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Face framing layers for women are a transformative touch, designed to enhance facial features and elevate any hairstyle. These carefully crafted layers delicately frame the face, adding depth, dimension, and a touch of elegance. A wide variety of styles of face framing layers are available, and they can be tailored to your hair texture, face shape, and overall health of the strands. 

This year’s most fashionable hairstyles include face-framing layers. Due to the fact that it can be worn with any hair type and any hairdo, this look has become so popular. This haircut has been observed everywhere, from celebrities to our friends posting pictures of their new look on social media.

As a result, you’re not alone if you’re still debating whether or not to get layers in your hair, as there are now a tonne of adorable layered hairstyles out there that will give your style a little bit more bounce.

Today, this article will tell you about various face-framing layers styles, ideas & even additional information about face-framing layers, how to cut & style it at home & what’s the difference between face framing layers & curtain bangs. 

So let’s get started!

What is Face Framing Layers?

If you’ve never heard of them, face-framing layers are layers of hair that are trimmed in diverse lengths at the front of your face by your hairstylist to define or “frame” your facial features. 

With that being said, as with other beauty trends, face-framing hairstyles don’t come in one size fits all—there is a face-framing hairstyle for every face shape.

Face Framing Layers Ideas for Every Hair Lengths!

So now, here are the various face framing layers styles & ideas that you can try according to your face shape or hair length!

1) Face Framing Layers Long Hair Blonde

Face Framing Layers Long Hair Blonde

“While long layered hair has its allure, incorporating facial framing layers can be a game-changer. These specialized layers offer an essential accessory to elevate your hairstyle. By adding subtle layers around your face, you introduce a touch of dynamism and sophistication. Whether parted down the middle for a balanced look or swept to one side for added flair, these face-framing layers provide versatility. They accentuate your features, drawing attention to your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline. Embrace this styling technique to infuse diversity into your appearance, effortlessly transforming your long hair into a chic and personalized statement.”

2) Face Framing Layers Long Hair

 Face Framing Layers Long Hair

“Maintaining hair at a consistent length might result in a dense and weighty appearance, despite a simple cut. To counter this, consider incorporating layers that begin around the clavicle area and gradually taper downwards. These layers add dimension and texture, effectively reducing the overall weight of your hair. By employing this technique, you create movement and flow, preventing your hair from feeling weighed down. Additionally, using a flat iron, such as GHD’s 1″ Styler, on the ends can enhance the layers, offering a polished and sleek finish. This process not only adds a touch of sophistication but also elevates your style, transforming heavy, uniform-length hair into a lighter, more dynamic look with a sleek and refined texture.”

3) Lob with face Framing layers

Lob with face Framing layers

“Thick hair can sometimes make a lob haircut appear dense and weighty, especially towards the front. The lob, a popular and contemporary hairstyle, might benefit from adjustments to soften its appearance. Consider incorporating chin-length layers around the face to add dimension and texture. These layers help alleviate the weight at the front, creating a more balanced and flattering look. By framing the face with shorter layers, this style accentuates your features, adding a touch of sophistication and enhancing your natural beauty. Individuals with round faces particularly find this style complementary, as it helps to elongate and flatter facial contours, making it a recommended choice for those seeking a chic and flattering transformation.”

4)  70s’ Inspired Red Face-Framing Layers

70s’ Inspired Red Face-Framing Layers

“Women with well-defined facial bone structures can enhance their features with shorter, thicker layers. These layers, particularly in the front or as curtain bangs, offer a bold and defining look. To accentuate your cheekbones, consider styling these front layers and curtain bangs by curling them outward. This technique not only adds volume and movement but also draws attention to your facial contours, highlighting the natural beauty of your cheekbones. By curling these layers away from the face, you create a flattering frame that beautifully complements and accentuates your distinct facial bone structure, adding a touch of sophistication and allure to your overall appearance.”

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5) Face framing layers short hair in graduated Bob

Face framing layers short hair in graduated Bob

“Incorporating wispy layers around the face can breathe new life into your bob hairstyle, infusing it with a fresh and modern appeal. These delicate, wispy layers offer a personalized touch, imparting a sense of softness and dimension to the overall look. For individuals with elongated facial shapes, these layers play a transformative role, subtly softening the angles and contours. This technique not only adds a contemporary flair but also enhances the versatility of the bob, creating movement and a sense of lightness. By customizing your hairstyle with these wispy layers, you introduce a stylish element that effortlessly updates and refines your appearance, showcasing a modern and personalized take on the classic bob.”

6) Face framing layers curly hair

Face framing layers curly hair

“Having layers in your curly hair doesn’t limit your styling choices; in fact, it opens up numerous options for versatility. Embracing a half updo is entirely achievable with layered curls. It’s a versatile and chic option that adds flair without compromising the natural beauty of your curls. Another option to consider is a braided or twisted back style, which beautifully showcases the layers while keeping your curls stylishly gathered.

These styles not only demonstrate the adaptability of layered curly hair but also offer elegance and sophistication. If you’re uncertain about where to begin, exploring a list of curly hair hacks can provide helpful guidance and inspiration. The key takeaway is that with layered curls, there’s a plethora of styling possibilities waiting to be explored and mastered, allowing you to express your unique style with confidence.”

7) Face framing layers short hair

Face framing layers short hair

“For individuals with straight hair seeking to infuse some volume and dimension without extensive salon sessions, incorporating a few layers around the face can work wonders. These face-framing layers offer a simple yet effective way to add interest and texture to any haircut. They serve as an easy solution to elevate your style without necessitating lengthy salon visits.

By strategically placing layers around the face, you introduce movement and depth to your hair, providing a subtle transformation that enhances your overall look. This technique not only adds a touch of flair to your haircut but also requires minimal salon time, making it a convenient and practical option for those looking to amplify their straight hair with a hint of dimension and body.”

8) Face framing layers long hair with waves

Face framing layers long hair with waves

“Layering wavy hair is a fantastic choice as it effectively accentuates the natural movement and bounce characteristic of this hair type. The strategic placement of layers complements the inherent texture of wavy hair, enhancing its dynamic appearance. Your hairstylist might cut layers to add structure and create a more defined yet fluid look.

Additionally, wavy long layered hair can be an excellent option for those seeking to soften a strong jawline or balance facial proportions. The layers around the face and throughout the length provide a framing effect, which can subtly soften angular features and create a more harmonious appearance. Opting for wavy long layered hair not only celebrates the natural beauty of wavy textures but also offers versatility in styling and a flattering look that enhances your facial features.”

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9) Face framing layers with bangs

Face framing layers with bangs

“Long side bangs or curtain bangs serve as face-framing layers that hold remarkable transformative power. These styles, resembling face-framing layers, possess the ability to enhance the appearance of any face shape or hair type. By delicately balancing your features, they draw attention to your eyes and lips, adding a touch of allure and sophistication.

Their framing effect creates a flattering focal point, harmonizing facial proportions and highlighting key features. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, these face-framing layers can work wonders, effortlessly elevating your overall look. Embracing long side bangs or curtain bangs isn’t just a style choice—it’s a strategic way to bring attention to your best features and achieve a balanced, captivating look that suits any face shape or hair texture.”

On the other hand, those with heart-shaped features should go for mid-length hairstyles with layers that slope out from the face instead of curling in.

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10) Face Framing & Long Layers

Face Framing & Long Layers

“Creating big, voluminous hair with face-framing layers starting at the cheekbones can be universally flattering for any face shape. This style, characterized by its full-bodied and textured appearance, offers a glamorous yet versatile look. To achieve this stunning effect, consider blow-drying your hair using a round brush, focusing on creating volume and bounce. Alternatively, you can achieve a similar effect by curling just the ends of your hair using straighteners, adding texture and movement. These face-framing layers, when styled to create volume and bounce, beautifully accentuate the cheekbones, bringing attention to your facial features and creating an overall look that’s both sophisticated and flattering for all face shapes.”

11) Lob with face framing layers & Fringe

Lob with face framing layers & Fringe

“Enhancing a blunt bob haircut can be achieved by incorporating face-framing layers, which add a refreshing touch and brighten up the overall style. Consult your hairstylist to discuss the addition of these layers, as they can transform the look and feel of your bob. The face-framing layers not only introduce dimension but also offer versatility, especially during active routines.

They create wispy sections around the front of your hair, ensuring that even when tied up for work or exercise, these delicate layers remain, framing your face and adding a softness that complements the structured bob. This strategic styling choice maintains the charm and adaptability of your blunt bob while providing a graceful and versatile look suitable for various occasions and activities.”

12) Face Framing Layers with Pigtails

Face Framing Layers with Pigtails

Combining pigtails with face-framing layers results in an iconic E-girl hairstyle. The fusion of these elements encapsulates the quintessential E-girl aesthetic—a blend of playful innocence and edgy sophistication. Pigtails lend a youthful charm, while face-framing layers add a touch of chic framing around the face, enhancing the overall look. This combination embodies the trendy and expressive style synonymous with E-girl fashion, offering a playful yet fashion-forward hairdo that exudes individuality and creativity. Whether styled casually or with a hint of attitude, this hairstyle captures the essence of the E-girl vibe, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to embrace this distinctive and trendy aesthetic.

13) Face Framing Choppered Layers

Face Framing Choppered Layers

Shorter, well-defined layers are making a major comeback in today’s trends! Incorporating angled layers around the face, complemented by a sun-kissed balayage, creates a look that’s coveted and admired. This style isn’t just about layers; it’s about strategically placing them to frame and accentuate the face, offering a sophisticated and modern allure. The sun-kissed balayage adds a natural dimension and depth, enhancing the overall texture and movement of the layers. For a more pronounced and defined look, applying texturizing spray adds texture and volume, contributing to a chic and effortless finish. This combination of short, defined layers and a sun-kissed balayage, finished with texturizing spray, encapsulates the epitome of trendy, envy-worthy hair that’s both fashionable and effortlessly stylish.

14) A-Shape Face-Framed Hair

A-Shape Face-Framed Hair

Opting for a one-length hairstyle might result in a dense and less appealing look, while layers might not align with your preference for a more natural style. Instead, consider an A-shaped cut specifically for the front sections of your hair while leaving the rest at its original length. This A-shaped cut introduces a subtle graduation that gently frames the face, adding a touch of softness and dimension without fully committing to traditional layers.

It’s an alternative that maintains the overall length while providing a natural, face-framing effect. This strategic haircut combines the best of both worlds—preserving length while incorporating a soft, flattering shape around the face, offering a chic and versatile style that feels effortless and retains a more organic appearance.

15) Face framing layers medium hair with subtle look

Face framing layers medium hair with subtle look

To achieve voluminous and dynamic locks, consider using face-framing techniques along with a styling method that emphasizes volume and movement. A great way to do this is by piling your hair forward and utilizing face-framing techniques. This approach not only adds dimension but also provides a chic and edgy appearance. Using a large round brush to brush your hair forward helps create an eye-catching fringe swoop. This method not only adds volume but also contributes to a striking and modern look, offering a bold yet stylish finish that accentuates your facial features and brings attention to your overall style.”

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How to cut face framing layers yourself?

If you want to cut the face framing hair by yourself & don’t want to go to a salon or get help from a professional, then here are is the step-by-step guide to cut face framing layers:

  • Your hair should be wet. Cut these layers while hair is still wet for optimal results.
  • Before you begin cutting your hair, you must fully untangle it.
  • Straighten the hair over your forehead by combing it from the top to the bottom. Layers should cover the top of your head. As a rule of thumb, start with the outermost part of each brow.
  • Grab a strand of hair and coil it around your finger, then release it.
  • Based on your hair type, choose where you want the layer to fall You should strive to trim the layer around the mouth region if you have straight hair When dried, both wavy and curly hair rebound back, requiring less chopping to get the same appearance.
  • Make sure the twist is as tight as possible, and then lift it away from your face and keep it there.
  • Snip through the twist with a pair of barber’s scissors.
  • Let go of the twist and comb your hair as normal.
  • Use a round brush and a blow dryer to style your fresh layers.

How to style face framing layers?

Here is the step by step guide on how to style the face framing layers:

  • A few drops of Design Essential Silk Drops Serum rubbed into your wet hair’s ends can help give this hairdo a silky finish.
  • When drying the back and sides of your hair, use a paddle brush and direct the concentrator attachment of your blow dryer towards the brush.
  • Repeat the motion with a tiny or medium-sized round brush around your face, producing a delicate bend or a curved shape to frame your face.
  • Big Sexy Hair Spray and Stay are two of the best firm-hold hairsprays on the market that are also humidity-resistant and add shine.

Face Framing Layers Vs. Curtain Bangs

Right now, curtain bangs are all the rage, but this version is cut shorter and parted along the middle. The bangs normally fall between the brow and the cheekbones. The gradual lengthening of curtain bangs will create a curtain effect.

It’s the same shape but with a longer length: face-framing layers Longer layers can be tucked behind the ear with this style. So it doesn’t look like you’re wearing many layers, even when you do.

This is all about the main difference between Face Framing Layers Vs. Curtain Bangs. 

Bottom Line

“Face-framing layers are a transformative touch, offering versatility and accentuating facial features with grace. These carefully crafted layers add depth and dimension to hairstyles, enhancing individual beauty and allowing for effortless styling. Embrace the allure of face-framing layers, knowing they’re a timeless choice for women seeking a flattering and chic look that beautifully complements their features.”


Are face-framing layers suitable for all face shapes?

Face-framing layers can be adapted to various face shapes, enhancing features and providing a flattering frame for oval, round, square, or heart-shaped faces.

How do face-framing layers differ from regular layers?

Face-framing layers are strategically cut shorter to frame and accentuate the face, drawing attention to specific areas like cheekbones or jawlines, while regular layers focus on adding volume and texture.

Can face-framing layers be added to any hairstyle or length?

Yes, face-framing layers can complement various hairstyles, from short bobs to long hair, offering versatility and allowing for customized framing based on length.

Do face-framing layers require high maintenance?

Not necessarily. While regular trims might be needed to maintain the shape, face-framing layers are often adaptable and can retain their appeal with minimal upkeep.

Are there styling tips specifically for enhancing face-framing layers?

Yes, consider using styling products like texturizing sprays or mousses to accentuate the layers. Experiment with different styling techniques to highlight the face-framing layers and showcase their beauty.

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