How to check which hairstyle suits my face online?

Whether you are a man or a woman, a thought may have come to your mind to adopt a new hairstyle or change the existing hairstyle to something different. But you do not want to try a hairstyle that does not suit you or match your face and personality. So the question may arrive in your mind, how to check which hairstyle suits my face online?' 

So the answer is simply using various facial apps and software or filling forms, which will give personalized hairstyles for you, or consulting an expert online. Mainly apps are the most used way to check the best-suited hairstyle. The apps and software are designed to offer hairstyles for both men and women. 

Now it's time to know about all these online methods in detail and suggestions of some good facial apps.

How to check which hairstyle suits my face online?

As we mentioned earlier, the best way to check the hairstyle for your face is by using mobile apps and software, filling forms, consulting a specialist, and even asking communities on social media platforms. But another question may arrive in your mind: how will these methods work?

Apps and software- Actually, apps and software are designed to show results after recognizing your face with the best-suited face shape. Many apps and software even show personalized results, and you can even try different hairstyles through such apps. 

Online Forms – Another way to check the hairstyle for your face is to fill forms online, where you have to give information about-face, hairstyles, hair texture, the hairstyle you want, and some other questions. The form or website will then show the most suitable hairstyle according to your face that you can try. 

Online Consultation from the expert – To get the best-suited hairstyle online can be done through an expert's online consultation. Actually, there is the presence of many online experts, barbers, and hairstylists who consult people about hairstyles for nominal prices. 

It is a good way to get the most suitable hairstyle design for yourself without even stepping outside. Although, you will surely need to visit a barber or salon to get the hairstyle. 

Through online communities – Online communities like Reddit or Facebook are a great way to get recommendations of hairstyles for your face. Actually, on Reddit, there are various communities where people specially take suggestions or ask for ratings of their features. 

So become a member of one of these communities where you will surely get at least one best hairstyle suggestion that will suit your face. 

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Which apps suggest suitable hairstyles according to face?

You will find many hairstyles recommending apps, but most of them are bogus and don't show any unique content. So to ease your search, here are four apps that are best to know your hairstyle according to your face. 

1) Perfect365

This app not only recommends hairstyles and colors but also makeup suggestions for your face. You just need to click a picture in this app and tap on hairstyle and colors, and you will get a whole lot of hairstyles and designs according to your face shape. 

You can download the app for iOS and Android devices. It has 4.8 stars with over 136k ratings. 

2) Perfect Hairstyle – Women & Men

This app actually has around 420 hairstyles available for short, medium, and long-length hair. After you upload your photo, the app will recommend more than 30+ hairstyles, and you can even get 100+ styles after in-app purchases. 

Try different hair lengths on your photo, styles, and colors on your hair. Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS, but the good thing is it has 4.1-star ratings from more than 9.6k reviews. 

3) Hairstyle Try On

Another great app that will give you a range of hairstyles, but you need to make in-app purchases to excess more personalized hairstyles. You can change hair lengths, styles and flip the hairs. 

Both iOS and Android users can download the app, which has 4.1-star ratings from 4.8k reviews. 

4) Hairstyle for Your Face Shape App

Another app with a lot of hairstyles suggestions for your face. The app is specially designed for women and to serve the purpose of suggesting only the best and suitable hairstyles. 

The app is only available for Apple users, and it has 4.1-star ratings.

Which websites to check which hairstyle suits my face online?

If you want more personalized hairstyle recommendations according to your face online. Then you should visit some specially built websites that will suggest hairstyles after considering personal factors like hair type, face shape, eye color, age, hair length, and hair length you want, etc. 

Some of the best websites to get recommendations are – 

  • Find Your Perfect Hairstyle


  • Virtual hairstyle generator for women and men. Online haircut simulator

Which Online communities to join for hairstyle recommendations?

To get hairstyle recommendations, you can join the Reddit or Facebook communities to ask people for their suggestions. You can get general and new hairstyle designs and personalized design suggestions also. Here are links

Facebook – 

  • Hair Styles + Fashion

  • Hair styles

Reddit Communities – 

  • Hairway to Heaven

  • Get rated on your appearance

Bottom Line

Here's a pro tip for you. Show your barber the online hairstyle you have choose and ask for his suggestion because it may be possible that your barber will suggest something extra or better that will suit you more. 

We hope that you get the answer to your question, ”How to check which hairstyle suits my face online?”, now help us by commenting what you think of this article. 

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