Types of Fades

It is rarely seen that men's hair does not have Fade in it. Most men's haircuts are faded & even though they've been popular for a long time; they never go out of style. Men's hairstyles look incomplete & dull without fades. Moreover, one can experiment & make their own kind of fade style. There can be more than 50+ types of fades present in men's hairstyles, but do you know there are only seven main types of fades? 

All other fades generally are based on the basic seven types of fades. In this article, you will know about which are main seven types of fades & various fade styles. 

What is a fade? 

A fade haircut is one that gradually shortens the length of the hair on the sides and back. To achieve a flawless fade, clippers are often required.

The hair on top of fades maybe whatever length you choose. To maintain a fade looking its best, you'll require a trim every four to six weeks.

7 Basic Types of Fades

It might be difficult to keep up with all the fades you see since the barber profession is always changing and adjusting to new trends. But whatever the fade style, it will be a mix of two or more types of basic fades. 

So, here are those seven basic fade types:

  • High Fade
  • Medium Fade
  • Low Fade
  • Skin Fade
  • Temple Fade
  • Burst Fade
  • Drop Fade

1) High Fade

As a modern trend, a high fade starts near the temples instead of near the ear and fades down to a point near the ears. The hair on the sides and back is usually very short, and sometimes it is even shaved down to the skin. This is how it usually looks.

A high fade is all about the contrast and, since the majority of your hair is shaved closer to the scalp, it's also low-maintenance.

When you have short hair on the back and sides, you can make it look longer on top with the high fade. This is why it is so popular.

2) Medium Fade

Mid-fades begin a little lower than high-fades, around halfway between the ears. Imagine a traditional fade, and chances are you're picturing something like a medium fade.

For a properly balanced appearance, the shorter sections of the hair are kept towards the bottom of the head.

There is reason to believe that more and more men are switching to menstruation. Medium fade haircuts are popular because they let you experiment with various lengthy top styles, such as pompadour.

3) Low Fade

Those of you who want a more natural appearance may appreciate the low fade haircut. In the case of low fades, the fade line near the ear is lower.

It's a fact that long hair covers more of the head than short or fading hair; therefore, it gives the illusion of additional length.

As the cut proceeds up, the length becomes longer and longer until it reaches your earlobes. Those with a diamond or triangular head shape are most suited for this kind of fade cut.

4) Skin Fade/Bald Fade

Some people refer to skin fades as zero or bald fades. However, all skin fades have one thing in common: the hair is shaved off the skin when the Fade is most noticeable.

A bald fade hairstyle is suitable for those who want to emphasize the line between their beard and haircut.

Fading out your skin creates a high-contrast appearance that draws attention, takes accuracy, and seems tough. A huge area of your scalp, which is considerably paler than the rest of your body, will be visible when your skin tone declines.

5) Temple Fade

The temple fade haircut is a popular choice among guys with afro hair. Clippers are used to snip and sculpt the hair at the temples to achieve temple fades. There is a fading line behind the temples that continues.

Any form of Fade may be used with temple fades; however, they are most often used on high fades since other fade types don't begin at the temple area.

6) Burst Fade

They form a semi-circle shape around the ear during burst fades that look like a circle. The fade line starts at the ear and moves in a circle around it.

A burst fade on the sides and back will give you a more textured effect. The top of your head's hair may be styled in a simple manner since it looks so distinctive and complicated.

When it comes to ear hair, you have the option of having it go all the way down to the skin or leaving a few strands for a more subtle appearance.

7) Drop Fade

It doesn't matter if a drop fade starts high, medium, or low. There is one thing they all have in common: The fade line at the back of your head is lower than on the sides. Because the fade line dips down, this is called a “drop fade.”

You should try this one out if you want to try something new.

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Which are the best types of fades for curly hair?

For curly hair, usually, every type of basic type of Fade can go. Even the new fades go great with curly hair. So here are the best types of fades for curly hair and types of fades for wavy hair:

1) Low Fade for Curly Hair

Single-line designs look great with a low fade that shows off your hair. Start near the ear and work your way up to cut the hair. 

2) Curly hair with Mid Fade

A bald mid fade will show off the curly top. Keep your bangs long and messy, and use hair gel to make your ringlets look and move better. It looks like one of the best types of fades for curly hair.

3) High Top & Curly Hair

People with thick hair should get a high-top fade. You can put them on top of each other, giving them dimension. Make sure your face is clean and shaved.

4) Burst Fade for Curly Hair

You need a simple faux hawk and a bald fade around your temples to look cool and free.

5) Drop Fade for Curly Hair

Even when it's this thick and dense, coarse hair is hard to deal with. Go for a medium fade and keep your top rich so you can style it with your favorite jam.

6) Skin Fade Curly Hair

It can be a whole new look for an Asian man with dark hair who has a taper fade. Use some jam to give your hair a wet look. It is one of the best types of fades for wavy hair.

7) Curly Fade with Beard

Clean and sleek, this look has well-defined edges and a beautiful fade around the ears and back. Because the beard is thick and rich, it adds a lot to the whole look. It is cut in a V shape.

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What are the different types of fades for black guys? 

As you know, there are hundreds of fade styles, but surely only some of them look cool & trendy. So, here are some of the best differnet types of fades for black guys:

1) Curly Top Fade

Confused about low and high top fades? First, make sure your hairline is blurred around your ears and at the nape of your neck. Then, choose a current haircut with natural curls to reveal skin textures.

2) Clean Cut Low Fade

Natural hair falls flat when chopped tight, making low fades an excellent choice for black men's sides. Adding the carved line enhances the piece without going overboard.

3) Natural Fauxhawk with Line Up

In order to have a fashionable facial hairstyle that mimics your haircut, fade hair at the temples and allow it to flow towards the beard. Having a lineup is essential for maintaining a professional appearance.

4) Curly Fade with Side-Line

You may quickly elevate your stylish appearance by adding facial hair and a detached part to the style you already have.

5) High Top Mohawk Fade

A high fade, a tapered Mohawk, and a lineup are all incorporated into this unusual design. So if you'd want to give this a whirl, all you have to do is show your barber the photo.

What are different types of fades for white guys?

Here are the best & different types of fades for White Guys:

1) Messy Blonde Fade

However, although pompadours are the most frequent type of high fade hair, mohawk-like styles are becoming more popular.

2) Forward Comb Faded Hair

Of course, a combed reverse style isn't necessary for all fading styles (their most popular form). Hair is combed forward in an almost Caesar-like manner, rather than back, on the forehead, as was formerly the case.

3) Disconnected Fade Cut

The disconnected Fade is the edgiest fade hairstyle. The meaning is clear. Disconnected refers to any haircut with abrupt length alterations. See below.

4) Clean Cut Fade

This shaved fading cut is perfect for a job interview, Easter Sunday with granny, or seeing her parents for the first time.

5) Taper Fade with Part

This clean-cut taper fade with part is really beautiful. However, it might be difficult to style when the top hair is long and thick.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the basic types f fades & even fade types for curly hair, black men & white men. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. 

Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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