20 Long Layered Hair Styles & Cuts for Women!

Most women love to have long layered hair as long hair makes their personality come out very beautifully. Moreover, long layered hair volume & strength makes long hair more gorgeous. But styling long layered hair is a bit of a difficult task for women as they don't find any charming or unique styles for long hair. But don't worry, because we will mention some awesome long layered hairstyles & cuts for women.

Moreover, we will try to mention some great products that can be used for hairstyles for long hair. So, let's get started!

20 Long Layered Hair Styles & Cuts for Women

1) Long Highlighted Hair with Layers and Bangs

With long hair, you can experiment many things, like this one hair cut & style. First, you have to cut your shorts from the front & then need to color them blonde from some places. & Voila, you will have your long blonde hair with layers.

2) Voluminous Long Layered Hair

Long layered hair with volume & combed in style looks gorgeous. For this hairstyle, you need to add some curls to your hair & comb them in style. You will have silky, smooth long layered hair. This hairstyle looks very classy & is great for women with dark hair colors to show the layers.

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3) Curled Long Layered Hair

This hairstyle is perfect for parties & special occasions; with sweet curls, you can add volume & style to your hair simultaneously. The hairstyle involves making straightening hair in the upper part & making curls in the lower part. This is one of the best hairstyles for long hair.

4) Purple Curled Long Layered Hair

This hairstyle for losing hair is kinda unique because the purple color makes the layers come out more beautifully. One can surely try this hairstyle if they love to color the hair & have long hair. One needs to make curls to add layer & volume to hair in the bottom part.

5) Balayage Long Layered Hair

To get this hairstyle for your long hair, you don't have to make many efforts; just go to a salon to get balayage for your hair. & ask for curls afterward; you will have beautiful long hair. This is one of the best long haircuts for women.

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6) Long Textured Layered with Bends

This long layered hairstyle is really great in terms of highlights & texture. You can get this kind of hairstyle from any good professional. This style is an example of simplicity & a simple look. The look will give long layers, a subtle contrast of highlights, beautiful beachy waves. Without any doubt, this is one of the best long haircuts for women.

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7) Choppy, Textured Long Layers

This hairstyle is for women with long blonde hair with layers. You need to get them choppy from a professional & voila! You will get this simple yet beautiful look. Moreover, this style doesn't need any hot tools to get this hairstyle for your long hair.

8) Long blonde hair with layers

Long blonde hair with layers

If you can polish your blondes, then they will look better & gorgeous. So to make them look better, layer them properly & you will have straight yet beautiful long hair. This style does not require much effort & can be quickly done.

9) Long layered hair front style

This one style makes the person look gorgeous as the hair at the front looks lovely. With beachy waves & short hair at the front, the hairstyle makes a unique & beautiful impact. One can surely try this hairstyle if they have blonde hair.

10) Curl Your Long Layers

This one hairstyle is subtle yet looks beautiful. This one hairstyle is appropriate for the hair that is too long & thick. So to style them, just curl them on the ends. But keep in mind to use the spray as the curls can go straight again. This hairstyle is really great & gives layers & texture to the long hair.

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11) Simple Layered Hair

With long & balayage hair, you can make them look beautiful without making any big efforts. Just use a smoothing shampoo & conditioner, & comb them straight. Your hair will like the hair in the picture. This is one of the simplest yet gorgeous hairstyles for long hair.

12) Extra Curly Layered Hair

This look can be achieved with a lot of texture, curls & a hefty amount of product to keep it in one place. This one looks is modern & a party style. So one can really make it happen; it just needs the help of a professional.

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13) Funky Long layered hair front

If one loves to keep hair at the front, then this hairstyle with long layered hair can really suit you. You should make this messy, funny style with the use of your hands, as the comb will make it neat & proper. Do not forget to use a staying product to keep the hair in one place.

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14) Middle Part Long Layered Hair

Women look really great in parting hairstyles. You can part your hair in the middle & make beachy waves on both sides & there you go! The beachy waves will add volume to hair & the hair will get texture & layer at the same time. This is one of the best long hair layered cuts.

15) Sensual Long Layers

These kinds of hair look beautiful, and it does not involve much effort. The hairstyle can be achieved with a blowout & need a styling product to keep them in one place. So take a blowout brush & make your hair look like this.

16) Extra Layered Hair

This silver look hair is perfect for special occasions & one can definitely make hair look like this, it just needs the help of a professional & some good products. This ultra-modern hairstyle is among the best Hairstyles for long hair.

17) Sweeping Long Hair With layers & textures

Want celebrity-like hair & want to look premium? Yes, it can happen with this hairstyle! And what you need is just having long smooth hair. What you need to do is, go to a beauty salon & get your hair transformed into this hairstyle.

18) Bodacious Blown Out Layered Hair

Don't believe you're capable of achieving these incredible layers? It's possible! You can have this long, fabulous mane with a blowout and a lot of layers. Style them in a way that layers stay I the hair. This hairstyle is particularly made for extra long hair & one will look magnificent in this hairstyle.

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19) Space Buns Layered Hair

With extra-long hair, one can make two space buns & then leave all the air with beachy waves in them. Buns are very trendy nowadays & they look great in mostly all styles. If you are a college or school girl, it will definitely look great on you.

20) Wavy Long Hairs with Long Bangs

This hairstyle needs to be styled with some effort. However, it does not necessarily need the help of a professional; one can do it very easily. It just needs a good curler & a spray to keep hair at its place. This look will be gorgeous if one tries it as a part of a special function. It is one of the hairstyles with a Long layered hair front. The highlights add more beauty to the hairstyle.

Bottom Line

These were our recommendations & choices as hairstyles for long layered hairstyles. One can definitely choose a hairstyle for themselves & these hairstyles are all trendy & beautiful. We hope you found this article helpful & informative.

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