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You may have seen a hair colorist use aluminum foil when dying someone’s hair. And you want to know why they use aluminum foil on the hair. Do these aluminum foils just keep colored hair separate, or is there any purpose to using it.  

So we’ve tried to answer questions related to aluminum foils, like ‘why use aluminum foil when dying hair? Does aluminum foil make hair coloring better? Should aluminum foil be used every time while dying here? What’s the ideal way to use aluminum foil during hair dying?’ 

So let’s get started?

Why use aluminum foil when dying hair?

The use of aluminum foil while applying dye to hair can have different purposes. With aluminum foil, you can control the color application to the fullest extent. Let’s have a look at various purposes of using aluminum foil while coloring hair:-

  • Most of the time, the purpose of using aluminum foil is to section hair and color them perfectly. 
  • But it is not the only purpose; aluminum foil also helps while multi-coloring hair. It helps organize, separate and color the hair, then fold them in aluminum foil to avoid contact with other hair. 
  • To color hair in the contrast between light and dark shades.
  • To get better results while highlighting or low lighting hair!
  • The heat from a hairdryer on aluminum foil-packed hair creates more vibrant and better colors.

So these are the reasons why aluminum foil is used while dying your hair. But you should not use aluminum foil if you don’t know how to use it perfectly. It can mess with your hair colors if used unevenly or in the wrong way. 

Try to get hair colored from a salon if you want some special hair color treatment, and there can be the use of aluminum foil!

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Does aluminum foil make hair coloring better?

The answer to this question is, Yes! It helps in getting a better and vibrant hair color. It is also used while highlighting or low lighting your hair. In addition, the use of aluminum foil while hair coloring helps in a better hold on hair. 

If you want to get your hair multi-colored, then their no better way than using aluminum foil. Because it will help in separating, coloring, and organizing hair without messing with other color-dyed hair.

Also, the use of heat on aluminum foiled dyed hair gives the best hair color results because aluminum foil traps heat inside it, which helps hair to hold color perfectly. However, it would be best not to use heat+aluminum foil on your hair without knowing how to use it correctly.

Do we need to use aluminum foil every time we dye here?

No, it is not necessary for you or for a salon to use aluminum foil on your hair every time while dyeing them. However, it is used in special treatments like multi-coloring, lowlighting, or highlighting, or when hair needs to be sectioned.

Also, using aluminum foil every time and heating them can cause damage to hair because ammonia and other chemicals can go in your scalp with heat. Aluminum foil traps heat, so avoid it using it every time. 

Also, using aluminum foil on your own can create uneven color results without having the right expertise. 

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Instead of aluminum foil, what other product can be used?

Most of the salons used aluminum foil, but there are other alternatives to aluminum foil that exist. The alternative to aluminum foil is Waxed Paper, which many salon owners find better than aluminum foil. 

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Because it allows seeing hair when wrapped around, heat can be applied, giving better results sometimes. 

Here are some of our suggestions if you want to try waxed paper instead of aluminum foil.

Wrapp-it styling strips

  • Brand- Graham Professional Beauty
  • Pack of 40 styling strips

True Wave End Papers

  • Brand- Graham Beauty
  • Pack of 1000 papers

Bottom Line

As mentioned, earlier try to avoid using aluminum foil by yourself if you don’t know how to use it ideally.

Also, now you’ve got the answer to ‘Why use aluminum foil when dying hair?’. If someone asks you the same question, you know what to answer. 

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