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11+ Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Are you tired of wearing your short hair the same way every day? If you’re in a hairstyle rut, it’s time to explore the multitude of cute hairstyles that work wonderfully for short hair.

When considering new styles, it’s important to choose ones that complement your hair’s length. Many hairstyle tutorials seem geared towards longer hair, leaving those with short hair feeling frustrated. Adapting styles for short hair can indeed be a challenge at times.

But fear not, we’re here to assist you. There’s a fantastic array of trendy and enjoyable hairstyles that perfectly suit shorter hair lengths. You just need to discover the right ones to try!

In search of super cute hairstyles for short hair? Rest assured, this post is here to present 11+ of the most adorable hairstyles for short hair that will delight anyone.

Hairstyles for Short Hair That Are Adorable & Effortless

Bob’s haircuts are undeniably chic and versatile, contrary to what some may believe. These hairstyles for short hair offer a canvas for creative elements and can be effortlessly transformed into stunning updos. The upcoming 11+ short-hair hairstyling ideas will serve as compelling evidence of this versatility.

1. French Twist for Short Hair

French Twist for Short Hair

Creating a French twist with short hair may appear to be a daunting task, but it’s entirely achievable. Begin by sweeping your hair to one side, ensuring a sleek and tidy appearance, and use a few bobby pins to secure it in place. Next, gently tease the remaining hair to add texture, then guide it towards the back. 

To prevent your short hair from unraveling during the twist, secure it with a small elastic band at the very end – this clever hack works wonders. Finally, carefully twist your hair and use two bobby pins for extra security: one at the top of the twist and another at the bottom. Voila! This elegant hairstyle is within your reach, even with short hair.

2. Party Hairstyle for Short Hair

Party Hairstyle for Short Hair

There are many ingenious tricks to craft a captivating party updo, and you can achieve it with just a few loops and knots in your hair. Begin by styling your hair in a half-up, half-down fashion. Select a strand on one side, insert a bobby pin near its end, and then twist it before securing it on the opposite side of the ponytail. 

Repeat this process with a strand on the other side and fasten the new ponytail with an elastic, creating an additional anchor for your short hair updo. Continue these steps until you reach the end, and for a touch of elegance, adorn your creation with hair jewelry. This method transforms your short hair into a stunning updo fit for any party.

3. 90’s Half Pony

90’s Half Pony for short hairs

The resurgence of 90s fashion has paved the way for a revival of nostalgic hair trends, including the adorable half ponytail for short hair. To achieve this chic style, begin by sectioning off a small triangular portion at the front. Then, gather the remaining hair in the horseshoe-shaped section and fashion it into a half ponytail, ensuring that you leave out the hair closest to your hairline. 

To add a playful touch, gently fluff your ponytail, adding volume and character to complete the look. This hairstyle combines the best of both eras, offering a trendy and charming option for short hair that’s reminiscent of the 90s yet perfect for today’s fashion-forward individuals.

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4. Bouffant style updo

Bouffant style updo

Achieving a versatile and classy bouffant hairstyle is easier than you might think, and it’s perfect for seizing the day with confidence. Here’s a simple guide to help you create this stunning look:

Materials Needed:

  • Bobby pins
  • Comb
  • Teasing brush
  • Straightening iron
  • Blow dryer

Steps to Create This Style:

  • Start by combing your hair thoroughly, ensuring it’s well-prepped for styling.
  • Section your hair and use a straightening iron to create a sleek, polished appearance.
  • Focus on the crown section of your hair and use the teasing brush to add volume and achieve that classic bouffant look.
  • After teasing, gently twist the crown section of your hair from behind while maintaining the bouffant shape in the front.
  • Secure all the hair at the back with bobby pins to keep your style in place.
  • Comb the remaining hair downwards to create an elegant and well-balanced bouffant.

With these simple steps and the right tools, you can effortlessly create a stunning bouffant hairstyle that exudes elegance and confidence for any occasion.

5. Elegant Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

Elegant Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

Achieving a chic updo like this may seem complex, but it’s entirely doable as a DIY project at home. Follow these steps to create a stylish look for a special occasion:

  1. Begin by selecting a few strands of hair from the front and one side of your head.
  2. Twist these strands gently and secure them at the back, slightly off-center, using bobby pins.
  3. To conceal the pins, take another twisted strand of hair from the opposite side and secure it in place with pins as well.
  4. Continue this process, alternating between strands, to create an elegant interwoven effect.
  5. Once all the strands are pinned securely, gather the remaining hair tail and twist it neatly.
  6. Secure the twisted tail underneath the interwoven strands to form a lovely bun.
  7. You’re now ready to showcase your beautiful short hair updo, perfect for proms or evening parties.

With a bit of patience and creativity, you can achieve this sophisticated updo at home, allowing you to look stunning and elegant for any special event.

6. Upside Down Faux Braid Into a Bun

Upside Down Faux Braid Into a Bun

Styling a high bun with short hair can be quite challenging, particularly when trying to prevent the hair at the back from slipping down. One effective approach is to opt for an upside-down French braid, although it can be a bit tricky to master. As a more manageable alternative, consider trying a pull-through braid. To achieve this style, start by sectioning your hair into small ponytails from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head. Then, follow these steps repeatedly: divide the lower tail into two strands, wrap them around the base of the next ponytail, and secure the ends with another hair elastic.

7. Halo Braid with Short Bob

Halo Braid with Short Bob

For enhanced grip, begin by applying dry shampoo or sea salt spray to your hair. Next, craft two loose Dutch braids on either side of your hair part, ensuring that you leave out the shorter strands near the nape of your neck. Using a bobby pin, merge these two braids at the back of your head. Then, neatly tuck and secure the remaining hair within the combined braid. This stylish braided short hairdo is quick to create, taking just a few minutes of your time, and is versatile enough to complement both a night out on the town and a day spent at the beach.

8. Hollywood Waves into a Low Bun

Hollywood Waves into a Low Bun

Achieving a Hollywood-worthy look for short-haired ladies is a breeze, taking only a few minutes of your time. Begin by creating a center parting and securing a low ponytail, ensuring you leave out a one-inch-wide section of hair near your hairline. Now, employ a three-barrel curling iron to crimp the side strands and neatly pin them under the ponytail. Transform the low pony into a charming messy bun using a few bobby pins. To complete the look, gently pull up the hair to add volume and style the face-framing pieces for that extra touch of glamour. This elegant hairstyle is both achievable and stunning.

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9. Faux French Braids into Pigtail Buns

Faux French Braids into Pigtail Buns

If mastering the art of two French braids feels a bit daunting, don’t worry – a charming hairstyle can still be yours with the simplicity of knots. Begin by applying dry shampoo or sea salt spray to your hair and create a clean center parting. Commence with a small section of hair at the front, dividing it into two segments and tying them together for a half-knot. Continuously add more hair to these strands and create additional knots as you progress towards the nape of your neck. Once you’ve reached the nape, fashion a delightful low bun with the remaining tail. This easy and adorable hairstyle is well within your reach.

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10. Beautiful Curls for Short Hair

 Beautiful Curls for Short Hair

This hairstyle is ideal for those with fine, straight hair, and it’s all about achieving voluminous curls. Begin by safeguarding your hair with a heat protection spray to prevent any damage while ensuring your curls maintain their shape throughout the day.

Using a conical curling iron, take well-combed and smooth sections of your hair, starting from the wider end and curling towards the tapered end of the iron. Continue this process until your entire head is curled. Afterward, gently run your fingers through the curls to create a relaxed and stylish look. This is a fantastic hairstyle, perfect for special occasions, that adds a touch of glamour to your fine, straight hair.

11. Perfect Blowout for Short Hair

Perfect Blowout for Short Hair

Although it may seem unconventional for short hair, employing a round brush can work wonders by imparting more volume and a stylish flair. My routine typically kicks off with a paddle brush during the initial stages of blow-drying, ensuring my hair is around 70% dry. At this point, I transition to a round brush with boar bristles for the final touches.

With the round brush, I carefully continue the blowout process, paying special attention to my bangs. Drying them backward not only imparts extra bounce but also contributes to a more dynamic and polished overall look. This technique is a game-changer for short hair, offering volume and style that’s both unexpected and delightful.

12. Fishtail Dutch Braided Bangs

Fishtail Dutch Braided Bangs

If braiding skills are in your repertoire, you open up a world of styling possibilities for your short hair with charming braided hairstyles for short hair. But if you’re not confident in your braiding abilities, don’t worry – it’s never too late to learn! I’ve got some step-by-step tutorials to help you get started.

One option is the two-strand braid, where you intertwine small sections from the outer strand underneath the other. As you braid, incorporate tiny bits of your bangs into the sections for added flair. Ensure your braid follows the direction you want it to stay. After completing the braid, give the ends a spritz of dry shampoo for hold and gently tug on the outer strands to create a fuller appearance. 

Finally, secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic or use hairspray to set it in place. This technique is a fantastic way to elevate your short hair with a touch of braided elegance.

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13. Scarf Hairdo for Short Hair

Scarf Hairdo for Short Hair

Don’t hesitate to accessorize your short hair, as there are plenty of options to explore, and scarves happen to be one of my personal favorites!

You might be curious about how to make scarves work with shorter hair, but there are clever ways to do it. One stylish approach is to create a charming half updo by using the scarf as a decorative bow, adding a unique flair to your look.

For more inspiration, consider checking out tutorials of various creative ways to incorporate scarves into short hair styling. With scarves, you’ll discover a versatile and fashionable way to elevate your short hair game and express your personal style.


Hair Styling Tips For Short Hair

You’ve taken the leap and embraced that fresh, new short haircut – congratulations! Styling short hair opens up a world of possibilities to elevate your look and make the most of your chic new length. Discover straightforward techniques for styling short hair that not only help maintain it but also let you have fun with your post-chop appearance. Read on to unlock the potential of your short hair.

1. Embrace your natural texture and choose your products accordingly.

When it comes to mastering the art of styling short hair, the first step is wholeheartedly embracing your natural texture. Embracing your hair’s innate character allows you to express your unique style effortlessly while reducing the need for excessive heat styling. Whether you prefer a short and sleek appearance or crave full, voluminous locks, going with the flow of your natural texture paves the way for a confident and authentic look.

2. Prioritize regular trims.

For short hair, frequent trims are indispensable. They serve a dual purpose: not only do they prevent and eliminate split ends, but they also ensure your haircut maintains its precise shape and evenness. To ensure a seamless result, it’s advisable to have your trims handled by a professional hairstylist rather than attempting them at home. You can communicate with your stylist to keep your haircut fresh with a casual dusting of your ends during each visit.

3. Experiment with your part

Switching up your part can work wonders. Transitioning between the middle, side, and deep parts offers a swift and effective means to transform your short hairstyle. It’s a fantastic way to achieve a completely different look with minimal effort. To enhance this change, apply a volumizing product to your hair’s roots and style your hair in accordance with your new part.

The world of short hair styling is incredibly diverse, and you need not feel confined. Whether you opt for a sleek and spiky appearance or prefer a softer, wavy, and romantic vibe, rest assured that a multitude of styling options exist for you to craft your very own signature look.

4. Establish an efficient nightly routine that saves you time.

The length of your new haircut can significantly impact your morning styling routine, ranging from a breeze to a potentially time-consuming task (imagine curling a straight pixie on a Monday morning rush). The trick is to maximize your nighttime routine. Consider using comfortable sponge rollers, Flexi-Rods, or pin-curls before bedtime. 

When you wake up, simply release them, tousle your hair, and secure the style with hairspray for long-lasting control. Additionally, in terms of hair care, treat your strands to a weekly mask soak to ensure they stay hydrated and maintain a healthy appearance throughout the week.

5. Elevate your short hairstyle with a touch of color.

Revamp your short hair by experimenting with a fresh dye job or subtle highlights. Incorporating color can infuse dimension into your short locks, offering a stylish twist whenever you find yourself in a style rut or experiencing style wanderlust.


Bottom Line

In this blog post, we’ve explored 11+ quick and easy hairstyles for short hair tailored specifically. Short hair can be incredibly versatile, and with these styling ideas, you can effortlessly switch up your look for various occasions. Whether you prefer chic braids, elegant buns, or playful accessories like scarves, there’s a hairstyle here for everyone. Short hair doesn’t have to mean limited options – it can be just as fun and stylish as long hair with the right techniques and creativity.



Can I create updos with short hair?

Yes, you can create updos with short hair using bobby pins, hair ties, and some creativity to secure and style your hair.

Are these hairstyles suitable for all short hair lengths?

The featured hairstyles are versatile and can be adapted to different short hair lengths, from pixie cuts to bobs.

Do I need special products or tools for these hairstyles?

Most of these hairstyles can be achieved with basic hair products like bobby pins, hairspray, and a flat iron or curling wand.

Are there hairstyles for different occasions, from casual to formal?

Yes, the hairstyles included in this guide cater to various occasions, including casual, formal, and everything in between.


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