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Famous locs styles- Goddess Locs, Faux Locs & Boho Locs!

Locs has been a natural hairstyle that is being in style from ancient times to till now. Some people have naturally grown their hair into locs & some especially pay to get locs, becuase it has become a style statement nowadays. Moreover, with so many styles, one can different types of locs, as they like. Some of the most popular loc styles are Goddess Locs, Faux Locs (Rihanna rocked it), Bohemian Loc & Soft Locs, etc.  

So to help you choose out from different locs styles, we have been here. This article will let you know about various locs styles, how one can get them, their & many other things about them. Moreover, we will also differentiate between multiple loc styles. 

The Goddess Locs

The Goddess Locs

You may be surprised to hear, but goddess locs were invented in 2015 & that too is on the demand of Hollywood actress Meagan Good. The locks were designed by Dr. Kari Williams, who also named the hairstyle Goddess Locs. 

Goddess Locs are actually a type of Faux Locs. Although goddess locs come in various variations, it involves leaving the ends loose & curly at the ends. Goddess locs are more on the natural side & are easy to get & maintain. 

If you get goddess locs with the hair extension, they will probably be called goddess faux locs. However, one can get goddess locs with their natural hair by getting treatment at a salon or home. 

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How much does it cost to get Goddess Locs? 

Goddess locs usually cost between $150 to $300 if done from a professional or salon. One can even be done themselves at home & it will cost even lower. 

However, the expert professional can do the natural hair into goddess locs & which will cost around $ 1000. But those locs will be very easy to manage & even easy to dismantle. 

So it is advised to get the goddess locs from an expert professional to get the premium look & easy maintenance.  

How to get Goddess Locs at Home? 

You can get goddess locs style at home at a low cost of just $40. Moreover, you do not need to tangle your natural hair to get goddess locs. You just need to purchase the extensions & then follow the steps mentioned in the following video:

How to Maintain Goddess Locs? 

In order to maintain, goddess locs you need to moisturize the locs appropriately so that your real hair cannot be prone to breakage. If you have been wearing the style for months, then you need to spray hydrating sprays from time to time. 

The spray will automatically get absorbed into the locs & then into your natural hair. 

How to get Goddess Locs removed?

It will be best if one gets their locs removed from a professional or a salon. However, if you want to remove them by yourself, then you should use the comb our creme, like 

The Comb Creme is used to remove the extension simultaneously as it’s massaged into the hair, leaving the client’s natural hair. 

The Faux Locs

The Faux Locs

The faux locs style is the same style that Rihanna rocks. However, the locs involve the use of artificial braids. Basically, the faux braids are artificial; that’s why they are commitment-free braids. Therefore, one can wear them without any treatment on their natural hair. 

The faux locs are best for women who want to try some new style or want to permanently switch to dreads but are afraid to try at once. They can then check whether the style looks cool n them or not. 

With artificial braids involved, the faux loc style can be customized & experimented with as per one’s choice. 

How much does it cost to get Faux Locs? 

The price of faux locs can range from around $100 to $300 & even higher if you get them done by a high-class professional. It all depends on the type & quality of extensions you will get & the experience of the professional. 

However, one can do the style by themselves; if they have enough expertise & know how to braid the hair & put extensions on them, you will just need to incur the cost of extensions. 

Another question that may arrive now is, how much time does faux locs get to install? 

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So the average time can vary from a minimum of four to a maximum of nine hours to get the faux braids. 

How to get Faux Locs at home?

If you want to get faux locs without spending any good amount of money & have confidence in yourself that you will do it yourself, then follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial, & you will get the desired results. 

If you get faux locs from a salon or professional, then you need to give 4 to 9 hours of your time. 

How to maintain Faux Locs? 

One of the best features of faux locs is it is a low Maintainance hairstyle. You need to keep your scalps moisturized so that your natural hair doesn’t become stiff dreads & mix up with artificial braids. 

You can wash them once a week & then for fast drying, use a hooded dryer. Finally, you use the Manketti/Mongongo oil for your scalps & hair. Apart from this, you don’t need to make much effort on your faux locks style. 

How to get Faux Locs Removed? 

To get your faux locs removed, it would be good to get the help of a professional. However, one can do this at home, but you need to follow some steps. Here is a step by step guide to remove or untangle your faux locs:

Soft locs vs Faux locs

Soft locs & faux locs are two different types locs styles. Both have their own distinct look & involve different styling processes. Here is the detailed difference between soft locs vs faux locs.

Soft Locs

  1. Soft locs are a type of faux loc that is made of crochet loc hair and distressed wrapping hair at the roots.
  2. You will only need to wrap your crochet locs from the roots to the end of your natural hair.
  3. In soft locs, the length is determined by the crochet loc’s original length.
  4. Soft locs are flexible & easy to manage. 

Faux Locs

  1. Faux locs are normally created with marly hair.
  2. In order to make faux locs, you need to wrap the hair from roots to ends. 
  3. Faux locs give you the choice to customize the length of your hair. 
  4. There is usually more tension with faux locs vs soft locs.

Goddess Faux Locs

Goddess Faux Locs

There is another type of locs that is a transition between Goddess locs & faux locs. The locs are known as goddess faux locs & they involve the use of artificial braid extensions like of faux locs & then styling that hair that of goddess locs. 

The goddess faux locs involve styling the hair as braids from roots to mid-lengths & then making the hair at ends curly. The thing that changed it from goddess locs is the use of artificial braids. 

The Boho Locs

The Boho Locs

The boho locs or bohemian locs are one of a kind of Faux locs. It involves using crochet locs, hook, & additional extensions to create the more free form locs look. Most times, extra curly hair extensions are used in the boho locs. 

The boho locs can be called as a combination of both faux locs & goddess locs. Like the faux locs, the boho locs are not wrapped around neatly but in a more free way, creating a freeform locs look. 

Often, bohemian locs include additional wavy or curly extensions, just as goddess locs do, which is why they are considered to be a cross between the two types of faux locs.

Many celebrities, including Meagan Good, Ciara Wilson, Zendaya Coleman, and others, wear bohemian locs.

How to get Boho Locs?

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Bohemian Goddess Faux Locs

Bohemian Goddess Faux Locs

Another kind of locs that will give you all kinds of locs style in one place. The hairstyle is known as bohemian goddess faux locs & it involves braiding the hair as per the style of boho locs with the use of artificial braids & then adding the curly extensions in that hair. The style gives the look of goddess locs, which have loose & curly ends, boho locs, which have thick & curly braids & also faux locs.

One needs to spend more money, effort, & time to get the bohemian goddess faux locks, but the results will be great.

Here is the tutorial of Bohemian Goddess Faux Locs:

Bottom Line

This was all about different kinds of famous locs styles, their tutorials, how to get them, how to remove them & the difference between soft locs vs faux locs. We hope that you found this article helpful & informative,

“The realm of famous locs styles—Goddess Locs, Faux Locs, and Boho Locs—offers a versatile array of stunning options for those seeking intricate and stylish hairdos. These styles, celebrated for their distinct textures and artistic flair, cater to diverse preferences, allowing individuals to embrace unique, statement-making looks. From the goddess-like elegance of Goddess Locs to the bohemian charm of Boho Locs and the versatility of Faux Locs, these styles offer a fusion of tradition and modernity, allowing wearers to express their individuality with confidence and grace.”


What sets Goddess Locs apart from other styles?

Goddess Locs feature a softer, wavy texture and are created by wrapping extensions around the hair, typically starting with a braid foundation, resulting in a more natural, ethereal appearance.

Are Faux Locs permanent or temporary?

Faux Locs are temporary, created by wrapping synthetic or human hair around the natural hair, allowing for versatility in style and length without the commitment of permanent locs.

What distinguishes Boho Locs from traditional locs styles?

Boho Locs incorporate a bohemian, free-spirited vibe, combining crochet techniques with natural textures, often featuring softer ends and a lighter feel compared to standard locs.

How long do these locs styles typically last?

The duration of these styles can vary based on maintenance and care, with Goddess Locs and Boho Locs lasting approximately eight to twelve weeks and Faux Locs lasting up to two to three months.

Can these locs styles be customized in terms of length and thickness?

Absolutely! Each style allows for customization in length, thickness, and even color, offering versatility and the ability to tailor the look to individual preferences and facial features.

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