Face Framing Layers

What to do if you require a haircut but are entirely and utterly unmotivated?  We get it, and we've been there before until we rediscovered the wonder of layering, that is.  It's important to remember that layers aren't just of one type & style. A wide variety of styles of face framing layers are available, and they can be tailored to your hair texture, face shape, and overall health of the strands. 

This year's most fashionable hairstyles include face-framing layers. Due to the fact that it can be worn with any hair type and any hairdo, this look has become so popular. This haircut has been observed everywhere, from celebrities to our friends posting pictures of their new look on social media.

As a result, you're not alone if you're still debating whether or not to get layers in your hair, as there are now a tonne of adorable layered hairstyles out there that will give your style a little bit more bounce.

Today, this article will tell you about various face-framing layers styles, ideas & even additional information about face-framing layers, how to cut & style it at home & what's the difference between face framing layers & curtain bangs. 

So let's get started!

What is Face Framing Layers?

If you've never heard of them, face-framing layers are layers of hair that are trimmed in diverse lengths at the front of your face by your hairstylist to define or “frame” your facial features. 

With that being said, as with other beauty trends, face-framing hairstyles don't come in one size fits all—there is a face-framing hairstyle for every face shape.

Face Framing Layers Ideas for Every Hair Lengths!

So now, here are the various face framing layers styles & ideas that you can try according to your face shape or hair length!

1) Face Framing Layers Long Hair Blonde

As much as we love layering long hair, we also think facial framing is a must-have accessory. Add a little layering around your face if you want to jazz up your look. To get a variety of appearances, you can either part your hair in the middle or swoop it to one side.

2) Face Framing Layers Long Hair

Hair that's all the same length can look and feel heavy, even with a basic cut. Start at your clavicles and taper your layers down to lighten your hair's overall weight. Running a flat iron through the ends, like GHD's 1″ Styler, will give the hair a piece, sleek finish.

3) Lob with face Framing layers

If you have thick hair, the lob might seem heavy in the front, one of the most current and fashionable hairstyles. You may soften the look of this haircut by using chin-length layers to frame the face and emphasize your features. Those with round faces should give this style a go.

4)  70s’ Inspired Red Face-Framing Layers

It would be best for ladies with more defined facial bone structures to wear such short, thick layers. Curl the curtain bangs and the front layers outward to highlight your cheekbones.

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5) Face framing layers short hair in graduated Bob

Wispy layers around your face will give your bob hairstyle a fresh new look. Adding a personal touch to your hairdo can help to soften elongated facial shapes and give the appearance a more contemporary feel.

6) Face framing layers curly hair

Good news: You still have many styling options for your curly hair, even if you've got layers. Is it possible to get away with a half updo? There's nothing I can't handle. How about a braided or twisted back? Yup. You may also check out our list of curly hacks if you're not sure where to start.

7) Face framing layers short hair

In the case of straighter hair types who want to add a little bit of body without committing to a long period of time in the salon, a few layers around the face may give interest to any haircut without requiring a significant amount of time in the salon.

8) Face framing layers long hair with waves

With wavy hair, layering is an excellent choice. That's because they highlight the inherent movement and bounce of this hair type. To get a more structured and attractive appearance, your hairstylist might cut the layers in your hair. If you want to soften a strong jawline or make your face seem more proportional, wavy long layered hair is an excellent choice.

9) Face framing layers with bangs

Long side bangs or curtain bangs seem like face-framing layers. Face-framing layers can do wonders for any face shape or hair type by balancing your features and bringing focus to your eyes and lips, so try them out.

On the other hand, those with heart-shaped features should go for mid-length hairstyles with layers that slope out from the face instead of curling in.

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10) Face Framing & Long Layers

Any face shape may benefit from big, bouncy hair with face-framing layers that begin at the cheekbones. For this full-bodied and textured appearance, blow dry your hair with a round brush or just curl the ends with straighteners.

11) Lob with face framing layers & Fringe

In order to brighten up your blunt bob, consult with your hairdresser about adding some face-framing layers. When it comes to working or exercising, you will still have some wispy portions around the front of your hair if you have to put your hair up.

12) Face Framing Layers with Pigtails

When pigtails and face-framing layers are combined, it creates the ideal E-girl hairdo.

13) Face Framing Choppered Layers

Layers that are shorter and more defined are definitely back in trend! Some angling around the face, along with a balayage that has been sun-kissed, is the ultimate hair envy. To get a more defined finish, spritz on some texturizing spray.

14) A-Shape Face-Framed Hair

One-length hairstyles may be heavy and unattractive, and layers may not be your first option if you want something more natural. Instead, choose an A-shaped cut for the front of your hair while maintaining the rest of your hair at its original length.

15) Face framing layers medium hair with subtle look

Your locks will have lots of volume and movement if you pile them all over and use some face framing techniques. Brush your hair forward with a large round brush to create an edgy fringe swoop.

16) Face framing layers wavy hair in side swept style

Sweeping fringe and a few layers at the front soften and shrink facial features, giving them a minor appearance. As a result, this part of the hairstyle is a fantastic technique to detract attention away from a prominent nose structure.

17) Face framing layers medium hair with chin length

Long, choppy layers beginning just above the chin would look great on facial shapes such as oval, round, and elongated. It is a go-to look for those with thick and heavy hair who want to have a more lightweight and textured haircut while preserving the length of their hair as long as possible.

18) Face framing layers with bangs

In love with the feathery texture and light vibe of this style. It's a safe bet that a diamond facial shape would love this layered hairstyle with bangs. In addition, the style is easy to maintain: all you need to do is spritz some volumizing spray on the roots and blow-dry your hair downwards.

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19) Blunt Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

It's easier to draw attention to your cheekbones with shorter, face-framing layers like these curtain bangs, which help to conceal a larger forehead. To get this style, use a medium-sized round brush to blow dry your fringe in an upward and downward direction.

20) Cace framing layers curly hair with short hair

Because of the shaggy layers surrounding the crown and the jagged layers that run throughout, this long layered bob cut has a much edgier vibe than your regular lob cut.

21) Face framing layers versatile short hair

You're constantly altering up your hair part and flicking your hair from side to side. The use of layers might assist in balancing the weight. Inform your stylist of your inability to commit and want layers that look excellent no matter which side they're on.

22) Face Framing Layers with Highlights

Brown hair with highlights and a layered haircut is another killer style that you must attempt. It's only made better with caramel highlights, which will also assist in framing your face and bring a little warmth to your complexion.

23) Face framing layers wavy hair

Beach waves are a great way to add texture to your layered look and make it more casual. Curl your hair with a curling iron to get the waves, then spritz on some sea salt spray and scrunch it up for more volume and a messier finish.

24) Soft Layered Face framing bangs

Using a feathery, layered hairstyle that falls gently about your face and shoulders, you may thin down your voluminous locks. In addition, a hair mask should be used once a week in order to strengthen and moisturize your strands and keep your strands looking and feeling silky.

25) Layered Face Framing Bangs

What is the quickest and most straightforward technique to add depth to a medium-length layered hairstyle? Bangs that frame the face. Have your colorist highlight your layers in order to give your tousled texture even more depth and dimension.

26) Face framing layers side part & voluminous

Layered, side-swept bangs provide immediate volume to your roots while maintaining a natural appearance. Texture your remaining strands even more by spritzing a tiny amount of texturing spray beneath a portion of hair before throwing it to one side.

27) Too short face framing short hair

Yes, you are pretty capable of pulling off this short, shaggy hairdo! You'll look badass with this choppy cut, which is all about the piecey texture it has to provide. If you have baby-fine, silky hair, rub a pomade into your strands from mid-length to ends to give it a little of the texture of the following day after washing it.

28) Soft Color with Face Framing Hair

Layered hairstyles can work with any hue, as seen by this lovely lavender haircut. Argan oil is a great way to moisturize your hair's ends and keep your color looking vibrant.

29) Loose Layered Face framing waves

Beach waves with a layered look are the closest thing you'll get to having vacation hair in perpetuity. When styling your hair, use a fine mist of hairspray to keep flyaways at bay.

30) Face framing layers straight hair

To get this look, blow out your hair with a big boar-bristle brush, directing the ends toward your face to create a soft, face-framing shape like this.

31) Edgy, Choppy Face Framing Layers

Have trouble deciding whether or not to go all out with pink hair? Have your stylist apply color to just the ends of this layered hairdo to bring it to the next level and give it even more of a rocker attitude.

32) Golden Blonde Face framing layers long hair

Golden blonde is the perfect color for long, layered hair since it is a multi-tonal shade. The delicate contours and movement of the layers enable you to show off your hue's many aspects. ‘Your colorist may add sun-kissed highlights to the face-framing layers by applying buttery highlights. This is a great way to bring attention to your face and make it seem its best.

33) Black Hair with Face Framing Layers

Having black hair is usually a conversation starter. However, if you're looking for something that's more ethereal and feminine, an extended layered cut is the best way to incorporate the hue. In contrast to the weight of black hair, the lengthy layers break it up and frame the face rather than overpower it.

34) Face framing layers bangs

You may get long, layered hair with bangs with scissors and extensions. There are so many beautiful tones of golden brown to choose from, don't you think? A tremendous long haircut with bangs example for the current season.

35) Layered Cut with Babylights

Adding babylights to long layered hair is a great way to add volume and structure. The more luxurious this haircut seems the thicker your hair should be.

36) Face framing layers wavy hair in shaggy cut

Beach waves and shaggy layers combine to produce a charming, unkempt image. If you enjoy the bohemian look, this haircut will be a fantastic complement to your attire and accessories.

37) Long Face framing Layered Haircut with Messy Ends

Long hair with layers is still fashionable, and it looks excellent on almost any woman, regardless of her face characteristics or complexion. The sloppy ends give the haircut a more casual appearance while also adding depth to it.

38) Face framing feathered layers straight hair

Layers help girls with straight hair to have the volume at all times, no matter what the weather conditions are like outside. In addition, it is a low-maintenance alternative; all that is required is the occasional visit to a beauty shop to freshen up the ends.

39) Face framing layers medium hair in highlights

Layered hair with thick curtain bangs is flattering on almost every woman…. There will be lots of compliments on this haircut regardless of whether you want to add highlights or leave your hair in its original hue.

40) Face framing layers short hair

Take a look at these adorable feathery front layers. They make improvements to the lob and give it more significant motion.

How to cut face framing layers yourself?

If you want to cut the face framing hair by yourself & don't want to go to a salon or get help from a professional, then here are is the step-by-step guide to cut face framing layers:

  • Your hair should be wet. Cut these layers while hair is still wet for optimal results.
  • Before you begin cutting your hair, you must fully untangle it.
  • Straighten the hair over your forehead by combing it from the top to the bottom. Layers should cover the top of your head. As a rule of thumb, start with the outermost part of each brow.
  • Grab a strand of hair and coil it around your finger, then release it.
  • Based on your hair type, choose where you want the layer to fall You should strive to trim the layer around the mouth region if you have straight hair When dried, both wavy and curly hair rebound back, requiring less chopping to get the same appearance.
  • Make sure the twist is as tight as possible, and then lift it away from your face and keep it there.
  • Snip through the twist with a pair of barber's scissors.
  • Let go of the twist and comb your hair as normal.
  • Use a round brush and a blow dryer to style your fresh layers.

How to style face framing layers?

Here is the step by step guide on how to style the face framing layers:

  • A few drops of Design Essential Silk Drops Serum rubbed into your wet hair's ends can help give this hairdo a silky finish.
  • When drying the back and sides of your hair, use a paddle brush and direct the concentrator attachment of your blow dryer towards the brush.
  • Repeat the motion with a tiny or medium-sized round brush around your face, producing a delicate bend or a curved shape to frame your face.
  • Big Sexy Hair Spray and Stay are two of the best firm-hold hairsprays on the market that are also humidity-resistant and add shine.

Face Framing Layers Vs. Curtain Bangs

Right now, curtain bangs are all the rage, but this version is cut shorter and parted along the middle. The bangs normally fall between the brow and the cheekbones. The gradual lengthening of curtain bangs will create a curtain effect.

It's the same shape, but with a longer length: face-framing layers Longer layers can be tucked behind the ear with this style. So it doesn't look like you're wearing many layers, even when you do.

This is all about the main difference between Face Framing Layers Vs. Curtain Bangs. 

Bottom Line

This was all about face framing layers & how you can get & style them. We hope you found the ideal face framing layers style for yourself. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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