How long to leave bleach on roots?

Hair bleaching gives your hair a whole new look when you switch from darker to lighter shade. Getting your hair bleached from a salon or professional involves no risk of any wrong thing happening becuase they know how to properly bleach. But when you opt for bleaching at home, that involves some risk if you're new to it—like, leaving bleach for too long can result in too light shade or bad hair health. So, how long to leave bleach on roots?

Usually, the average time to leave the bleach on hair & roots is 15-40 minutes. But that time can vary depending on hair type, volume & results you want. Read this article to know in detail!

How long to leave bleach on roots?

Bleaching the roots needs less time than the hair becuase roots have body heat which will help bleach to process the hair faster. So the average time is 15-40 minutes. Moreover, roots bleaching should be done with care & after testing one part of your roots. 

Usually, you should bleach your roots in the last 15 minutes of bleaching your whole hair.

However, as mentioned, the time varies for root bleaching due to the hair type you are bleaching on, the results you want & also the bleach volume you are using. 

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How long to leave bleach on roots for 20, 30 & 40 Volume Bleach? 

According to the power of bleach, the bleaching time to leave on root also varies. Here is the right bleach time for the roots, according to different bleach volumes:

10 Volume – 15-20 minutes

20 Volume – 10-15 minutes

30 Volume – 5-10 minutes

40 Volume – 5-10 minutes

How to bleach roots only? 

The best way to bleach your roots properly & without getting any damage is by testing one part of your roots with bleach. For example, if you are changing your hair tone from a darker shade to a lighter shade, then use a high-volume toner. Then apply the toner at the backside of your head, in the roots. 

Now, wait for 5 minutes, & rub one part of your hair & see whether you get the results or not. If yes, then apply the same volume toner for only 5 minutes. 

If not, wait for another 5 minutes & tone the color of the root. If the desired tone is achieved, then bleach all hair. If not then, repeat the same process.

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What will happen if you leave the bleach on your roots for too long? 

If you leave the bleach on roots for too long, then you will begin to experience itchiness & pain in the head. The results on your hair will be worse. The root hair will get too light, dry & brittle. 

It will even affect the overall health of your hair. So never leave the roots for too long. It is best to ask your professional about the time to leave the bleach on your roots. 

Bottom Line

This was all about root bleaching & time suitable for leaving the bleach on the roots. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

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