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Most all women love nail paint & they do their nail paint done at home. Applying nail paint is easy & it just needs some skills to apply nail paint appropriately. But there’s one other thing that messes up the nail paint, and that’s when it doesn’t dry. You painted your nails with precision, but nail paint was ruined since they didn’t dry well. So how to dry nail polish faster? What’s the best way to dry nails quickly and completely?

There are many ways to dry the nail polish faster, including using cold air blow-dyer, putting under cold water, using hair spray, applying quick-dry drops, and many others. Let’s get to know more about the ways of drying nail polish faster. 

How long does nail polish take to dry?

The majority of nail paint applications dry in less than an hour; in fact, nail polish may dry in as little as 7-10 minutes. And if you are doing nail art then, the time can go up to 15 minutes.

Many salons utilize UV light fan dryers that may speed up the drying process; that’s why it takes less time in salons. But as you apply nail paint at home, so natural drying can take more time. 

Moreover, it also depends on the type of nail polish you are applying and the coats of nail paint. If you use fast-drying nail paint, then surely it will take less time. 

Also, if you are applying one or two coats, then nail paint will dry fast. 

How to dry nail polish faster?

If you are not ready to wait for much time & have some important work to do, then we have some methods through which your nail paint will dry fast. Let’s have a look:

1) Always apply thin coats

Thinning your polish layers is the best way to hasten the drying time. If there are thick & a lot of layers, it will likely take longer to dry. Even while it seems to be slowing down the process, it really has a significant impact on how quickly the final product dries.

2) The Cold Water method

Coldwater will help in drying the nail polish faster. It is the simplest & sure shot method of drying nail paint. Fill a small dish with cold tap water before painting your nails. Set the basin near where you’ll be painting your nails and add ice cubes. Wait two minutes after painting your nails to allow the polish “set” and properly cling to your nails.

Then soak your nails in cold water for 2 minutes. Once your hands are dry, you’ll notice water beading on the nail surface, indicating your polish is dry.

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3) Put your hands in a freezer.

Cold air is the best technique to solidify polish quickly. So placing your hands in the freezer will definitely help in setting & drying the nail polish. Indeed, you will feel the cold breeze, but only two minutes will help set the nail polish.

Although take care that, the underneath layers may not dry completely. 

4) Use Cold Air Blow Dryer

When it’s time to paint your nails, use a “cold air” setting on your hairdryer. After you’ve applied your paint, blow your nails with cold air.

In order to get the finest results, paint one hand’s nails, then use a hairdryer to dry them.

5) Baby Oil

You can speed up nail drying by applying baby oil, olive oil, and cooking spray. It’s easier and more precise if you use a medication dropper, which may be used for precise dosing.

As the oil lies on top of your fingernails and soaks into the polish, it should speed up the drying process. This procedure essentially thins the paint currently on your nail so that it dries quicker.

6) Use Quick Dry Drops

Once your nails have dried for a few minutes, apply one to two drops of dry drops to each nail. Make sure to tilt your hands so that the formula covers your nails completely. You’ll get a manicure that’s impervious to smudging in just five minutes flat.


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7) Use Hairspray on Nails

Apply a short spritz of hair spray on your nails if you don’t have nail spray. Yes, this does speed up the drying time of the nail polish. However, the topcoat of polish is not hardened by this method but rather by using a nail-drying spray.

What should you do to make nail polish dry faster from next time? 

This time we saved you, but what should you do to make nail polish dry faster? Here are some tips to make nail polish dry faster:

1) Buy quick-dry nail paints

If you frequently do your nails, fast-drying nail paint is a must-have. Quick-dry or fast dry nail polish requires no extra work to make them dr fast. 

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The bottle must be kept in a cool, dry place, and the cap must be securely fastened in order to avoid drying out the whole container.

2) Choose Nail Color Wisely

Choosing the perfect color for your nails might be critical if you’re pressed for time. This is the time to go for a light or metallic tone since they dry quicker and need fewer applications.

How to dry nail polish fast at home?

If you want to dry your nail [polish fast & that too without the use of any products at home, then we have some methods for you. 

1) Use Cold Air Dryer

Utilizing a cold air dryer is a quick and effective method to expedite the nail polish drying process. After applying the final coat of polish, switch the dryer to its cool setting. The cool air helps solidify the polish, accelerating the overall drying time and reducing the risk of smudges or imprints. This method is especially beneficial when time is of the essence, providing a convenient solution for achieving flawlessly dry and polished nails without the need for extended waiting periods. Incorporating a cold air dryer into your nail care routine ensures a swift and efficient drying experience, allowing you to showcase your freshly painted nails with confidence in no time.

2) Use Cold Water or Freezer

Immersing freshly painted nails in cold water or placing them briefly in the freezer is a clever and effective technique to expedite the drying of nail polish. After allowing the polish to set for a minute or two, submerge your nails in a bowl of cold water or place your hands in the freezer for a short duration. The cold temperature helps to solidify the polish, speeding up the drying process. This method is particularly handy when time is limited or when you want to ensure a quick, smudge-free finish. By harnessing the power of cold water or the freezer, you can enhance the efficiency of your nail care routine, achieving beautifully dried nails with minimal waiting time.

3) Use Olive Oil

Harnessing the nourishing properties of olive oil can serve as a dual-purpose solution to enhance both the drying time and the overall health of your nails. After applying the final coat of nail polish, gently rub a small amount of olive oil onto each nail and surrounding cuticles. The oil creates a protective layer over the polish, preventing smudges and dings. Additionally, the moisturizing benefits of olive oil contribute to healthier nails and cuticles. This method is especially beneficial for those seeking a natural and conditioning approach to expedite drying, ensuring a glossy and resilient finish. Incorporating olive oil into your nail care routine not only accelerates the drying process but also provides a nurturing touch for a complete and polished look.

4) Apply thin layers of nail paint

Applying thin layers of nail polish is a key strategy for expediting the drying process and achieving a flawless finish. Opting for thin coats ensures quicker evaporation of the solvents in the polish, reducing overall drying time. Begin with a base coat, applying it thinly and allowing it to dry completely before proceeding to the colored polish. Apply the colored polish in thin, even strokes, allowing each layer to dry before adding another. Thin layers not only dry faster but also minimize the risk of smudging or uneven texture. Finish with a thin layer of topcoat for added protection and shine. This method prioritizes precision and efficiency, resulting in beautifully dried and polished nails that showcase meticulous care and attention to detail.

How to dry nails quickly before bed?

Many women apply nail polish before going to their bed, so it becomes essential to dry them to avoid smudge with your bed sheet & ruining nail paint. Here are some tips for drying nails quickly before bed:

  • Apply thin layers of nail paint. They will dry fast & you will be able to go to bed without fear of smudging. 
  • Use a cold air dyer; it will also help to dry the nail paint faster.
  • Use quick-dry drops or topcoats to dry the nail paint faster. You can buy quick-dry drops from any drugstore easily.
  • Use fast-drying nail polishes so that they don’t require extra time and effort to dry up.
  • You can even use hairspray on your nails; it will help set the nail paint & dry.
  • Use a light color nail paint becuase they require fewer layers & also are fast drying.
  • To accelerate the drying process and keep the polish from chipping, dab some cuticle oil on your nails before painting them.
  • Never use nail paint that becomes thick & gloopy. It will take more time to dry & will not be good for your nails.

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How to dry nail polish fast hairspray?

This hack of drying nail polish fast is effective as well as simple. In fact, this is another way to expedite the drying of nail polish. Just apply two coats of your chosen polish on your nails. Then, allow the polish to dry for a few seconds before moving on.

Now spray each nail individually with the hairspray while keeping the can 8 to 10 inches away from your fingers. If you come too near, you’ll get small air bubbles on your nails as a result of the friction.

Let the hairspray dry for a few more minutes, then wash your hands with soap to remove the residue. Your fingernails are completely brittle.

But remember, the top coat of polish is not hardened by this method but rather by using a nail-drying spray.

How to dry nail polish fast olive oil?

Olive oil is a great method to fasten up the nail polish drying process. So if you’re in a pinch, olive oil may be a lifesaver! Why? Because oil may penetrate the polish and make it a little thinner. And as you know, thin layers dry fast, so it will be helpful to use olive oil. 

Once the polish has had a chance to dry a little, apply a thin coating of oil on top. To test the polish, lightly tap it with a dry cloth. Voila! You have dried nails. 

How to dry nail polish faster cold water?

Coldwater is a sure shot option to make nail polish dry fast. It might seem like a silly idea, but it’s been used for a long time. Frigid temperatures help dry things, and dipping your hands in cold water will work in the same way.

Put cold water with ice cubes in a bowl & after applying polish on the nails, wait for two minutes to let it set. Next, take a few minutes to soak your nails in the icy water, then remove them and dry them off. 

As soon as you withdraw your hands or feet from the water, you’ll see that the polish is totally dry since water beads up on the nail surface.

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Bottom Line

In the realm of impeccable manicures, “How to Dry Nail Polish Faster” is the ultimate guide to time-efficient, flawless nails. By unlocking the secrets of quick-drying techniques, this blog empowers nail enthusiasts to transform their beauty routines. From rapid-dry topcoats to innovative hacks like ice baths, the journey concludes with a promise – perfect nails in a fraction of the time. Embrace these efficient methods to bid farewell to the tedious waiting game, ensuring vibrant, chip-free polish that reflects both style and convenience. Elevate your nail care regimen and embrace the art of swift drying, turning each manicure into a seamless expression of creativity and efficiency. Say goodbye to the drying blues and hello to a world where impeccable nails are just moments away.


Do quick-dry topcoats really work?

Yes, quick-dry topcoats create a protective layer, speeding up the drying process and enhancing the longevity of your nail polish.

Can I use a fan or blow dryer to dry nail polish?

Yes, a fan or blow dryer on the cool setting accelerates drying. Maintain a reasonable distance to avoid smudging.

How long should I wait between applying layers of nail polish?

Wait at least 2 minutes between coats to allow each layer to partially dry, preventing smearing and promoting faster overall drying.

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