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“Best Mexican Mullet Hairstyles for Men & Women” showcases a collection of trendy and versatile mullet hairstyles inspired by Mexican fashion and culture. These hairstyles feature the iconic mullet cut, characterized by shorter hair on the sides and front with longer strands at the back. You probably have seen men with the hairstyle of long hair at the neck area, shaved or faded sides & normal length on the crown area.

That hairstyle has a name & is very popular in Mexico. The hairstyle is named Mexican Mullet. Actually, it is not specifically a hairstyle but a way to style hair. Any style can be Mexican mullet if hair at the back is kept uncut & free. This article is intended to provide you with information about Mexican Mullet, How to get it & style it. Moreover, we will mention different Mexican Mullet haircuts so that you can choose one for yourself. 

What is a Mexican Mullet Haircut?

Mexican Mullet haircut is a type of haircut in which the hair at the back is kept uncut & long & the hair at the sides is trimmed. The crown hair is styled in different ways. More precisely explaining, any hairstyle can be a mullet haircut if the back hair is uncut & long. 

Mexican mullet became popular in the 1980s n Mexico & soon it gained popularity all over the world. 

The mullet haircut ishas another name as ‘business in the front, party in the back for its look. The haircut back in the days was worn by athletes & business savvy people, but soon it became popular. 

Many famous people, including Mel Gibson, Hulk Hogan, Kenny Powers, Randy Johnson, David Bowie, had rocked this hairstyle. 

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How can you get a Mexican Mullet Haircut? 

In order to get a mullet haircut, the first requirement is good hair length at the back of your head because these are the spirit of Mexican Mullet. Moreover, you should have normal-length hair at the top & sides. 

You can get this haircut from a salon to get the precision. However, one can do the haircut by themselves, but the right precision & styling may come. 

How to Style a Mexican Mullet Haircut? 

If you want to get the haircut by yourself, then here is the step by step tutorial:

  • First, you need to grow your hair to shoulder length. The hair at the back particularly needs to be longer. If the hair at the back is longer by four inches than the front, it would be best. 
  • Secure your hair with clips by sectioning them off. Leave the hair you wish to cut free.
  • Now start the hair cutting. The bangs need to be cut first so that there is a clear starting point.
  • Now cut/shave the sides of your hair.
  • If you want your hair to have volume and texture, make sure the top is symmetrically cut.
  • After you’ve combed the back, cut it to the length you want.
  • Voila! You have your Mexican mullet haircut. 

A mullet hair cut can be of various types & one can keep the cut with back hair at the same place & styles changing on the front & sides. 

During the period of the pandemic, when barbers were inaccessible, people grew long hair. After some relaxation, people adopted long haircuts & one of them was a mullet hair cut. It got popular again & people started to rock it again & now with more experiments to the style. 

Moreover, the trend of mullet returning can result from tik-tok, which helped the style reach more people. 

Mexican Mullet Hairstyles for Men

Mexican Mullet can be styled in many ways & as explained earlier, it is not a haircut but how different styles can be rocked with the trend, running from decades. Here are Various Mexican Mullet Styles for Men:

1) Curly Mullet Haircut

If you have curly hair, you can still rock a mullet haircut by keeping the hair at the back long & short hair on the sides & crown area. The style will look really great & unique. Natural curls will do the real work; you just have to get the hair in the shape.

2) Shaven on top mullet

The style is a combination of a shaven sport look & a mullet haircut. The style involves shaving the hair from the front & sides & keeping the long hair tail at the back. The mullet fade style looks classy yet impactful if it comes along with a full beard.

3) Square Mullet Haircut

You can easily see why this haircut is known as the square mullet haircut. The hair at the front is kept at the same length & is trimmed in a way that it forms a square shape from three sides. The hair at the sides is cut shorter than the front & obviously, the hair at the back is kept on the longer side, with very short trimming.

This hairstyle was very popular with many football starts & is still prevailing today.

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4) Long & Flowing Natural Mullet

Would you like your hair to wave naturally and long like a horse’s mane? If you are blessed with fantastic hair texture and growth, the best kind of mullet you can have is a natural and careless one. If you want a mullet, leave it all-natural with some very slight trimmings in front to shape the mullet. This looks great on handsome Mexican hunks.

5) Mexican mullet with bangs in front

Let the mane flow long and densely near the neck while cutting the length into front bangs for vintage and classy Mexican mullet look. This really makes use of the whole section of hair and is an excellent choice for a bold Mexican man.

6) Short Mexican Mullet

If you don’t like long hair on the top of your head but still want to rock the Mexican mullet style, then you can try on this simple yet impactful, Short Mexican Mullet. The hair on the sides & top are smaller & the hair on the backside is longer. The style looks really great on college boys.

7) Spiky Mexican with Mullet

Now, this hairstyle is for those who want to look more solid & funky styled, with some leather jacket & a bike. The hairstyle has spikes on the top of the hair, the trimmed sides & the long hair on the back. The hair at the back needs to look as feathers as you can see in the picture. One can get highlights to make them look better.

8) 80s Mullet Hair Cut

The 1980s was the time when Mullet became really popular. You can see famous Hollywood star Brad Pit rocked the style. He has loose hair at the top & sides & longer hair on the back. The style looks really good even today. One can try the style with some experiments or coloring.

9) Mullet Fade Hairstyle

If you like fade haircuts, then you can try this mullet fade cut. You can get the side fades & style the top hair as you want. The back hair can be curly, straight as you want but keep them longer than the top hair. The hairstyle will look stylish & unique if you give your own touch to it.

10) Long Back Mullet Hair Cut

The first & foremost requirement of this style is long hair. Wait for some months o get long hair at the back & keep the hair at the top & sides trimmed from time. The style will be unique & will make you look too handsome. Next, you need to get the hair fade on the sides & mid-length hair on the top.

Mullet Haircut for Women

Mullets are not only rocked by men but women too. As a result, there are a lot of mullet cuts for women. Here are the mullet cuts for women, including the famous shag mullet style:

1) Cropped Mullet Hair Cut

The famous Money Heist star, having the character of ‘Tokyo, has rocked the mullet hairstyle. The hair cut involves a pixie cut on the top & lengthy hair at the back. This style makes it look really great & it is also easy to achieve. You can achieve this look by applying a leave-in conditioner and combing it through your hair.

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2) Shag Mullet Cut

Shag mullet is the most famous mullet style for women. The shaggy, messy hair looks unique & pretty at the same time. One can get the style from a professional, as they know how to make this style ideally. You can style & maintain this cut by using your fingers only.

You have to keep bangs on the front side to rock the shag mullet style.

3) Curly Mullet Haircut

Depending on your hair type, you can achieve this look with two different techniques. Using a hair mousse will give your hair some hold, and you can blow-dry it to ensure the mousse is absorb into the hair. Using the chopstick styler no.1 curling wand, curl your chopsticks. To curl, take two-centimeter sections and wrap them around the wand. You can complete the look by massaging Unite U Oil into your palms and scrunching it into your hair to break the curls.

4) Sleek & Straight Mullet

Get this cut from a professional & later, you can easily manage them. The only requirement is straight hair. The hairstyle has banged on the front & long hair on the back, the signature of Mullet style. You just need to comb the hair & then apply serum to finish the styling of this mullet cut.

5) Long Mullet Cut

A long mullet style is often compared to a shag haircut. To get this look, spray your hair with salt spray. Using your hands, create texture by blow-drying the product in. Use a styler to create an undone beachy look by taking random pieces of your hair and waving them. Use your fingers to break the waves.

The haircut overall is very popular & women love this easy-to-maintain style.

Bottom Line

The diverse range of “Best Mexican Mullet Hairstyles for Men & Women” reveals a fusion of trendy and culturally inspired cuts. From classic mullets with a Mexican twist to modern variations incorporating vibrant colors and unique textures, these hairstyles celebrate individual expression and the essence of Mexican fashion. Embracing the iconic mullet cut, this collection offers versatile options suitable for both men and women, allowing for personalization and creativity in hairstyling.


Are mullet hairstyles suitable for all hair types?

Mullet hairstyles can be adapted to various hair types, though some styling adjustments may be needed for different textures.

Can women pull off mullet hairstyles?

Absolutely! Mullet hairstyles have evolved to offer trendy and chic options for women, providing a bold and edgy look.

How can I style a Mexican-inspired mullet for a modern look?

Consider adding vibrant hair colors, texturizing the longer back strands, or incorporating braids or hair accessories for a contemporary twist.

Are mullet hairstyles high-maintenance?

The maintenance level varies based on the specific style and hair type. Regular trims can keep the mullet looking sharp, but some styles may require more care.

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