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Body hair removal is a common aspect of daily maintenance for many individuals. People might spend months of their life eliminating body hair, whether it’s shaving their legs or shaving their facial stubble to appear clean-shaven in the morning. So to save effort & time, there’s one solution, getting full body laser hair removal. It will solve the problem of unwanted hair on your whole body. But, you may be wondering, how much is full body laser hair removal?

The average cost of full-body laser hair removal is around $429 for one session. Complete body laser hair removal in six sessions will cost between $2500 and $4000. Let’s get to know more about full body laser hair removal & its cost in detail. 

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Using bursts of laser light, the follicle of the hair is destroyed, resulting in permanent eradication of hair. Both shaving and waxing remove the hair follicle’s tip, yet the hair will regrow in both situations. A hair follicle is effectively killed by laser light; thus, it will not grow again in the future.

Laser hair removal eliminates the need for unpleasant, time-consuming, and sometimes ineffective shaving or plucking to attain silky-smooth skin. Laser hair removal is the best and most cost-effective approach to maintain your body hair-free, with long-lasting results.

How does laser hair removal work?

In laser treatments, targeted photothermolysis is used to achieve desired results. For example, laser devices are used to tailor the pulse duration to a certain wavelength. That’s how the laser is able to focus on a particular area of the skin without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Lasers emit light energy throughout a session. The colors in the hair attract energy. After the melanin has received the energy, it goes to the follicle of the hair. It is then converted to heat energy.

The follicle will be destroyed, and no new hair will develop as a result.

Should I get full-body laser hair removal?

Yes, you should get full body laser hair removal if you are tired of removing hair every day & spending your precious time. Full body laser hair removal will even improve sanitation. Moreover, full-body laser hair removal is great for you if you have money to spend. 

If you want to remove hair from just one body part, then don’t go for full body hair removal.

How much is full body laser hair removal?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates the average cost of laser hair removal at $429.

However, the price fluctuates based on a variety of circumstances. The size of the body that is being treated is the most important aspect in determining the price of full body hair removal. The cost is influenced by the size of the area and the time it taks to complete the treatment.

Moreover, per session, the cost can fluctuate from the lowest $100 to even $800. This is because you need to get various sessions to eliminate hair regrowth completely. 

So for the number of sessions, the cost will range from $2500 to $4000.

Here is the table showing the hair removal cost of various body parts:

Body Area

  • Face and neck
  • Arms
  • Lower Legs
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Bikini Area

One session

  • $120
  • $140
  • $140
  • $100
  • $140/$220
  • $80

Five sessions

  • $480
  • $640
  • $600
  • $500
  • $560/$880
  • $320

How much is full body laser hair removal per session?

For one session, you need to pay $429 on average. However, as mentioned earlier, the cost can fluctuate between $100 to $800 per session for whole body hair removal. In addition, the price varies for laser hair removal per session depending on how much hair is being removed, where it’s being done, and how long it takes to complete the process. 

Moreover, the reputation & expertise of professionals also matter in the cost. 

How many sessions do you need for laser hair removal?

Between four and six laser treatment sessions are typically required for most people to remove body hair completely. The sessions can even go to eight sessions for some people. The whole treatment cycle may take up to nine months if you spread them out across six-week intervals.

You’ll notice less hair after each treatment. This is because both texture and color will be lighter on any remaining hair. 

In addition, regular maintenance is likely to be necessary for optimal outcomes. These prevent hair follicles from growing back. After completing a complete course of laser therapy, you may need a maintenance session once or twice a year.

How long does laser hair removal last?

The term “laser hair removal” is a little misleading. A more accurate comparison would be laser hair reduction. This is because you have two kinds of hair: vellus hairs, which are baby hairs, and terminal hairs, which are thicker and more mature. Throughout your life, hormones alter the value of infant hairs and cause them to become terminal hairs.

It’s possible that by the time you’re 30, your hair will have grown back. Basically, it’s a matter of nature at work. That stated a dead hair follicle root is a dead hair follicle root, regardless of how much you try.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Never go to an unlicensed dermatologist just because you obtained an internet bargain—this is not a process that you want to cut corners on simply because you found an online discount. And don’t be hesitant to ask for a pre-appointment consultation to go through the details of the treatment. You and your practitioner will both need to wear goggles while the laser is in use during your visit. 

This is how you can ensure safety in full body laser hair removal.

Bottom Line

This was all about full-body hair removal. We hope now you know how much is full body laser hair removal? Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below if you find this article helpful & informative.

Thank you for reading!

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