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Unlock Savings: 6 Brand New Dollar Tree Items That Will Cost More at Target in October

As October rolls in, so do the preparations for seasonal festivities and household needs. Dollar Tree, with its promise of everything for just a dollar, stands out as the ultimate destination to unlock incredible savings. In this guide, we’ll unveil six brand new Dollar Tree items that are bound to cost more at Target this October.

1. Seasonal Decorations: Affordable Festivity

Seasonal Decorations: Affordable Festivity


Dollar Tree is your go-to for seasonal decorations. Whether it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving, the variety of decorations available at Dollar Tree rivals those at Target, but at a fraction of the cost.

2. Party Supplies: Celebrate Without Breaking the Bank


Planning a party? Look no further than Dollar Tree for your party supplies. From balloons to tableware and decorations, you can create a festive atmosphere without denting your wallet.

3. Greeting Cards: Heartfelt Messages at a Bargain

Greeting Cards: Heartfelt Messages at a Bargain


Expressing your sentiments doesn’t have to be expensive. Dollar Tree offers greeting cards for various occasions at just $1 each. A similar card at Target can leave a more considerable dent in your budget.

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4. Basic Cleaning Supplies: Keep It Clean, Keep It Affordable


Maintaining a clean home shouldn’t break the bank. Dollar Tree is a haven for basic cleaning supplies like spray bottles, sponges, and dishwashing soap, offering them at a lower cost compared to Target.

5. School Supplies: Budget-Friendly Learning Essentials

School Supplies: Budget-Friendly Learning Essentials


Dollar Tree is renowned for its budget-friendly school supplies. Whether you’re a student or a parent, you can save significantly on essential items. Target, on the other hand, may offer similar items at a higher price, especially outside the back-to-school season.

6. Kitchen Utensils: Affordable Culinary Tools


Upgrade your kitchen without a hefty price tag by exploring Dollar Tree’s selection of kitchen utensils. From simple tools to utensils, you can find items at a lower price compared to Target’s selection.

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