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We are all well familiar with the quote “Old is Gold”. This saying is true in almost every aspect. But in this article, it is well said for barber chairs.

Antique Barber Chairs are considered multi-functional, durable, comfortable, and demanded to date. People especially purchase antique barber chairs to renovate and use them in their salons or keep their art. 

Talking about antique-style barber chairs, Koken, Belmont, and Theodore H. Koch are some famous companies that produced antique barber chairs. Their chairs are still in demand and considered the best to date. 

Classic barber chairs have many qualities that today’s barber chairs cannot offer. For example, old barber chairs’ build is considered much more robust than today’s barber chairs. 

Even today, old barber chairs provide comfort, are multi-functional, and have eye-catching appearances. In addition, antique barber chairs parts are as it is as they were earlier. Usually, their color schemes and build material attract people to buy and renovate them. 

Today, we will know about different old-school barber chairs, their history, unique features, and manufacturers, and different questions regarding barber chairs.

Antique Barber Chairs List –

Koken Classic Barber Chairs

Koken Classic Barber Chairs

Despite being considered some of the antique barber chairs, Koken chairs still enjoy an enormous following. Koken barber chairs have been in barbershops for more than a century. 

History and Inventor – In 1874, a young boy Ernest Koken started his business as a barber’s furniture manufacturer. Ernest Koken designed the barber chair design that is still in use today. In addition, Koken was the first company to receive a patent for reclining barber chairs back in 1891.

Over time, they refined and developed new and better barber products. 

In 1900, he designed a hydraulic chair fitted with a joystick-style lever, enabling barbers to control all the chair’s movements with ease and speed.

All of these characteristics of restored antique barber chairs were later combined to create one chair, which has remained popular ever since.

Till 1950, Koken barber chairs were in great demand and popularity in the United States. However, its demand decreased after the declining barber industry and the introduction of low-priced competitor products. Later, Japan’s Takara Belmont Company purchased Koken in 1970.

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Unique Features- Ernest Koken and his employees kept various factors while designing these ‘classic’ chairs. During that time, barbers not only used this chair to provide hair treatments and skin treatments but also to pull teeth, wound treatments, and ear treatments. 

So they designed and restored antique barber chairs according to these factors and also kept in mind the heights and weights of customers. 

Thus, they produce comfortable, reclining, and hydraulic chairs of superior quality. 

Popular Chair Models – Koken’s “Congress” was its first popular barber chair. After that, many models became successful, including ‘Mohawk.’ 

The market today lacks many Koken chairs from the old school era.

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Antique Belmont barber chairs

Antique Belmont barber chairs

Belmont is another company that designed and produced antique/vintage barber chairs. Takara Belmont started their business in Japan but expanded overseas to the USA. Their old barber chairs have a high demand for features, looks, and comfort. 

History – Belmont was started in 1921 in Osaka, Japan. Later in 1936, they came into the barber furniture and equipment business. In 1950, Takara Belmont started producing different models of KOKEN MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Later in 1970, they even purchased Koken and its patents. 

Belmont produces barber chairs and other furniture to this day. As of today, Belmont remains a leading manufacturer of barber equipment.

Unique Features- Antique Belmont barber chairs had distinctive features of that time. These include a headrest holder, a towel holder, and a high-quality and durable frame backrest.

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Theodore A. Koch’s Barber Chairs

Theodore A. Koch's Barber Chairs

Barber chairs made by Theo Koch are one of the oldest barber chairs in the United States. Theo A. Kochs Company was established in 1871. This company made barber chairs and produced mirror cases, shelves, and stools at that time. 

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Theodore A. Koch sold more than 35000 units of barber chairs before 1885. But later, due to competition and low-priced products, antique barber chairs’ value by the company went down.

Unique features: Theodore A.Koch was famous for producing wooden antique barber chairs in the beginning. This company made barber chairs from quarter-sawed Oakwood in its initial days. 

These chairs got a golden varnish finish. Mohair Plush leather was used for its upholstery, and the manufacturer customized it in various colors.

Later they produced chairs with reinforced steel and made seats with high-quality premium leather. 

The parts of Theodore A. Koch are still easily available due to the high demand of that time. 

Louis Hanson Barber Chairs

Louis Hanson Barber Chairs

Louis Hanson barber chairs are among antique barber chairs in demand.

Furthermore, the Hanson barber chair has a full leather seat and cushions. It is plush, which means t it is very comfortable and has porcelain arms and headrests, showcasing very prestigious craftsmanship.

 The barber hairs from Louis Hanson produced around the 1900s are in great demand these days. Although the design of the company’s chairs was not too attractive, that is the reason why these chairs are not easily available today.

History – Founded in 1883 by Louis Hanson, the firm produced picture frames in its early years. But later years, they decided to enter the barber chairs business, the company earned good money. 

But in 1880, the entire factory was burned to the ground. 

Three days later, the company purchased a new factory with a bigger area and better machinery. 

By 1998, the company started exporting barber chairs to Johannesburg. This was a significant milestone for the company, which had business from California to other states.

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Why are Vintage Barber Chairs in Demand To date?

Classic Barber Chairs are still in high demand because either barber want to use them in their salons or they want them as showpieces. There are several reasons why salon owners or barbers wish to buy Old barber chairs for their salons. First, the design, looks, leather, and build quality of these chairs are much better than modern chairs. 

Even today, many old-school barber chair companies exist, and barbers trust them more than modern barber equipment manufacturers. These old-school manufacturers provide classy and quality barber chairs. Even though they can cost you higher than modern chairs, they will surely last more than modern chairs.

You can either buy an Old fashioned barber chair and get it renovated or purchase it directly from an old-school barber chair manufacturer.

Why should you get Vintage Barber Chairs as a barber?

As a barber, you should buy a classic barber chair because an antique chair can get more customers or make your salon look classy and different from other salons. 

Your salon can get exposure to the classy and different styles of classic chairs. Also, you can even just put a traditional chair in your salon as a showpiece.

People even collect classic barber chairs for collections and even pay enormous prices for such chairs.

Which Chair to Get Among these for your Salon? 

We have mentioned only four antique chairs and their companies, but many more companies produced barber chairs back in the days.

 If we talk about today’s antique chair demand, then Koken, Belmont, and Theodore chairs are in high demand. 

If you’re looking to give your barbershop or salon that “retro” look, any of these antique barber chairs is an absolute must-have addition.

Where To Find these Antique Barber Chairs?

You can find these classic barber chairs on either internet or in any pawn shop, auction, or local. Mainly, old barber chairs are in huge demand, so it is becoming difficult to find even if you find the prices are so high.

But if you are into antique barber chairs, then look for them on eBay or Amazon. You can even find Belmont’s antique barber chairs on Amazon. 

Check for their authenticity if you are searching for barber chairs in your city or country. 

Bottom Line

In the world of vintage barber chairs, comfort meets nostalgia. The top 4 comfy antique barber chairs for sale offer a blend of timeless style and ergonomic design. These chairs not only transport you to a bygone era but also provide clients with a comfortable and unforgettable grooming experience. For those seeking a unique touch for their barbershops or personal grooming spaces, these antique chairs are a perfect choice.


Are antique barber chairs suitable for modern barbershops?

Absolutely! They add character and charm, making a unique statement in modern grooming spaces.

Do antique barber chairs recline?

Yes, many antique chairs are designed to recline for barbering convenience.

What should I consider before purchasing an antique barber chair?

Factors include chair condition, style, materials, and compatibility with your decor.

Can antique barber chairs be refurbished or reupholstered?

Yes, skilled professionals can restore and refurbish antique chairs, updating their appearance and functionality.

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