How long is cosmetology school for hair?

Do you know the beauty jobs will increase by 8% in the decade of 2018-2028? So it is the right time to join the beauty industry either in the hair, skin, makeup, or nails field. The hair care industry is on the highest growth & it will only increase. So how can you join? It is through Cosmetology school, which will teach you everything or will make you an expert. But you need to give your efforts & time there. So, how long is cosmetology school for hair?

Actually, it can easily take between 10 months to 2 years, depending on the school you're getting the training & level of skills you will achieve. So let's get to know more about the time duration of the cosmetology school for hair? 

How long is cosmetology school for hair?

For becoming a hairstylist, you need to get more skills & expertise than any other beauty skills. Becuase you will need to cut the client's hair, shape them, color them, bleach them & many other processes, so if not expert, any issue or problem can occur. 

So the cometology school for hair takes around ten months to even two years. The time can even be reduced if one learns things very fast & can do any skills fast & easy & with perfection. 

Moreover, the time duration also depends on the type of program, whether you are opting for a part-time or a full-time cosmetology program.

The time at cosmetology school also varies depending on the University you are getting your skills from. Some universities provide certification courses for 1500 hours. You need to complete that time whether you learn early. 

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How long is cosmetology school for hair in different Beauty Universities?

If you're searching for admission to cosmetology school for hair, check the time duration & level of skills that different universities will provide. Here is the list of different Beauty Universities that provide cosmetology in hair caring & styling:

Minnesota School of Cosmetology – You can get certification in just 11 months. 

Cosmetology School in Michigan – The time for certification in hair care will take time of 1400 hours. This is 11 months in the daytime program & 14 months in the evening program. 

OGLE School – You can complete your cosmetology program in OGLE school in 7 months for a full-time program & 11 months for a part-time program. 

Cosmetology school in Georgia – The cosmetology school needs to be at least 1500 in Georgia. Becuase the time duration is according to the law of the state of Georgia. 

It is also up to the state law, which mentions the minimum hours of training at cosmetology school for hair. The schools then make programs according to state laws.

How much does it cost to go to Cosmetology school?

On average, it costs between $5000 to $20,000 to attend a cosmetology school in the USA. However, the cost can even go up depending on the skills you will acquire & the level of cosmetology school. 

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Do you have to go to cosmetology school to do hair? 

Definitely, Yes! It is not just necessary to acquire skills in hair cutting & styling by attending a cosmetology school for hair, but it is essential for state laws too. For example, many states require the person to be certified & licensed from cosmetology school to do a hairstylist job or run a hair salon. 

Any person who hasn't attended the cosmetology school & is not certified is entitled to face charges if found running a salon or doing the barber or hairstylist job. 

So one should definitely attend cosmetology school & get training according to the requirements of the state laws.

Bottom Line

So this was all about the course duration for cosmetology school for hair. We hope you find this article informative & helpful. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below! 

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