How to make nails stronger?

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No one likes to have bendy & soft nails. But if you are one of them, then don't worry bendy & sfot nails can be treated! 

Why are my nails soft and bendy?

Before knowing the treatments of soft & bendy nails, let's know the reasons of soft nails, first!

Exposure to too much moisture

Overexposure to water makes nails soft and fragile. This usually happens when your nails contact water and then get dried. 

Contact with Chemicals

Several of the items touched & poured on our nails, such as detergants, soaps , nail paint, cleansers, and nail treatments, that might harm them. 

Deficiency of Vitamins & Minerals

The most common causes of weak nails include lack of vitamin B, calcium, iron deficiencies, and fatty acids in our body. 


Yes, you read it right. If you have depression, constipation, muscle twitching problems, and soft & bendy nails, these are the signs of Anemia.

How to make nails stronger?

You can make your nails stronger & firmer, despite any reasons behind your nails being soft & bendy.
Ahead are the ways by which you can make your nails stronger:

Focus on Hydration

First, it’s essential to be hydrated for your overall well-being, including your nails. Focus on drinking water & avoid putting hands in water. 

Take Nail-Friendly Diet

If you want longer, stronger nails, you should eat a rainbow-colored diet of colorful fruits and vegetables as well as leafy greens, oily fish, nuts, seeds, avocado, eggs.

Take Biotin Supplements

Hair, nails, and the neurological system all benefit from biotin supplementation. You should take Vitamin B-7 supplements after consultation with your doctor.

Use a ‘Soft’ Nail File

Instead of using metal files or rough emery boards, use a fine-grit nail file (at least 180 grit).
After taking a shower or cleaning the dishes, wait at least 10 minutes. 

Provide nourishment to your nails & nail beds

You can use moisturizer for your hands & special cuticle oil for your nails & nail bed. 

Keep your nails shorter

If your nails are weak, you may want to try shortening them while you work on strengthening them. Nails with longer lengths are more prone to break and get stuck on items

Try Natural Nail Polishes

The scale goes from “three-free” to “13-free,” which means that the brand doesn’t use any of the most common chemicals that are harmful in nail paints.

Avoid Acetone Nail polish & Removers

Acetone-based nail polish or remover can be hard on nails and severely dry them off. So avoid using acetone nail polish & nail paint removers. 

Avoid using gel or acrylic nails

if you use them too often, your nails will peel, weakening them. So, please don’t wear them all the time. 

Try Keratin Treatment

The keratin makes nails flexible but also makes them strong and less chippy. So you can apply a keratin treatment on your nails

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