What Does a Black Line on Your Nail Mean?

It’s an old proverb that if you need to know a person, just check his nail. Nails would tell you how he lives. So if your nails are dead or black line, you should treat them as soon as possible. No matter how much or less you feel hurt due to the black line on your nail, it could be a big problem, just like cancer, if you don’t look into it.

Blackline on your nail means to indicate a medical condition. This is called splinter hemorrhage. Some people also compare this with the wood splinter. But a wood splinter is different, and the black line on the nail is separate. It could be just because of a minor accident where your nail gets pressure, and your nail’s blood vessel gets destroyed. How to know if your nail has a black line due to splinter hemorrhage:

  • Reddish-brown or black nail color.
  • Appearances are stable even if you apply some pressure on them.
  • For one or more places on the same nail.

What causes can be the reason for the Blackline on your nail?

This type of condition is called Nail Trauma. Nail trauma can happen at any time without your realization. For example, suppose you are in a hurry, and your nail gets in between the door. You just opened the door again and gone from there fast. But when you see your nail it was a blackline which you ignored the first day, and the second-day blackline on your nail was hurting. This was a case only where the slightest danger had occurred, but it could be anything else you don’t even remember when you got to know about the blackline on your nail.

There could be serval causes for the blackline on your nail. We are here mentioning a few among them:

  1. Endocarditis:

This word could be new to you. But when we talked with the nail specialist doctor, they said something very unique. And knowing that we were shocked that this is real. But yeah! This was for real. There is a connection between heart and blacklines on your nails. This heart condition can cause infection and inflammation of the heart muscle and heart valve. But don’t just depend on news that if you have a black line on your nails, that means endocarditis. First, check other causes too.

2. Psoriasis

  To know more about Blackline on nails; we go to a skin specialist who tells us about psoriasis, which is a skin condition. So if you have red, scaly, itchy patches on your skin and you are no facing blackline on your nails, you must talk with a skin specialist. 

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3. Vitamin Deficiency

Being a parent of a small kid has a lot of challenging tasks. First, you should know what your kid is doing and what happened to them. Even a tiny scratch can make you worried about them. So, here is the answer for you if this is happening with a small kid and you haven’t seen any other reason for blackline on the nail. You should treat your kids with vitamin foods or use medicine to treat them. 

Other than all these, there are many more answers for the cause of Blackline on your nails:

  • infections
  • vasculitis
  • lupus
  • nail fungus
  • lichen planus
  • medications that alter blood clotting
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • kidney, lung, or circulatory diseases
  • chemotherapy

How can you treat Blackline on your nail?

If you search for medicine to treat black lines on nails, everyone would suggest you wait for at least a month. In this time, your nail would grow, and the black line on your nail would automatically come up. And there would be no mark on your hand. Other than this, if you have any medical condition causing you to blackline on a nail, you could take Ariella Nail Fungus Treatment or Nail fungus solution from Foot cure.

 On the other hand, go to a specialist if you face any of the problems mentioned earlier. For example , Psoriasis patients should visit a skin specialist when they met issues like black lines on nails. For these reasons, you should keep a look at what your actual problem is. For example, if, it’s just a splinter hemorrhage you should wait until the nail grows. 

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How to get rid of Blackline on your nail?

Older adults always say don’t overlook for a harmless issue. The same is the case of Blackline on your nail. On the other hand, doctors could suggest you that blacklines on your nail could be the start of any serious problem. Further, you can try natural ways to get rid of Blackline on your nails. We will mention some of these below to help you:

  • Eating vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits.
  • Apply some baking soda to your fungal infection
  • Coconut oil is a magical component.
  • Lemon and yogurt can help to heel the blackline on your nail.

Final wording from Author

So this was the end of people’s asked topmost query with nail health. I hope you have found your answer for the blackline on your nails and medicines for cure. Just keep one thing in mind, if your nail is hurting, visit a doctor now. If your nail is not hurting but causing you other problems like skin or heart, you must check what is happening with you because it is better to wait than an accident. 

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