading!

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