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When you have your own salon, the first thing that your clients will see is the salon reception desk. So it needs to be attractive, luxurious, & according to the theme of your salon—That’s why you should also focus on putting a ravishing salon reception desk. 

Don’t worry if you are not sure which salon reception desk will be good for your salon. This article will help you in choosing the best salon reception desk from various styles, types & price ranges with their reviews. Moreover, you will also know about the factors you should keep in mind while choosing a Salon Reception Desk. 

Which are the best salon reception desk one can buy?

After researching for hours & looking at various salon reception desks, here are our choices for the best salon reception desk, according to price range and types with customer reviews included:

1)  DFS Reception Desk Shell

DFS Reception Desk Shell

DFS Reception Desk Shell
  • Brand – DFS Designs
  • Color -Espresso
  • Weight – 200 pounds
  • Material – Laminate Wood
  • Size – 60*30*44
  • Water u0026 Scratch Resistant
  • Customer Ratings – 4.8 Stars

This modern salon reception desk has a silver floating check writing shelf and a silver-white square on the front that makes your desk look modern and almost industrial. The white square is also a good place to put the name of your hair salon on.

Toward the back, you have a large open deck space area that is big enough for a computer and has a cable management hole in it. You won’t feel like you’re getting a high-end piece of furniture because it’s made of fiberboard, so it is one of a cheap salon reception desk. But the workstation and the side panels are scratch, stain, and water-resistant.


  • The reception desk has great build quality.
  • The laminate is also of great quality.
  • It has a client writing space on the upper side.
  • Space for putting a logo on the front.


  • The material of the table is of laminative wood, which is just fine.
  • According to features, price is a bit high.

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2) Vintage Reception Desk LED Illuminated

Vintage Reception Desk LED Illuminated

Vintage Reception Desk LED Illuminated
  • Brand – Dir Store
  • Color -Vintage White
  • Weight – Not mentioned
  • Material – Wood u0026 Glass
  • Size – 55*43*20.5
  • Front Glass with LED lights
  • Customer Ratings – 4.8 Stars

If you want people to notice your reception station, this is the best way to do it. It will definitely convince your clients that they will get high-quality service at your salon.

The real wood construction has been painted and carved with great care. Color-changing LED lights are used to light up the frosted tempered glass in the middle, making it a great salon reception desk with a glass display.

Your desk has a slide-out keyboard shelf, a cable management hole, two cabinets, and room for a chair. You also have one drawer without a lock, one lockable drawer, two cabinets, and space for a chair.
Moreover, the best part is the reception desk comes fully assembled.


  • The reception desk comes fully assembled.
  • It also have locking storage u0026 keyboard area.
  • You get various color options to choose from.
  • The salon reception desk has a great LED light feature.


  • It may not fit with all salon themes.
  • The product is heavier than other counters.

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3) Mayline Napoli Freestanding Reception Station

Mayline Napoli Freestanding Reception Station

Mayline Napoli Freestanding Reception Station
  • Brand – Safco Products Store
  • Color – Sierra Cherry Veneer
  • Weight – Not mentioned
  • Material – Wood u0026 Glass
  • Size – 37.25u0022D x 86.5u0022W x 42.75u0022H
  • With top glass slab
  • Customer Ratings – No Ratings
  • Clean, Italian-influenced style

An Italian influence can be seen in this curved desk made of natural wood. A floating, frosted tempered glass counter above the warm mahogany veneer.

Two layers of catalyzed lacquer preserve the 1.1-inch thick veneer on the surface, ensuring that your workstation will last for many years to come. The desk has a long, open workstation with a keyboard rack and a cord management hole for easy cable management.

The Napoli Reception Desk comes with a limited lifetime warranty and needs some assembly.


  • The reception desk is made of warm wood veneers.
  • It has a keyboard shelf in it.
  • The build quality is really great.


  • The reception desk is suitable for spacious salons.
  • It needs assembly.

4) Collins STUDIO J Salon Reception Desk

Collins STUDIO J Salon Reception Desk

Collins STUDIO J Salon Reception Desk
  • Brand – Source One Beauty
  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 275 pounds
  • Material – Wood u0026 Glass
  • Size – 44u0022H x 72u0022W x 25u0022D
  • Customer Ratings – No Ratings
  • Curved u0026 Long table for spacious salons

The Collins Studio J salon curved reception desk is a hit with everyone. They exude aristocratic grace and dignity. The backlit LED panels on the three raised sides of this American-made modern salon reception desk provide a stunning image.

There’s plenty of storage space with two file cabinets, a sliding keyboard tray, a cubby, and a two-door cabinet for storage. Even the built-in storage for the retail bags is designed with a cord management aperture in each of the three panels.

This black salon reception desk is a really beautiful & stunning piece of artwork that you can install in your salon, but it will definitely going to cost some more bucks.


  • It has a stunning curved design.
  • You can choose from 48 colors.
  • The table is made in the USA.
  • You get lots of storage in this desk.


  • It is expensive.
  • It is not ideal for small size salons.
  • The product takes long shipping times.

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5) Beauty Salon Led Illuminated Reception Desk

Beauty Salon Led Illuminated Reception Desk

Beauty Salon Led Illuminated Reception Desk
  • Brand – Dir Store
  • Color – Grey
  • Weight – 200 pounds
  • Material – Wood u0026 Metal
  • Size – 48.11u0022D x 20.08u0022W x 43.31u0022H
  • Customer Ratings – 4.5 Stars
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

This sleek and modern salon reception desk has a Built-in white light LED system for additional illumination and aesthetic appeal.

Based on the current trends in salon decor, the desk has an ultra-modern and sleek design.
This salon reception desk has an Extra-large Work Area, Plenty of Storage Drawers and Locking drawers, Keyboard Sliding-Out. Large Storage Drawers.

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The desk’s surface is long-lasting and has a high gloss. Furthermore, the desk is pre-assembled and ready to use out of the box. You also get one year warranty on this desk, which is the icing on the cake.


  • The reception desk is made of wood & metal, making it long-lasting & heavy duty.
  • It has a large working area and keyboard shelf in it.
  • The build quality is really great.
  • Comes with one year warranty.


  • Somewhat overpriced.

6) UGOS Modern Floating Glass Top Reception Desk

UGOS Modern Floating Glass Top Reception Desk

UGOS Modern Floating Glass Top Reception Desk
  • Brand – UGOS Store
  • Color – Cream, Brown, Metal
  • Weight – Not mentioned
  • Material – Walnut, Tempered Glass, Glass
  • Size – 25.5u0022D x 81.5u0022W x 44.5u0022H
  • Curved Reception Desk

With its salon-inspired curves, this welcome desk will brighten up any workspace—the perfect place to conduct business or to greet clients or customers. The salon curved reception desk has a great feature that silver metal pillars support the tempered glass top, which seems to float above the walnut wood grain laminate work surface.

This desk’s scratch, stain, and water-resistant melamine laminate allow you to keep a tidy, stable, and professional look. In addition, the company provides free shipping all over the US, which is pro in buying the desk.


  • The desk has lots of drawers u0026 big space for putting things.
  • The build quality is really great.
  • Design is modern u0026 attractive.
  • Free shipping all over the US.


  • Requires a big salon to fit it in.

These were our best choices of salon reception desks. We hope you found the suitable reception desk for your salon. If not, you can buy one after taking into mind the buyer guide tips from below.

What factors should you keep in mind while buying a salon reception desk? 

Surely, choosing the furniture for your salon will be stressful. And you don’t want to buy anything that will not suit your requirements. So, even our list of salon reception desks does not include your type of reception desk; then we have made a list of some factors that you can consider while choosing the reception desk. 

After an in-detail study of the salon reception desks, we have made a list so you can trust our buying guides for the beauty reception desk. Here are those factors to consider:

1) Product Quality

This one is the most important one to consider while buying a salon reception desk. First, you need to check the build material & the coating material of the reception desk. Then compare it according to price, whether the price is right or not. 

2) Price

Price is another most important factor to consider in-salon reception desk choice. Firstly, make a budget, then see various options in the price range. After that, buy one product that offers the best features & quality at the lowest price.

3) Specifications

The specification needs to be according to your requirements. Buy the product which has the closest specifications to the reception desk you are looking for. 

4) Features

The more features, the more you will get for your money spent. So it will be great to check the number of features in various salon reception desks. 

5) Brand Value

Every brand of beauty salon reception desk has a worth of its own. Most companies provide some form of unique selling proposition that’s meant to bring something different to the table than their rivals. So look for what differnet is the brand provides in the product. 

6) Customer Ratings & Reviews

The overview of the product can be known from the ratings of the product. The higher the ratings, the better will be the product. Moreover, people who have used the reception desk at a beauty salon have written detailed and first-hand reviews about it. So, you should also check the reviews and ratings.

One should keep in mind these main factors while looking for a suitable salon reception desk. 

Bottom Line

This was all about the salon reception desk & the buyer guide of it. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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What should a salon reception desk look like?

It should be stylish, functional, and complement the salon’s decor, often featuring a sleek design with storage and workspace.

How much does a salon reception desk cost?

Prices vary widely, starting at a few hundred dollars for basic models and going up to thousands for premium or custom designs.

Where can I buy a salon reception desk?

You can find them at furniture stores, online retailers, or through salon equipment suppliers.

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